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Learn How Cheats You Out Of Your Money

Thank you guys alot ,I am almost want to pay for it but i want to check on it because i feel something not right pay for your age. No one is chatting with you.

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Website and Web Server Information

When you are taken to the payment page and asked to fill in your credit card information, this is NOT required for security reasons. In fact, if you scroll to the bottom of the payment page you will discover that you are subscribing to a recurring membership on FreeLifetimeCheaters.

The preauthorization is not a charge to the credit card. Their pictures, personal information, descriptions and interests — everything is completely made-up. The fabricated profiles are created by FreeLifetimeCheaters. You understand, acknowledge, and agree that the information, text, and pictures contained in the LS profiles do not pertain to any actual person or member , but are included for entertainment purposes only.

Minutes after creating your account, you start getting emails, chats and other communications from other members of FreeLifetimeCheaters. However, the only information you can see is who sent the email and the subject line. When you try to open the messages or respond, you are once again asked to pay for a membership upgrade.

The funny thing is when you created your free basic account on the previous page you had to agree to the terms and conditions conditions see image above and you had to also certify that you were 18 years of age. So then why are they asking for your credit card for age verification if you already verified you over 18 on the previous page? This is because this is where the scam takes place. As soon as you submit your credit card information on that page there is another section that has already been checked for you shown in the image below and this is where your credit card charges appear.

You automatically get billed to three separate web sites. These charges are discreetly charged to your card without your knowledge. Once we actually got into the members area we started to receive instant messages and video chat messages. All these messages were completely phony and there were no women actually sending out chat messages or video chat messages to us.

If you look at the two screenshots below you will see one that has an image of a girl in it. That is a video that is automatically played to people who log on to the site. This pre recorded video continuously loops over and over and over to all the people who register on the site with a free account. Don't get tricked into thinking that this is a legitimate girl who is actually sending you messages and sitting in her bedroom in her bra.

If you look at the text right below the video it says "to communicate with other members you have to upgrade your membership click here". This is a scam. They want you to pay and upgrade to interact with this girl but of course she is not real, she is a prerecorded video and she has been paid to produce a video on behalf of the website.

And the chat messages that she is sending us is done with the help of software programs that are designed to make it appear as if someone is actually chatting.

Screen shot of fake Love Stars profile. Amongst other tools in our arsenal we use Google image search to identify fictitious profiles and where the photos for those fake profiles were taken from.

You can click on this link to be taken to a page which explains how to use Google image search to identify fictitious profiles. We have also included evidence of one profile on FreeLifetimeCheaters. We provide links to the exact locations where that same profile photograph has been found on other web sites, all of which are porn web sites.

Fake Love Star profile using a photo of an amateur porn model. Links showing the exact links where you can see this profile photo located: And yet another popular marketing tactic scam is the use of fake "notifications". We took a screenshot of the notifications we received. The notifications includes receiving notifications for buddy requests, or when someone views your profile or sends you an instant message. The problem is that none of this is actually real, it's all fake no one is actually sending you chat messages or viewing your profile or wanting to be your buddy.

It's all a facade to get you to reply or respond to the "Love Stars" fake women interested in you. At that point you will be asked to upgrade to communicate with other members. They have been playing this game for many, many years and have perfected the craft of deceiving and tricking people into buying useless subscriptions to their phony dating services.

Screen shot of the fake notifications we received. Here is the terms and conditions for everyone to read. No longer are the deep dark secrets of "Love Stars" hidden on a secondary page on FreeLifetimeCheaters. We are putting it here so that general public can see for themselves exactly how this site operates, and from the horses mouth how they admit to creating fake profiles, using computer generated messages and also even employing people to interact with you.

Read it and understand how you have been duped by this dating service. You can read the terms and conditions section There isn't really too much to add, since all the evidence speaks for itself.

The terms and conditions are the most incriminated evidence we have ever seen doing dating investigations. Everything you need to know is found directly in the terms and conditions of their site.

We strongly suggest you stay away from FreeLifetimeCheaters. The only person who's going to get cheated is you! C heck out these these legit dating sites if you want to search for real women. The list includes, BangSociety.

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