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Fortunately my email recognizes it all as spam without my telling it. Other indirect methods in contemporary demography include asking people about siblings, parents, and children.

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As the end was previously a colour not far off khakhi and the lighting seemed about as bright as the average candle that was probably a reasonable concern at the time. Steam engines were of course similarly invisible but made rather more noise. For anyone interested, the first has had the top of it's cab fitted so they're coming along nicely. Additionally, I learned that the small sub-window on one side is actually an emergency exit.

Required due to the single set of doors per vehicle. The below image shows how the seats will be in Standard on the Stadler trains. From my personal experience they're fairly comfortable. Certainly better than the ironing boards! They seem to be a bit more moulded to your back. Just pray that disabled facilitioes are towards the middle of the train otherwise they may not be able to get off at one of either Marks Tey or Sudbury.

Vic Average Customer Review: For warranty information about this product, please click here Would you like to tell us about a lower price? See questions and answers. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. I've worn this light fresh scent daily for years now and was disappointed that VS discontinued it.

I typically don't like the harsh scents of perfume and this body spray has a pleasant long lasting scent that, even though I go nose blind to over the course of the day, I frequently get comments on. Bottles were in perfect condition and shopping was fast. One person found this helpful. Bought this because my local Victoria's Secret didn't have it. I bought the mini size a month or two ago and was in love with the scent.

An absolutely amazing spray for the summer time, and I would definitely recommend. Came quick within two days, while I was expecting another , and the packaging was great. Great smelling body spray that I could no longer find in a V. The smell of this is so weak didn't like!!!!!!! Defenitly buying from this seller again. I loved this product! Great scent and fast shipping! Smells amazing to start off with and in love with the smell not to mention everyone compliments me on how it smells.

Such a great fun, fresh scent! I love Pink perfume! See all 31 reviews. See all customer images. Most recent customer reviews. Published 8 months ago. There is no email address or online contact form. The mailing address was not found on the website where users can easily access the information. We found it in the Terms and Conditions of the website, so Zoosk clearly does not want customers to use this information unless they are looking hard for it.

The customer service department answers calls between 9 A. PST, but that information is not listed with the customer service phone number. We called customer service and asked the hours of operation to find out the information. Those are some pretty tight business hours for a company that stores and automatically charges bank accounts. The main page for the Zoosk social network is available at https: You can log in to your account, access customer service and find romance all from the official site.

Zoosk is an extremely social site so there are Twitter and Facebook pages available as well. Other social sites operated by the Zoosk company include Google Plus and several photo sites like Flickr and Pinterest. There is a customer service contact page, but you have to be a member of Zoosk to access that page.

You can access your account by logging in on the front page of the website https: When we called the Zoosk customer service line was were greeted with an automated system. We waited on the line for the system to pass through all options before being placed on hold.

The call was on hold for more than three minutes before it was answered by an agent. We asked the hours of operation for customer service and she immediately answered without reserve. The wait time was horrible, but the agent was rather pleasant. She also told us there was no email address for the customer service department. Every time I turn on my computer, my screen is filled with a dark blue image accompanied by zoosk icons. I have cancelled, deleted and done everything that I can do to get rid of this site, and nothing happens.

I cant even send ANY mesg, everytime i try to send a mesg it has a pop up saying i need to add pic and i cant seem to dwnload a pic. I am trying to E mail zoosk coustomer servises the number and post address is easy to find but cannot find a help email address. Goodday, I would like to be on the Zoosk side, for the U. They are a rip-off organization that refuses to respond to complaints. I am a Zoosk member since 3 month and was targeted 5 times by a criminal scheme.

Middle Easterners and African Americans apparently illegally obtain the photos from some handsome Caucasian man and lure you in with a very attractive profile. After responding, a world traveling engineering contractor or business man will swamp you with elaborate love letters almost all identical with the same typo, followed by a different sob stories. They are on bussiness oversees, give you a phone number from Malaysia, South Africa etc. Once, you receive their phone call, the caller usually has a Middle Eastern or African American accent.

I don,t recall the first 2 id,s because I did not immediately spent much attention. I have found this problem on different sites. I report them , make copies send to the site address, FTC, fraud squad in your city and Washington, D C , one can find addresses, fax numbers etc by scrutinizing the search engines. Very pissed off lady!!! This site looks like pure poison.

I have had no intentional contact with Zoosk. The email includes the required opt-out-of-future-email link but frankly I do not trust them enough to visit their site to opt out. Something stinks badly about this one. Fortunately my email recognizes it all as spam without my telling it.

I suggest everyone stay away. I paid a 6 month subscription to Zoosk 17 days ago.. Also the attorney Generals office of your state. These are the ones that get attention. Go to the web site of F T C and get ideas for complaints agains people on the internet abusing you.

This site is unacceptable. No answering of phones within the required times. I cannot get any friend request, and people are not receiving my messages. This is without question the worst dating site out there!

I wish I could find a hacker to tap into their organization and delete every account. Hope the FTC fines them and shuts them down for deceptive business practices and unsolicited spam. Could not agree more!!!! Did you see when you placed a comment it is under review for moderation? Why is my pagez. Rip off like the rest a bunvh. Sarina lynn davis is a abuser on the internet she extorted money and abused me finaturaly and emtionly physically psychology and she has 2 domestic police records in California and the police record is public record and she was court order to take a angree management class and other things by the court she is using other alests call me back if corperate office need any further question I was blocked for no reason please tell me why, if you are not going to let me on stop payment now please… I was not on your site for one week and you block me not right….

This has to be the worst site I have ever been on. There is no way to actually talk to a real person. I think they use people who are no longer on this sight. The few people I have contacted and have responded for some reason we can no longer even contact each other.

They are sure fast to take your money, what a rip off. I just joined this sight and after three days canceled it and that took forever. I wish I has read the comments before I joined. I want off this sight. I also started receiving weird e-mails that I have never received before so I know they have shared my email address. Zoosk is run by a computer because it keeps putting my pic in sites they use and I keep working on getting them down.

Looks like people like Karla Willekes cant get a date but loves Zoosk. They charge you if you have a Itunes acc. I dont believe you are a genuine dating site. I keep getting the same people viewing me but they never answer even the most basic messages from me. I get flirts immediately from the women i view. I was asked to pay some coins as a lady wanted to meet me and so i paid and never heard from her. I paid a 6 month subscription to Zoosk and im still waiting for access … ive sent numerous emails … and ive heard nothing ….

I have yet to speak to any women that have viewed me! The worst just happened. I have been matched with someone with a child on Carousel meanwhile I set up my profile not to be match with someone with a child. Upon that am being asked to pay 20 coins to unlocked the mutual match meanwhile her profile could be find in the general search. Could someone respond to me now because am getting pissed off please? This site is really total bullshit!

It is all about ONLY making money and not about weather or not people connect. So played around on other sites untilI I found a couple of maybes. And than I joined. This site shows you who is interested but will not let you view profile to even see where they are from or read their profile.

Nor would I ever! From a busniess stand point maybe you should check out your completion, that does it right and signs women on…. To whom it may concern, Your website comes up on my Yahoo Account. Is there any way you could delete me from your sight. But it seems to automatically appear on my Yahoo Account.

This is the worst dating website and its fake, they try to make you pay , by sending you so many request saying that ladies wanted to meet you, talk to you, etc.. I paid only for one month subscription and somehow they still manage to get my money for the next month without my consent. There should a law to stop this fake website once and for all. Do you really want me to tell you what I think!! I think it is crap and I am bloody fed up with all your stupid email, incidently when I press unsubscribe b……all happens and whats more it says you are sending them to an email address I had about 5 years ago so how did you find this one!?

I am not interested, so please F… O..! My language here would imply I am not a lady, but I can assure you I have class, style, charisma etc but the only way I can describe my frustration is this way as I want you to know how FED UP I am with all this rubbish. Do you understand now??.? Hi I unsubcribed from this chat room and they are still sending me emails,this is very annoying,please can some one do something about this.

Claudia, after a couple of weeks I can not get any return from my e-mails. I would like to subscripe with a promotion code, no answer and no return from my e-mails. Customer support is poor at best.

I went to update my profile and spent a lot of time doing so. They took a week to review such, uploading my new pictures, but losing my new updated profile! When I politely called and asked what happened, they were apologetic but did not offer to do anything about it. Recently I unblocked my profile and two men contacted me from Coffs Harbour nsw Aust grant and duncan — a friend of mine accessed my phone and reported them to block them.

I would like them unblocked as they have done nothing at all wrong , they are friends of each other and very nice men. Thanking you in anticipation. Michelle schramm profile myshell Guyra nsw Aust. So annoying can anyone help with this. Someone please send me their phone number. Take my email acct off.

Please can you do this ASAP. Have literally sent me tottaly complete opposite preaty much everyday. And am starting to think this be another scam. Please let me know Thank you. Please help me remove my account.

I actually have something good to say. Even though I did experience some of the same issues that have been previously voiced, after three rather unpleasant encounters with potential dates, I was fortunate enough to meet a wonderful lady. Shes beautiful, intelligent, funny, warm, sensitive. I could go on and on. But I intend to go back on Zoosk and use their services again. Just as soon as I can get them to unblock me. I agree with the numerous negative comments about Zoosk. Now it wants us to waive our due process rights effective Nov.

Who ever heard of an email site that does not provide easy email access to the customer service department? I am cancelling my membership and I suspect that Zoosk is violating the Calif. Me as a zoosk member now I had being evaluating, experience zoosk dating sites about 2 year and I had came cross a lot fake profile, also lot scammer on zoosk. I have spent over an hour trying to cancel my subscription.

The numbers you provide do not exists. Can you let me know what phone number I can contact a member of zoosk? Hope to hear back from you as soon as possible. When you get things straightened out let me know. Worst site out there. Thanks steve Harvey Show for advertising this horrible site on your show. I made a mistake when editing my profile I clicked on the men icon instead of woman. Hi; I am recieving too many messages from zoosk.

Been trying to get on my account on zoosk, but for some reason its not letting me on since saturday just keeps buffering 0nce on it is only on this site? I have the same problem with this company. I have deleted my account and bank account still gets charged by the month. Perhaps we should sign a petition to the San Francisco Consumer Protection Agency to ban or remove this company from operating.

I grigore rus i goot a coll from zoosk to joined for free i bed on the 26 dece. I like for you to remove me from your mailig list please. I do not want to recieve any email from you all what ever please. Thank you for your coaperation to this mater. They also cancelled my account for no reason after 4 days, even thought they took the money for a month. Do not pay for more than a month at a time, or you will loose so much money.

I stop it at my BANK. I would like just to be on this site for a month. Please do not bill my credit card to keep me on this site!! I am so far not happy with this dating site. Thank you in advanced. JUST now got viewed 10 times! I live in Australia and have been trying to delete my account for 3 months. I do no know my password and whenever I request a reset, no new password is ever sent.

Zoosk continue to charge me monthly fees. How can I report this company in Australia? I joined Zoosk for one month to try it out and luckily had great advise from a friend to pay with a gift card not my credit card so they can not continue to bill me. For the past 2 weeks I have had a guy by the name of Nathan van der beck communicating with me claiming to live in Nashville and working in So Africa, I googled him and found him on Facebook and living in Germany so I stopped the emails and today I got the letter asking for money!!!!

Unlike other dating sites Zoosk does not have away to remove these fraudulent people from the site. Please confirm why my account has been blocked by a zoosk administrator? I think your service is lousy on purpose to make sure it is hard to unsubscribe.

You could easily have a button to take care of that on a customers page. But you choose not to to make sure the ones that are not able to keep paying you on purpose!

You have also changed not being able to take off people that have viewed your profile. I will make sure others know of this by blogging about your actions on my Facebook, and any other place that will make sure you get an unfavorable review.

The search options are a joke. Where you have to look at other profiles of people who are no longer customers. Hi, I have contacted yourselves before but am still not satisfied with your responses or help! I am still having difficulty in sending messages, other users are getting annoyed with my perceived rudeness, your supposed to be running a dating site not one that helps to alienate others.

Unfortunately, not sending messages is the least of my problems, as I now can not access the site at all using my personal log in details. I know the site is active as I am still receiving notifications that others have viewed my profile, plus I have been able to access the site anonymously through another browser; but if I try to log on I just get error messages!!

Either my account is being singled out and penalised, or the site is down and you are generating messages yourselves to generate or give the illusion of interest!! I feel really upset, as ever since I have subscribed, I no longer get any interest or replies from local women, only ones from far away, which again makes me think that they are not real and only generated from the site.

Please give a personal response to this query and not some standard affair which serves only to belittle my intelligence. This site is worthless. Noone knows how to return a simple call. I work alot and dont have much time for a social life. Thought i would give it a try and just see what was out there. After only a couple of weeks, I met the man of my dreams and we are now engaged to be married June 21st.

Im so glad I took that chance on your site. Was the best decision of my life. Thank you for making it possible! I really like this program to meet great nice men…but i can not put on a photo cause all my photos are on my face book wall…. I do not have a camera…and have 3 wonderful men i wanna meert really a lot….

What can i do???????? I am 78 an alone and it is very lonely….. I want to return my money to my bank account as soon as possible. I am jobless this money is very important to support myself. Please unsubscribe me from zoosk. This site sucked up not only took my money for a 1 month fee, but added coins without letting me know! Most of the men my age were old farts and the only interesting one turned out to be fake, hacking into someones account which I kept getting on Match.

I am certainly not one of the people who found any love on the dating sites…they have all be crap! Please cancel my 1 month subscription immediately! I will NEVER go onto an internet dating site again…always think the other sites will be different, but they are not. I paid for a 6 months subscription, I changed my mind after 15 minutes, I cancelled it but zoosk still took the My heart is filled with joy, and Zoosk is responsible for that.

Ben and I would like to thank Zoosk for the opportunity been given to us to find eachother. We are very happy and our story is most unbelievable…. Thankyou so much for a brilliant website. I hope that the will be more couples to meet and be as happy as we are.

I upgraded my account at Zoosk via Electronic Fund Transfer. On their website it says that it will take between 3 — 5 business days to process the upgrade.

It is now the 7th day and despite several attempts to get this cleared up, no one at support has even bothered to get back to me. Somehow I think I can kiss that money goodbye…. Zoosk, is a scam!

They have generic responses only for women to respond if a guy emails them! They guy thinks he has responses and eventually subscribes, as I did but its all a fake!! Done with that site!! I figured it out tho!! I will bring every dating site down!! Your business is a scam and we will prosecute! I am at the end of my rope with Zoosk, consistently your website is down or partially down.

Today is particular bad. I am not going to pay for a service I can not use at my discretion. I want a refund for my troubles today and If I do not get it this will be my last month. If your looking for someone to have a relationship with and you live in California why do you get guys that live in another state. You say your looking for a clean cut tall gentleman and you get guys with facial hair.

I feel if your going to spend money to join a dating site the guy or gal should at least live within a miles of the other person…. I received a letter on 7th June from your customer service staff advising me that my subscription to Zoosk had successfully been cancelled BUT ever since then I have been continually receiving Zoosk membership renewals from Adobe Systems Incorporated on a daily basis and they close off my computer screen with the crap they are sending me.

Please advise Adobe to take my details OFF their data base. You stated you would contact me within the three days I need to find about my zoosk contractas soon as possible you have not done this Maria disTisfied with service you giving.

Hello I wish to have my service discontinued ,l already have sent the request but still in the system. There needs to b a way to print the messages off the site. Is there anyone that can tell me how to do this?

I would like it some one could call me so I can be come a member thank u 4ur help. They are fking rip offs! I asked to stop and unsubscribe from this scamming dating site a month ago. Have not had a single reply. I am still being charged. If I do not get unsubscribed I will be following this up with a higher source. I have tried to reach you for a week by phone. Keep getting the same message, very busy, try later.

Very unhappy with membership. Costing to much constantly wants coins. Same men keeps repeating. Want membership stopped immediately and the balance of the time refunded. I am n having a very hard time removing or updating my profile. I need to remove. I live in oceanside ca.

Ive been trying to cancel but the option to cancel subscription is hidden somewhere on the zoosk site to prevent me from canceling. I want this subscription canceled, effective today, 8 sep This site is a rip off.

Meanwhile the charges keep racking up. Everything costs on this website nothing is free it is ridiculous. They charge one fee for everything. Warning to US Veterans this company blocked my profile when I informed them that I was a disabled Veteran , then they said my photo did not fit there rules and they know this is a lie , my photo was of me alone and was of me with just a profile of a head shot, I tried to fine out why and got no help, so when I informed them of my disability from Service of my country them gave me the boot.

Same on them for disliking a person because of his service to is country. Prove me wrong make up another story , but I know I will not hear from you but other brothers as well as the VA will hear about your discrimination , I promise.

And others message like this you get back when you just want to start chatting with someone….. I have paid for a three month subscription and its now over ten days and still no activation im disappointed zoosk and there is no customer support please sort this out Conrad. I am a bit concerned about who there chooses the quick pick. Are they blind, If not, do they just close their eyes and throw a dart?

I specifically said Anglo s only. What is the status mentally of the person making these choices? What again am I paying for? I was on Zoosk for a month. I met a guy and we chatted numerous times and exchanged numbers. Things progressed and as of today, he was trying to still scam money from me. He claims to be from Edmonton, Alberta however he is not. He is a scammer, trying to bilk money from women. He has been reported to police with all of his information. You should delete and block him to prevent women from being preyed upon.

However, there are many women that are out there looking for someone and they may fall victim. The authorities are aware that he is on your site as well. Please consider this in deciding on action you will take. The way I see it is our gov. It is ripping people and me unnessary charges.

I do not see how these people could sleep at night. I believe I am being discriminated by your company because I happen to mentioned I am a disabled Veteran, I was told my photo was not suitable for your site which is an excuse to block my profile , I told one of your people that I was a disabled Veteran so you have a problem with United States Veteran , so I believe that the other Vet brothers and the VA, should be told of this so they can perhaps contact other brothers about your prejudice with US Veterans.

Awful site — impossible to unsubscribe, so they keep taking money from your account. I made a eft payment. Please acsess my account. Why did you remove the Gallery view for search results? I subscribe to your site this Sunday October 5 and right now I decided to be in this site.

I want to cancel. I have been trying to call and to searches for canceling. Please get my request and help me.

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