Imperial Cleaning Is The Same Scam With A Different Name

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One way or another these images have either been bought or copied from online sources such as Google. They then build hundreds and possibly thousands of phony profiles with the images and all fake personal data.

This gives the appearance to unknowing men that they have hit the jack pot with a site full of beautiful married women. Unfortunately the last laugh is on the gullible men who fall for this con. If you try to contact any of these women by email you cannot do so without buying a monthly membership. This is why they use thousands of fake profiles to lure you into buying a paid membership to contact nonexistent girls. When claiming that a website is a scam it's always good to back your claims with as much evidence as possible.

There is no greater incriminating evidence that when the site itself has documentation stating that they are responsible for the posting of fake profiles as well as sending fake emails to members.

In section i6 of this page they admit in great detail to how they run and operate this con. This site also admits to hiring people to pretend to be members of the site as detailed here: While these communications may seem genuine, authentic, and personal, they may be broadcast simultaneously to a large number of persons and possess none of these qualities.

While their contents may appear to be true, they may be quite false; while their contents may appear to sincere, they may be quite disingenuous. The evidence speaks for itself. There isn't much more evidence that you need as proof when the web site itself describes their fraud in their own documentation.

One of their favorites is Motherless. Thanks for that info! Lolz, i guess im not the only one, i personally like to use tineye. I do the same thing! One who hit me up and supposedly lived a few miles from me came up on Google Image and actually is a stripper in Virginia…does not even live in Colorado. If you report them, nothing is done! LIke I said in another post, also stay away from Amolatina.

Thanks for the helpful info. Using Google images to do reverse a search is a smart way to detect if the profiles are real or fake for sure. Also you can use TinEye. This site is a total SCAM. Even if you pay to unlock the messages, you still cannot read them or reply back to them. If you try to get help from their support page you only get an automated response.

No phone support either. Well it's to late for me coz I just got scammed then back on the 8th of feb. So I better take the rest of my money off the debit card I used so they won't get the rest next month.

The girls will send you a message saying they contacted you because you live close by. Funny, the whole population of Briggsdale is less than people. Also send the pics thru Google Images and one that contacted me and said she lives in a litle town just a few miles from me actually shows up on Google as a stripper in Vermont! They will contact you, then ask you to contact them thru an email address. When you do that, you will get a reply back saying they can't read your email, so contact them thru matchmeetups.

The girls obviously get paid by matchmeetups to get you to sign up! The other ones that chat with you and don't try to get you to sign up???? I don't know what their deal is…bored maybe??? Your story sounds like mine. I'm still getting messages from these girls. Their replay comes back with, my message unreadable and two girls had the same screen name on the same site.

I saw a picture of teacher on xcheaters and sent her a message and mentioned her by name and she never responded. They especially don't like it when you test intellect and if they pass that test, a distance geographic test since most of the messages you'll get are from someone with a shown location well out of the range of free members to get to quickly. The first photo I looked for on Google turned out to be from a news article in Iran on psychological issues with women.

I am very afraid because I posted a nude picture and even if you delete it I saw the same picture in another site. Continuing to look at this site on google, my second photo was also on fraud, FlirtLocal, and another one in Belgium I guess she gets dollars and euros.

You are correct about meetwives. Or at least, some are real local people, whether they are really interested or not, who knows. There are at least 6 out of the ones "supossedly" from here out of 32 total that I have met before or recognize as actually living here. But then, even the best lies are always based on "some" truth!

It's funny, but after posting the first message, I went to visit the two "real" sites you listed. Imagine mmy surprise when I find that the username I normally use, is already there! Also, they were without passwords. The first I logged in with the one I used elsewhere several times, and I am in!

Directly to am "upgrade" screen telling me I had messages I needed to upgrade to answer! That one I just typed in garbage as the password and I am logged in. OK, post 3 in a very short time. I actually met someone from meetwives.

A "in public, let's see" type meeting. In reality, this site is anything but free. Here is how much you will be asked to pay in order to communicate with anyone on the site:. These are people hired and paid by MeetWives.

You are most strenuously advised to trust no one but your Mother , and certainly not to trust the rascals or programs you will meet here. Moreover, it uses employees to present themselves as real site members and string you along for as long as you continue paying for membership. We hope you found our review helpful and that it is not too late to read about the scams MeetWives.

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