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Is Banggood Safe? Is Banggood Legit? | Review | What You Should Know About Banggood Reviews

I tried contacting banggood. If you are going to send your standard response, please allow me to post it below so you can concentrate on shipping my phone to me.

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Read on for our roundup of everything you need to know before visiting this online retailer. Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, and Yiwu. Working in these cities, it is able to target the best suppliers.

Banggood offers its customers other incentives too: And those are just the tip of the iceberg. Based on these assertions, it looks like Banggood has a lot going for it.

Can it be trusted? And why would we choose Banggood USA when we already have so many online purchasing options available? As with any company, you are going to get both good reviews and bad reviews. What are people saying in Banggood. What Banggood complaints are in Banggood reviews? TrustPilot is a great place to start when looking for customer reviews about a given company. And the site does not disappoint in numbers: Banggood has earned a score of 8.

Just what are TrustPilot members gushing about in their Banggood reviews? While there are many Banggood reviews that praise the quality of the products received especially given such great prices , the most glowing Banggood reviews are actually from people who experienced trouble with their orders.

Despite receiving wrong items or missing items altogether, Banggood customers rave about how quickly and thoroughly Banggood customer service righted any and all issues. The cost to send it back outweighs the cost of the item so that is pointless! I feel as though I have been ripped off and misled by their sizing guide. February 25, at August 8, at I started with noble intentions, with no ads for over a year. But due to costs and time spent running this site, behold Skimlinks recommended and a few Google Ads.

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This site recommends and is hosted by: We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Are you OK with that? I'm OK with your standard cookie settings Privacy Policy. Overall I would definitely buy from banggood again. I had an issue with one of my purchases and Banggood was able to resolve the problem. The merchant did not put their effort into what they are selling, but Banggood did what a responsible company would do to work hard and resolve the problem, the stars are for Banggood.

Good webstore, sometimes minor problems occur but people on Bangood side try all their best to help customer and solve the problem! I've got a faulty item, but Bangood managers managed to resend me my order! I am reviewing this company based only on my last experience with them. They decided for a full refund of my order even though they did not had to. For details and reasoning, please, read below. After several negotiations with banggood, to my surprise, finally, they suggested a full refund tariff insurance included.

Banggood should warn its customers, clearly, that expedited shipping concerns DHL like companies, which, certainly, imposes high handling fees, additionally to customs fees. Tariff insurance notification message should include the disclaimer about handling fees you have to search for it. The shipping cost as well as returning cost should be clearly declared before shipping in my case I were aware of it, after I returned the item. In my opinion, free shipping is not always true is a scam of DHL and others.

In the contrary, they do not charge for shipping cost, so it would be most appealling deal, but afterwards, they charge you with high handling fees and I think, Banggood have to warn its customers about this tactic.

Finding the Right Blender for You. Juice diets, protein shakes, nutrient rich smoothies — America is a country on the go and many of us are looking for healthy meal solutions th. Banggood helped with loss of parcels. I've ordered many different products from Banggood, ranging from simple tools to things like measuring instruments and led projectors.

Comment on this review. I'll take the risk. A honest company after all. The reasons I do not rate this transaction with 5 stars shown below.

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