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Follow the instructions below to cancel your subscription package. Their address if you want to send them mail is Together Network Limited P. If you want to find real women on genuine dating sites go here. Yet on third day called to cnl. So this happened to me and this is how I got a refund. When you canceled the BeNaughty subscription they actually automatically put u up on one of their other sites called QulckFlirt which I didn't know when I cancled my subscription before my trial ran out.

So I called my bank and was on the line with one of the reps, they asked me a couple of questions and they found the phone number to these people and called them and put us on a threeway call that included me, the bank lady, and the "payeld" people. So after we called they asked me for my account info, then they told me about the "QuickFlirt" website that I had no clue about and how I signed up for this website when I signed up for be Naughty.

Then he said he can't give me a refund but instead will give me a free one month on "quickflirt". I pretty much said fuck that and told him to cancel my subscription on quickflirt and give me a refund.

Then he told me he cancled the quickflirt subscription but still refused to give me a refund. But after about five mintues of me yelling at him and telling him how this was fraud, he gave me a full refund. And after the guy hung up my bank rep told me that they were going to file an inquery on my behalf on the company.

So that's how I got my money back. But beware, do not sign up to this company because they are full of snakes. Im the guy who posted in the post before about getting a refund. But my bank was able to catch it so I was not charged the money. Then I told the bank to cancel my card and send me another so this will stop forever.

This website is very much a scam. If you wish to cancel it I will send you a script of what needs to be said to operators via the phone well at least it worked for me. I have tried multiple times to remove it but your website just turns me in fucking circles time and time again.

I believe the email address connected to the account would be johnnyoooo47 gmail. That is all the My names is James bergeron. Please delete and block with immediate effect the account Charliewessonfe with the email charliebrownsea gmail.

My fiance has been caught out and thanks to his stupid actions im leaving him I need to cancel repeat billing ASAP and the site won't let me. Nobody has contacted me back and I don't want to be charged. Every time I get to a certain point in the cancellation process the site "conveniently" loses connection to the internet, this happens both on the desktop I was alerted by a strange man who wanted to contact me after seeing "my" profile on this site.

It has been brought to my attention i have been part of fake profiling. Because of this it has ruined my life.. And my name and picture of myself..

I have repeatable career, and This site is a complete and utter scam page. I am actively investigating, what I believe to be a major fraud. Hello, Today I got an email saying I had to verify my emailadress to make my account complete. However, I never made an account on your website, which means someone used my emailadress to make an account.

I would like you to delete this account, as I do not want someone else using my U mist give back the If not I will have the app shut down.. S no excuses because u think it's ok to charge people then send them fake messages from fake people asking for more money.. Do not think u can get away with this Is fckin sad that u people I wrote the following mail to support benaughty.

Hi Team, Kindly refund my amount I had installed the app on and paid an amount of I uninstalled the App from my mobile today Hi I wanted to meet and date women near my place, but after paying money to be able to have the complete access to the site, no real people in there. I will call you but M really really really desperate from you guys.

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