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I shit you not. Much like its brother hookup page Fling.


Instabang Reviews and My Personal Experiences on this Adult Dating Site

But it gets better:. Finding the right hookup options is rather easy with Instabang. There are many features that can help you do that, but as this page is essentially a platform for finding hot ladies and guys in your area , the best feature is definitely its search engine.

You can set the parameters of your search and within seconds you are provided with the most interesting profiles from persons nearby. Another cool feature is the Hot or Nope button. You can find it on the homepage and this feature helps you go over 50 photos at a time and vote whether you find the girl hot or not.

If you mark them as HOT, things can go very smoothly from there on out. If you are concerned about the fake profiles, Instabang has a great fraud team , as well as a good support team to protect You. So, you have two teams of people who work to make the site a safe place to use. The two teams are working non-stop to respond to issues that are being sent to them, while they also check dating profiles and chat rooms to make sure everyone is behaving according to the terms and conditions of use.

As far as the members of Instabang are concerned, you can find your match within minutes , regardless of your taste and sexual preferences. Since this page is both a conventional dating platform and a proper hookup sex page, the possibilities are pretty much endless. Looking for some live action? Create your own review. Sorry you got scammed from InstaBang. Maybe call customer support to get your money back, or call your bank and reverse the charges?

The review is 0 stars. I am going to work with authorities about this sight and all the sites like it. I will not rest until at least one of the jerkoffs goes to prison. I have a lot of pull in this area as a prosecutor being my line of work. The reason I know one or more will go to prison: Phony web sites are my main target as a prosecutor and is the reason why I signed up in the first place. I have been extremely successful getting prison results as I thoroughly enjoy my work of nailing web site cheats.

These people should be investigated for fraud and illegal activities. Prison would be a good start! They are all fake. I would be leery of any Paid dating site.

If you have to pay to get ass, thats sad but buy the sure thing. I dont see why sick people would do crap like that to other people! Insta Bang , Instabang , Instabang. The only way I found out about this is a friend of mine recognized my pic. How do I contact Admin to get my pictures taken down? Learn about how to get InstaBang. The site does automate messages to get you to upgrade your account- once I upgraded my account I got more action.

I agree with Marcus that he said Instabang is a real site. I have met a few women and spoke to one on the phone from this site so they are real people. If you know about these dating sites being scams, you should be careful but not all sites are scams. Not my experience on InstaBang.

I get emails as soon as I signed up even without have photos in my dating profile. Ross and Marcus are both fake, and both from fling. This site, and fling. They both use fake profiles, and load the site up with non-existent people to draw you in with the promise of contact, and it is all fake. How many of you went there and had messages and people asking to chat with you before you even put a single piece of data about yourself?

Now go signup for any other social site, and tell me how many people are CLAWING to talk to you without any information about yourself? Its pretty funny actually. I used to be friends with tgis Korean girl named Nora many years ago. She did a lot of modeling years ago. I instantly knew this shit had to be fake. Before you pay for anything make sure you research.

Another problem is with billing. Called to inquire, was told when you clicked the sign-up agreement, this bonus came by default. Cancelled immediately, lost privilege to use right away but never got refund. Credit card charged again 2 days later, emailed again to demand refund. This time got email confirmation account cancelled, but still no refund. They waited 2 days until membership expiration, then claim they never received online cancellation before expiration.

Their policy is no refund after charges were made.

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