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Go re-read the bits up there about the fictitious profiles. Let that sink in for a minute. And the fictitious profile stuff? Shitty stuff to think about, I know. That sites would deliberately try and rip you off AND be able to continually get away with it? But it is what it is. Click here for legit dating sites instead. Your email address will not be published.

About Meet Real Women September 24, I know that sounds awful. Just posing a hypothetical to illustrate something here. They are as follows: Fake members Ingredient 2: Fake profiles Ingredient 3: Nobody would ever want such a thing.

Tell me more, Frankie. Okay, so cupids are kinda ridiculous at the best of times. Which, of course, you will find aplenty at MilfsMatch. But I want details! I have to hit you with my usual pro tip: Now, how about we prove the point?

If we zip on over to Section 9 of the MilfsMatch terms, we see: And one more tidbit cuz why not? Fuck to the no. But how can we receive instant messages from a person who doesn't exist?

The answer is computer software programs called robots aka bots. These computer bots are designed to send instant messages to members when they are logged onto the site. Chat messages will start popping up and as you can see from the evidence below it states that we are we exceeding the amount of messages and we needed to upgrade to a paid monthly subscription to contact other members. We have seen this type of con over times. A website like Milfs Match is in business using a subscription based business model.

They make money when you buy a monthly membership, so it's in their best interest to get as many people as possible to purchase a membership. But unfortunately they don't have enough real women so they fabricate fake profiles and then use computer software programs to send real male members fake messages using their computer bots.

The same computer bots that can send fake instant messages are also used to send email messages to male members. We took a screenshot of the messages we received. Circled in red you will see the various things they are capable of doing. They can send you fake buddy invites, they can view your profile and also send you regular email messages. These bots are capable of impersonating real people all in an effort to trick you into trying to communicate back to them, at which time you will be asked to upgrade to a paid subscription.

We received a bunch of buddy requests from girls on the site. We took a screenshot showing the buddy requests that we got. Once again we got tricked. All the buddy requests we received were from "Online Cupids", not real females. Apparently the owners of MilfsMatch. They don't consider it a dating site. Reading and digging through the terms and conditions page it was quite shocking to what they reveal.

They admit that the site uses "Online Cupids" of course and they also admit that the messages sent from the "Online Cupids" service are automatically generated with no human involvement at all.

This concludes our investigation of MilfsMatch. Everything you need to know to make an informed decision is available in this review. We strongly urge you to think twice before purchasing a membership on this "entertainment site". A list of websites connected to NaughtyCheaters. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. The fact that so many people get scammed on this dating site even though it says directly on the home page that they use fake profiles "Online Cupids" is baffling to us.

How can you not read anything that's directly in front of you? And they also state that the text and information as well the pictures in those "Online Cupids" profiles don't pertain to a real person, obviously!

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