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How do scammers get your number?

Private Investigators Corrupt the Affair Dating Site Industry

I have never got a responce from any that wanted me too that I liked. And Most of them are shown to be online all the time. I wrote one gal many messages when she was on line and when she was offline. There are no real woman on that site. They are all FAKE. I recently found megaflirt. I messaged him and there was no reply BUT i did however manage to figure out his username and password to get into his profile.

Here is where things get interesting. If he responds in any way then that means he is on that site and activley working towards divorce. Fingers crossed he doesnt fall pray to temptation because I will meet him in person and humiliate him to the fullest. Megaflirt is a scam just like hornyaffairs, xattract, Truebootycall, flirtlocal and others.

They are all set up to con lonely and or sexually frustrated men out of their hard earned money. There aren't any real women on these sites. Somehow I got signed up for these scam dating sites and I never remember doing so. My profile is blank and I am 56 years old, yet I get messages and likes from all these hot looking women who are in their 20's and 30's. You have a better chance of finding a pair of keyless entry fobs to a brand new Rolls-Royce than you would meeting someone on any of these sites.

Follow the links on here to some real dating sites. I meant to say would have a better chance of finding a pair of keyless entry fobs for a brand new Rolls-Royce in a box of cracker jacks than you would meeting someone on any of these bogus sites.

Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. January 13, at January 16, at 3: A Warning That XAttract. February 19, at 6: July 22, at 1: July 22, at 2: July 31, at 3: August 6, at 2: Can you email me at rosenblume cbsnews. I adjusted malisious soft on a porn web-site which was visited by you. When the object press on a play button, device begins recording the screen and all cameras on ur device begins working. Moreover, my program makes a remote desktop supplied with key logger function from ur device , so I was able to collect all contacts from ya e-mail, messengers and other social networks.

In my opinion usd is pretty enough for this little misstep. I made a split screen video records from screen interesting category and camera ooooooh… its funny AF. NBC recently aired a special examining it and how Kaspersky labs may have been implicated in the computer attacks. The evidence is strong enough that the Pentagon has removed it from all of their machines and Congress has a bill pending that would make it a crime to install their software on any U.

I hope you will stop recommending Kaspersky labs software until such time as they are cleared of any connection to Russian Intelligence. Failing my recommended action please post a notice in a conspicuous place adjacent to their software so your readers can make an informed choice. This data helps to pinpoint the addressee. Follow me on Twitter. Join me on Facebook. Krebs on Security In-depth security news and investigation.

January 18, at 9: January 18, at 3: January 26, at 9: January 22, at 5: January 23, at February 7, at 4: They r all the same. I signed upto hornywives and within 2 minutes had 2 messages from 2 women and i didnt even supply a pic.

I could read their message but try to reply and i was directed to cc page. Epoch is a major player with these sites but because they r 3rd party company they cant b touched by law in any country. So if the site your about to signup to is billed from epoch then my advice is stay away. Another person here stated a true fact. Who in their right mind would use their picture showing their face if they wanted to cheat on their spouse. Who would put full naked pics on display for the world to see.

If you want to get laid then go to a bar or a brothel. Even an ugly female could get sex at a pub. I know of one that is worth checking out, and they have a app , it is: That site is pretty good.. They can send our random emails as I have received emails of this sort in the past from other dating sites. We cannot verify if this was the case of your boyfriend or not. Check the username and password and see if it is something he would use.

The user name and password we received from Fling. Also part of the milfaholic scam is another deceptive site which feeds interest and leads into milfaholic. I am going to give the female version review. I was introduced to the site from my FWB.

He was like all of you guys that thought there were all of those hot, horny, women just begging for a hook up. I pointed out that a lot of the women were from places in the middle of nowhere that had population of less than His experience has not been typical of what I have read for others. He did not receive any traffic or interest before paying for a membership. But there were women he was interested in so …… After paying he got a few emails on the site, that seemed like canned, generic lines.

And He does get response back. But not the answer that you would expect. One lady did respond that she was real. One woman fully clothed pics, sweet profile gave an off site email address and he got a really nice normal response back? I did sign on no pic and get the alerts on my email that someone has sent me a message including my friend , but I cannot see them unless I pay.

I am also on the Ashleymadison site. For me it seems legit, I have met one guy in person, and am corresponding with 4- 5 others. It does not cost me anything to message or chat. But, it seems it is costly to the men to do the same. The way ashley seems to work is, you message the other person your personal info, phone no or email, so you can interact outside the site.

Milfaholic is def not the best place to meet milfs, since most profiles are FAKE. I thought the site was real. I had only one real woman talk to me without spending the money for tokens. Most women will send you a gift which cost a certain amount of money.

I finally figured it out when a woman I was chatting with asked me my name for the 2nd time after chatting with her for a few weeks. I get messages from woman from outside my area and country.

I want my money back! We shall see… anyone else get a refund? Your better off taking the money spent here and getting hookers, Way more fun.

I got ripped off for less but I still feel like a fucking idiot shit also. Some of these women will only chat and masturbate online somewhere with you. There are some extraordinary women that can really float your boat. If you cater to them at least some come around. A lot of them dont want someone they would be interested in for every day life.

They want some one that they feel can rock their sexual world a time or two. That is limiting most of the AH men to no luck charlies. They may chat with you but would shriek like nails on a chalk board if they really had to meet up with you. Thats it in a nutshell. The women are not real. This is what finally got me to realize it was complete fake,was getting multiple messages daily when I received one from a member I knew was a porn star but when I asked if it was her I no longer heard from her then when I started making complaints I quit hearing from anyone at all,if anyone figures out how to get money back from this niggeraguan scam please post.

Thank goodness I only upgraded for a month. My month has expired and did NOT renew. I learned my lesson the hard way and like one other person said — I live in a small town and all the beautiful, sexy, horny, hot big-titted women that live what I do???

A hot blonde could actually be a 70 year old man for all you know. All of this thanks to my lovely decision to join milfoholic. I should have done my research before signing up. Thank you for setting me straight. I had a very similar thing happen as Steve, I was messaging back and forth with this Smoking Hot 26 yr. I just added my comment a few minutes ago.. Wow that is close to mine.. Was she a blond with porn star fake tits?

And all her pictures prominently feature them yet she claims she is religious and down to earth and guys never hit on her.. See claimed her dad died on a oil rig accident.. Man this whole thing makes me sick. Jesus, people are just disgusting…but she id have a nice rack… Oh yeah she clamed that she was going to be kidnapped..

HA Yet she has no money…wow the lies are incredible No ,,more for me! Its all fake I sit at a coffee shop for hours waiting to meet someone and they never showed up and I never heard anything from them again. I want my money back how do I cancel my account. The disproportionate amount of women in small towns and smaller cities in certain areas, but none in other towns and cities in the same area.

Any other real dating site like POF, or Match. All the messages from women are short with little or no puncuation, and mine were all sent on the same day and time within the same half hour on the time stamps! Lol… At least TRY to make it believable, and message me on different days and times!

I only got one authentic seeming message, and it was attached to a gift. It was longer and decent, except she lived across the damn country!

If a woman has more than one pic, might be the real deal. Needle in a haystack, yes, but not out of the question. If a few guys say they were successful, I believe them. You might get lucky. More specifically to what I do, meet older women. When on hookup sites, lonely wives, cheating wives, adult friend finder, here are some good pointers:. When on hookup sites sex sites, cougar, milf, ect. Being sexy is one thing, being crude is another. Keep calm an send something witty, flirty, and a genuine classy compliment.

Women are attracted to humor and intelligence before your body or cock. You wonder why ugly or old dudes land these hot babes? Aside from their money, they probably are super smart, and funny, or one of the two. Send a brief message to establish interest. Give them a compliment and then ask them to reply with a code word to prove they read your message.

Reply using the word: Look for indicators of Authenticity. Te probability of them being genuine is higher. Also, look to see if tey put any effort in to fill out the rest of teir profile. Take the time to skim read the profile. You should be able to pick up patterns of the fake ones, and spot real authentic sounding ones.

Also, if ahe took the time to fill out most of the stats, height, body type, hair, eyes, religion, ect. Sometimes a profile with not enough info, or no pics even, with a decent about me, might be worth looking into. Most current up to date selfies will be from a cellphone, iPhone 4 or higher, Samsung Galaxy.

There are exceptions… But if you see an old bulky camera, they had better be a real photographer? I figure we should have some solutions an constructive thigs for guys here, instead of all this defeatism. Back to the bars! After hearing of all the fake profiles, I thought to play along and do some simple research.

First off, if there are real profiles at milfaholic, the site operators are suppressing them. I get a kick from the profiles that have the claim that she is in your town for work or holiday.

You live in a Midwestern USA town and her profile pic shows her selfie in front of a mirror. All the European giveaways in the background like wall mounted hot water heaters, euro type electric recepticles, bidets, euro type radiators, etc…… I could not ever expect a refund, did cancel my card. The next best thing to do was simply enjoy the freak show and make fun of the ugliest profiles by sending accusatory emails.

Milfaholic are you fucking serious? I hope this site get taken down an get sued for fraud. Well, I have not read the other remarks on this page. But I will say I got emails, flirts, gifts and so on everyday till the day I subscribe to the site.

Then all the communications slowed and then stopped. I would assume the site has bots that contact new comers leading them on until like myself they purchase a subscription. Avoid Milfaholic like the plague. It is true that a large percentage of the profiles are Online Cuties used by the site for so called entertainment purposes. I have spent almost two months on that site and never had a decent conversation with anyone.

I wrote dozens of messages and answered dozens of messages and flirts with just a couple of replies of course from Online Cuties. This site is a scam in itself. These two sites rotate back and forth and have separate accounting. That is, they wish to charge you twice. I had some back and forth texts for several months, but, inexplicably, the person would vaporize when a real meeting at a restaurant, or anywhere, would approach.

The pictures are HOT in some cases, and the bio lines are designed to be alluring to men. Not close enough to meet for dinner, drinks,,and a motel room, you can be sure.

Very interesting site only that is a fake. You are only communicating with a server that answers idiotically: I had to cancel my credit card other wise this folks will never let allow me to stop the payments.

Bitcoin Blackmail by Snail Mail Preys on Those with Guilty Conscience

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