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Here Is What Hopes You Won’t Find Out (REVIEW)

It looks like a dating service but it's not. What type of dating site creates fake profiles and then on top of it says you can't physically meet these people?

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These paid models are real people but their job is to pretend to be interested in you. These are real women but they receive money to chat with you as part of their paid employment. And of course bots short for robots are used as part of the "Love Stars" program. These bots look like real female users they send and receive email messages, they have profile pictures and all types of personal information but they are completely fake and used to give the impression you are interacting with a real person when it's all a sham.

All the information including text and photographs contained in a "Love Stars" dating profile doesn't pertain to an actual person or member, it is completely fabricated and used to trick you.

Take a look at the evidence we have provided below, circled in red you will see the words "Love Stars" which signifies that those particular profiles are fake. A fake "Love Stars" profile. All these women are fake "Love Stars" profiles. If you want to know how any dating site really operates the best place to look is on the Terms and Conditions page for some reason they absolutely love to reveal exactly how they scam and deceive people on that page.

They go into detail about how they use automated bots, fake emails, fictitious instant messages and more right on their own website! As crazy and ludicrous as that sounds it's all there for you to read in black and white, they hide nothing. For your own convenience we have copied and pasted the most relevant parts of the Terms page below for you to read.

Alternatively we have provided a link for you to read those exact same terms section 10 directly on the SwipeFuck. To understand how deceptive this website is we hope you took the time to read the terms and conditions. We strongly suggest you look somewhere else if you're interested in meeting real people. We did a complete review of Swipefuck. Our full investigation into Bangder. The only thing that's […]. As always we try to keep an open mind […]. Contact your bank and tell them what happened so they can reverse the credit card charges.

I don't know some of the girls seem legit. But then again all the other sights are scam as well. This is an ongoing problem with this specific company Nautell Capital Limted. The only thing […]. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. August 19, at 8: August 24, at 5: August 25, at 1: August 27, at Just to be sure, I ran a search of year-olds within miles of my ZIP in Lawrence, and started looking at what the search produced.

Somebody really outta sue these bastards. We have already done a review of BangSociety. Here is an idea to use on these fake sites.

Set up a free account on google, yahoo, bing. Because each time that you seemingly are communicating with a female member of the site which will likely be a site employee or robot the site will invite you to go to your registered website to retrieve an code to either see photos or chat with your choosen site Female Member.

When you do that likely at some point, you'll be asked to upgrade your membership to a higher status with your credit card to continue the chat. When you realize that you are being lead in a circle, break the routine by dropping your temporary e-mail account with the sites of google, yahoo, bing, or any site which allows free e-mail accounts to be set up or an e-mail account that you know of that is still active or has been deactivated that the fake site is not familiar with or had been registered with.

Then watch the fake dating site keep asking for your e-mail address. Then move on with your life or go to one of the sites that this site recommends you to go to for real dating sites to meet real women. Just a suggestion from myself to you.

I'm glad that I ran across your site, and thank you. Not only for the exposure of fake dating sites, the LS in the aformentioned site, but also taking the time to set up a website that helps folks to not be scammed. You should be commended. I have a gal online emailing me back and forth, and her verification link goes to Fuck swipe. Her last email said that she had a girlfriend over, and that I could ride them both.

As appealing as that was I thought I'd google fuckswipe, and see what comes up. FUCK Swipe is a joke. And thw ones that appear real will want Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Learn how your comment data is processed. September 1, at 4: November 9, at 9: July 29, at September 3, at 2: October 16, at 3: October 29, at 8: December 5, at 7: She might be asking yourself why would a dating site actually pay people to pretend to be members of the site?

We've already established that they create fake profiles so what's the point of actually paying people? Do you know what a bot is?

A bot is a computer software that has been created specifically to run various tasks. These software bots can from perform all types of computer tasks and that is why Fuck Swipe. They can send email messages to people automatically through the software program. Templated emails have been created to make it appear like they are real, and as if a legitimate female member is contacting us.

Unfortunately none of the emails sent to our inbox were real, they are all automated sent via the "Love Stars" program that is all a scam. All of this garbage automated emails, fake profiles and paid employees is used to direct you to the payment page. They want your money that is the primary goal with all of these scams. The end game is to get you to subscribe to a monthly subscription.

Messages from LS will contain the uniform designation "LS" or Love Stars to notify the user or member that a message has been received from Love Star s. It goes without saying but the fact that they admit that you cannot meet these fake women Love Stars in person is even more proof of how much of a fraud this web site is.

What type of dating site creates fake profiles and then on top of it says you can't physically meet these people? A legitimate dating site is usually designed for you to meet people isn't it?

Decoy questions aimed to deceive you

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