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Plus you called me a free loader f—k you ass holes and one more thing you take my name off your sucker list I'm sending all you emails to the spam folder and gmail is looking into it Monday.

Why Is Not Worth It: Is a Scam?

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Screenshot of the bogus notifications we received on Meet Me Sexy. None of this is real. This whole site is built to look like a legit place to meet women. And of course the female profiles are are fake as silicone breasts on a stripper. This is all phony. We have listed the various links to where the exact profile photos can be found on other sites proving that these photos are not of real female members looking to hook up.

Fake profile using stolen photo. Fake profile using stolen photo of Daniela Ospina. They thought by hiding it on their terms page where most people won't look they can do two things, 1 it would stop law enforcement from going after them because they are telling the members who joined this site exactly what's going on.

Since, you need to agree to the terms and conditions before you can join MeetMeSexy. That's what the owners of this site think. We however are not lawyers we don't know the laws to the extent that it is in regards to this situation.

But we think if they have it in the terms and conditions we don't think that they are legally allowed to create fictitious profiles and then use automated computer bots to manipulate and trick people so they purchase paid memberships. To us that is a case of fraud,they are breaking the law that's the way we see it! I was of the opinion, this site was a scam in some form. When i contacted the customer service, with the view to cancelling my renewal subscription, because of the scamming.

Where the females had been verified as real and my subscription would run from there. Im glad I did a google search on meetmesexy before I subscribed. I was excited but then alarmed when I had over notifications in the first hour.

Especially considering Im on the east coast looking up woman on the westcoast and signed up as a user on the westcoast…im moving there. Anyway it was 8am here so there was something wrong with the idea of all these horny woman being up at 6Am on monday morning. I gave my email address out. I was asked to verify my account. I told the woman I can't do it now. Com and benaughty are fraudulent.

I have got my bank onto them. I will get it! I just wanna say your right this site is per cent fake, and because of it I had to cancell my credit card, because I was afraid they would try to keep billing me. I took the 3 day trial offer for 4 dollars, but after being on the site for 2 days I realized I had been had. Man I feel dumb, anyway I call to make sure they hadn't billed me for anymore than the 4 dollars, and then imediately cancelled my credit card so they couldn't charge another cent.

I am just wondering how they do the conversations, the girls all say the same thing about wanting to please me. I guess it's an autobot or something. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. What would you think if you join a dating site didn't fill out your profile information, didn't upload any photographs of yourself but somehow you started getting a bunch of emails from lots of different women?

That's the exact scenario that happened to us when we registered on MeetMeSexy. Somehow, miraculously we were the center of attention. Even though we didn't have any pictures and no personal information as you can see in the screenshot below. What we took away from investigating this site is that there is absolutely no real females emailing us or sending us instant messages. We're pointing out that our profile is blank just as evidence and proof to show that this isn't a legitimate site.

In all honesty there should be no one contacting us because they don't know anything about us. The profile page we created was empty and there's no photographs on our profile page. Why then would any women want to contact us? The answer of course is that none of these women are real and any emails and instant messages are coming from computer software bots.

Many people believe that reality shows are real people just living their life and you are watching them, no! It's all scripted and these are essentially actors playing a roll. This is the exact same thing happening on Wantmatures. Want Matures is like a reality show where you're viewing and sifting through profile after profile of attractive-looking mature women thinking they are real people. The truth of this is none of this is real.

The whole thing is a mind game created to hook you into using the site. Members that have joined Wantmatures. They don't know it's fake but it is. It's like the World Of War Craft game that sucks you in. Want Matures has fabricated female profiles that are being operated by their employees. The fabrication of make-believe female profiles is done so it looks like you've joined a dating site where you can find casual hookups with MILFs and cougars. These profiles have been planted on the site to get into your pocket book.

The owners want you to pay for a membership to use their dating site so they can make a boatload of money. The way they do it is by using make-believe profiles and you as a member will want to upgrade so you can communicate with those females which are fictitious.

Taken from the terms page section 1: The purpose of these Staff Profiles is to enable us to ensure our Services are operating properly by testing the Services, features and functionalities, and to research our products and Services. All Staff Profiles will be identifiable as such and in the event that you opt to communicate or interact with a Staff Profile you will be made aware of the nature of this Staff Profile. Are you already a member of Wantmatures. If you are then have you noticed that you're getting a constant barrage of instant messages?

That's one of the first things that we noticed after we joined. We felt like rock stars because of all the chat messages coming our way, it was unbelievable. The only trouble was that whenever we tried to read a message we were told to upgrade to read messages we got. We couldn't read any of the messages unless we upgraded and bought a membership package. Emails operate in the same fashion. You'll get a constant flurry of email messages but guess what? Just the same as instant chat messages you need to upgrade!

The website does this purposely. We forgot to mention all of this is automatic. The messages and the instant messages are sent automatically to members of their website. The real issue here is that the instant messages and the emails are all artificial none of them are real. These are simulated messages that are sent to you from a computer system. This computer software system is built to do one thing send people artificial instant messages and emails.

Even though the emails aren't real you're still required to upgrade to read those messages. All of this is part of their dastardly plan to make money by conning you.

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