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Do You Like Our Review? We publish only honest app reviews based on real usage experience. We looking for talented authors to make our reviews better! Ask insistently in the comments so you can make it frequent! Post a question so we can help you ASAP! The UI seems to be mostly functional and has some unique features, but that is where the attractiveness of this app ends unfortunately.

The value of a dating app lies purely in whether or not people connect and it fails on that count. This app seems to have several system profiles that act like real people who seem to have one purpose in mind: And full of bots had a chat with a beautiful asian girl, but all she constantly asked me was what do you think of my profile? Went to apple and they gave me my refund.

Deleting my account and stay away from all dating apps on the appstore. Nicley designed, good search options, list goes on. It's not easy for single guys to get laid. Not their fault but IMO there are simply not enough women here that are after after casual hook ups. You need to be be very, very patient. As with this Fictitious Adult Website.. Dont Hold your breath!! First, the majority of the pictures are computer generated with responses that are not specific to asked questions!!

Second, a small portion of adult daters are real Third, telemarketers are on the payroll and play the roles of both M and FM Daters to keep the money rolling in! As is typical of straight sex sites this one way overcharges and way underdelivers. Were only 8 guys within 50 miles online and you have to pay them to see the messages you get.

Total joke, don't waste your time, they make it very difficult to quit the site. Sorry but I dont get all the guys sitting jacking off when they cant go out on the pull. I'd much rather be doing than watching, even if it takes a little bit of effort. If I dont have enough money to go clubbing I get on this site or hookuphangout. Doesnt always give you an immediate return for your effort but get speaking to a horny one and you'll get your hole within a week if you play your cards right.

Much rather that than going through boxes of kleenex every weekend, no contest at all!!!!!!! Don't even think about giving them your credit card or you are going to be ripped off. All fake and money grab. Met a girl this weekend on benaughty so decided to do a review. It does take a bloody age to get sumthing set up but its worth it obvs! I would say hookuphangout. Now to start layin the ground work for my next nite of fun ha!

The site is a total money grab scam. They make it almost impossible to cancel the account and your prepayment transactions. They sign you up for sister websites that charge you money as well. Just because you didn't uncheck a box on the sign up page that you won't even notice. The girls that are messaging you most of them are fake girls that the site pays or there cam girls trying to get your credit card info.

The site just preys on vulnerable men. It took me about 7 stressful phone calls and having to go to my bank and put stop payment on company. If your reading this do yourself a favour and join a more secure and user friendly site like Ashley Madison or there are others but definitely do not join this site. This site is a total SCAM - beware. I signed up for a one 1 month membership - they charged me for the membership and for another app which I did not sign up for or request.

They make it very difficult to cancel your account - you must enter your password and then they send you a "cancelation code". You must sign in to your account and you will be prompted for the code - they never prompt you for this. They will also sign you up for "sister sites" even though you did not request them - again nearly impossible to get in touch with someone to cancel or get your money back for apps. The "women" on here are paid spammers - no one is REAL!!

You can just tell the same person is answering your texts when you are trying to talk to girls I'm not going to give details as the moron who is doing it will probably read this The girl is holding her vigina open but she wants to get to know you better before meeting you One sweet gal had some late night fun with me.

An adult raw site would be great for both that could use it. I am really surprised to read so many bad reviews. Honestly, I don't agree with most of them! I made an account as a Male and an Account as a Female.

Male Accounts cant communicate look at pictures or do anything with the site until you pay for membership. Female accounts have everything for free. What's really happening is they send fake emails in the hopes that you try to reply. When you do try to reply you cannot send messages unless you pay for the privilege of sending and receiving emails by purchasing a paid monthly membership. This is how the scam works.

Did you know or realize that this site actually admits to creating fake dating profiles that they call "Staff Profiles". All the dating scams that we have exposed all use fictitious female profiles. This has been going on for many years and why wouldn't it work?

Men usually think with their little head not there big one. So realistically if you want to start a fake dating site all you would need to do is copy and paste images of beautiful women in bikinis off of the internet, create fake profiles and the men would join your dating site in droves. This is basically what this site has done. Not enough people know how these sites operate so these illegitimate dating services are still able to flourish and make millions of dollars per year on the ignorance of the general public.

Here is a link to the specific section section 1 where they talk about the "Staff Profiles". Although it does not go into great detail about how they run their fake profiles you just need to understand that the site is not using legitimate female images and they are not real members. Any chat messages you receive are probably going to be fake as well. As you can see from the evidence showing below we received 4 chat messages. And for every chat message of course we could not read the message from the person, we needed to once again you guessed it upgrade and pay for a membership in order to read those messages.

Of course there's really no point in upgrading to a paid membership because the women sending you these messages are not real and have been fabricated by the dating site. Look elsewhere to find real legitimate women. This site is bursting at the seams with nothing but fictitious females. None of the actual images of females on the site are connected to a real person who is a member of the dating service.

If you want to search for real women check out these these legit sites. FYI, All three of these sites are less than […]. Im going to find these people and they are going to pay a big price for this no matter what the cost im going to get them!!!!!

Call your bank to get your money back. How to delete your Naughtydate. My photo and a profile has turned up on naughtydate. I never signed up to this site and my email is notregistered so cannot get in to delete account. What can i do. Alternatively, you may cancel your registration or subscription at any time by giving us notice of your wish to cancel by telephone or email:. This site is full of scammers also customer service is extremely poor. I would not recommend "naughtydate" to anyone.

Tom it was probably Naughtydate. You have to pick up your phone and call. Once you get through you must make it clear what you want. Also call your credit company they can help you get your money back.

Yes they are fraud i also tried to get my money back but they wont. Lucky i used a prepaid credit card which also expires in a month this site remindes me of telemarketers sitting behind a desk just talking to you.

I asked them what part of perth are you from and never get a reply as they are not local people and never intend on meeting you PLEASE stay away from this scam.

Hi, I am your money u spent trying to get your nob tickled on a site where there is more fake shit than your personality. I wanted to let you know that I have watched u peeing on your boyfriend than lettin fb him pound ur pooper till u explode…toddles. It's all a scam they would ask for ur email credit card details the. Ur gone all r money will go biggest scam Eva.

They also charged me before my 3 day trial expired. The girls aren't real, if u ask specific questions they'll answer the same way or say goodbye when you ask them to meet u. When you ask the question again, they answer "what was the q. Site should be shut down!! I want these bastards on a plate…. I joined last week under five euros they have taken over two euros in a week and sent me a email to say I was getting fined every month euros until I cancelled but can't get it to cancel Iam in Spain for six months don't want to mess my card up how do I stop them.

My picture and profile info were lifted from my match. My face is being tied to this shitty website. I work in the community with youth and they are defaming my character!

If anyone else has these issues please respond so we can join forces. I know my hands are somewhat tied because they are an LLC and are out of US territory, but I will do everything that I can to shut them down. Go to your bank and tell them the company has taken the funds.

Robin, according to my research, you'll have to go to Tortola, BVI. But you're right, this site is a total scam sham. Yes, their address is located in the British Virgin Islands. Nice place for a vacation. David Cliff Registrant Organization: Complete scam, they refufe to give refunds.

Do not give any info to these charlatans. Followed the youtube instructions, it wasn't that simple… they must have changed something. Did you find out what the cancellation code is?

It doesn't include it in the email, I've tried several times. I paid for a 3 day trial and before the trial was up they charged me. They also lie and said i upgraded when I did not!

These bitches are fake. I'm good on that!.. Hi, 'my partner was on this site but no messages had been sent and it only had his email, age and location. Would he have had to sign up to this site separately or is it linked to porn sites that could've started an account? You are very correct about the same people running all the fraudulent enterprises. Found this site through Plenty Of Fish! Under different circumstances, would have walked away but I thought POF was legit and reputable enough to trust.

How do I get away?! Thanks to everyone here! I got into the site check it out. I've been Scamed before!! I'm glad i found this page, and i thank you all for the information.

They should be put out of Business right now!! It is a scam. They got 50 out of me. Tried for another but they were blocked by my bank and so was I until today. Had to get new card and account.. Glad they can't be found cause there would be some hurting people. Check the bottom of the email you received from NaughtyDate.

I haven't been on this site for months. Got aleted by a pal that i was online, trying to delete my acc and i cant even log in!! Its saying that my email add isnt registered. I want my account deleted!!

Does logging on to this site with the same email as you use for Instagram explain why I have many followers with links to this account? There are five steps to cancel it ,but in the fifth steps ,I must call a phone number to complete the cancelation ,but the phone number is invalid! They are just swindler!! What can I do? The only options is to cancel my bank account??

John your dad got me pregnant in my stink hole…so the other day I had a terrible pain near my brownie dispenser hole so I went to the capper and pushed, then instead of a stink nugget out came your newborn baby sister…. What the fuck is your problem asshole?

You are an idiot making childish comments. It's actually your mother who should have had an abortion when she was pregnant with you from your idiot dad!! I signed for 3 day trial. Now I get constant emails. There is no fucken settings. Then it's ring blah blah. And when I ring it's disconnected. Once I read some reviews I knew what this was and cancelled my credit car immeadiately. I signed up because of POF as well, thought they were a site that would not recomend scammers. I did manage to get through to someone in the Philippines who eventually said she would cancel my subscription but only after much convincing but, then when i tried to log back in to delete my profile the site would not accept my password.

I canceled my credit card to be sure. I could be wrong but just be careful guys. This people are stupid they will charge you for everything. You will not get anything but you will be charged a lots of money everyday.

Yeah i was just about to put in my card but i was curious it may be a scam and i found this… So glad. The site is hilariously lame… within seconds of signing up for one of their "dollar-a-day" trials you get bombarded with pings from "girls" in "New York" and other random locations across the world. Mostly they are bots trying to raise money for their webcam sites; I'm sure ND runs a few of their own in-house, but there are just so many it can't all be local bot activity.

I think you all are getting what you deserve! Do you think decent women would actually be on a site like this? Most of you are probably married or in a committed relationship anyways. If you are so dissatisfied with who you are with; move on. That's what you're looking for anyways. At least you will be dealing with a live slut. Someone who thinks he's so important that he needs to have his dickhead opinion online, just for the sake of boosting his own inflated ego.

But the fact is in reality you are some little fag, to scared to open his mouth unless he can hide behind a computer and remain annonomous. In my day we just called people like you cowards. That jim dude might not like pussi anyways, so he wonders how others can like so much, he needs to go talk to oprah. Jim is mad because he was chasing me on NaughtyDate. When we met face to face Jim got all attached and said he wanted to have a sex change and be the women i always wanted…So i let him get the surgery then a week after he paid for the procedure in Mexico he caught me banging his 93 yr old Dad…Jim is jealous because his dads wrinkled saggy 6inch noodle is bigger than his….

Jim also likes when his dogs humps his leg, as his dog "Stains" is going to town on Jims leg he quickly pulls his pants down he doesnt wear underwear for this reason and turns around and shoves Stains redrocket in his asshole…. Jim jim you wish you were her but were born a him. They tell you that you hide behind the keyboard….. Nice work noname you said you weren't going to publish your name but.

Some the sites include Loveaholics. All of these sites we have reviewed in the past are run by […]. I tried to cancel the 3-day subscription, because I found that with 3 day subscription it comes with reduced benefits such as that you cannot communicate with other persons after a reply or two to their messages indicating interest.

It demands upgrade with more payment as carrot and stick gimmick. What they are doing is theft and fraud by deception for greed, pure and simple. I tried to call to unsubscribe and the customer service representative took the ID number as requested yet asked me to give the web site name and asked me what was the problem. Was promised the email confirmation of cancellation but it never arrived in my inbox.

After the call, the second charge of 2. All because of lack of appropriate response and cooperation by this company that made cancelling very difficult to avoid the repeat billings. The company Together Network needs to be shutdown for being a scam operation with the deceptive and fraudulent charges that include reduced benefits after subscribing for the first three days and pricey billing trick that is checked requiring a phone call in order to cancel.

You should never use your bank debit card when subscribing to any of those sites. What you should do is use either a netspend,global cash or prpaid type of card. The reason being because those cards will not allow recurring charges without your approval. Your banker will even tell you that. I would never in a million yaers use a bank account debit card for buying anything online. You have to be so careful of that,now you have to deal with headaches. Alaways use a prepaid card,you can usually get them at Walmart,Target or any of those reatailers.

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