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Creme de la Creme

BBW singles all around you. Still couldn't find your perfect match? If your that person who adores the BBW's, this is the place you've got to be. This is the best place for you to start and maybe find that special someone. We also provide 24 hrs free membership.

You can all that we have got in that 24 hrs. We are always here to do the best for you. Sex with the Big beautiful women is what is in your mind all this while?

You could have joined us here earlier, by now you would have be the pro at it. Browse thousands of BBW's who want to desperately have sex with you right away.

Chat and message with our members. You can also simultaneously sex chat with a couple of members at the same time. Join and get your BBW. Are you worried that you are fat and nobody wanted to ever date you? Meet these big beautiful women and your questions will run away. Meet BHM's as well who have been waiting for their right partner. This being a constantly growing website. Hundreds of men and women join here. So this makes it easier for us to select the right one for you. BBW is what you want?

That is what we provide. Meet all the big beautiful women from your locality you never knew where desperately waiting for someone to take them on a date. Be a free customer and enjoy all the benefits.

Find that hot women who you always dream of. This is your chance now. Nobody's here to stop you. Join now and have fun with that BBW. Your love for the Big women is what has inspired us to create a platform for you to make love with them. This site is here to bring all the like minded people to the same place and help them make the best out of their meeting. Chat with these big beautiful women and get into a relationship in no time.

They are just waiting for you to enjoy them, what are you waiting for? Wanna grab some big booty women. Find these African women wanting you at their crib tonight. Big beautiful women right next to you. We know your needs and provide you our best. Chat with the members online and share your thoughts with them Interested in them, make your match right away. This is a paradise you never wanna stay away from. From the success stories to the promise of security, BBWpersonalsplus is a great site for people to meet and chat.

The site has a plethora of forums and message boards that members can access and the site gives tips to first time users. Dating on the internet can be scary but the site has great tips and is easy to navigate. Plus, the registration process can be completed in minutes. The profiles on the site are detail oriented so you can find great matches.

Currently, you cannot register to become a member on the site. This might be due to server overload or the site exceeded a certain amount of registered members. But from the name, this site is not for finding a soul mate or a companion.

It's for adult dating purposes. And you can check back soon to see if the site has opened up. That's why they need to create these fake profiles because there aren't enough real mature women joining X Milfs so they need to build fake profile pages to satisfy the appetite of horny men looking to meet these older women. It's all a scam! Screenshot of a fake FC aka Fantasy Cutie profile.

Below we've included a screenshot showing that we received 21 emails. Every single one of these emails was from a "Fantasy Cutie". These are not legitimate messages from real local females who want to hook up with us. This deception is not only found on our account but thousands of other member accounts on X Milfs. The reasoning behind sending these computer-generated phony emails is to do trap male members into replying or trying to read the messages which you can't do unless you purchase a VIP pass a monthly membership.

Screenshot showing we received 21 emails all of which sent sent from Fantasy Cuties. Not only did we receive computer created email messages that were sent from computer bots but we're also getting a steady stream of fictitious chat messages.

As you can see from the evidence below circled in red in order to chat with other members of the site you need to upgrade your membership. All of these chat messages are bogus make no mistake about it. One thing we forgot to mention in this investigation was that our profile was empty. We don't have any pictures and we never filled out the personal information but somehow surprisingly we still got emails and chat messages from local milfs why is that?

It's because all forms of communications from emails to instant messages are compromised and the staff of this site are behind any emails and instant messages that we received. Don't fall for this con, don't upgrade to chat with other members it's a waste of your money! Screenshot of a faux instant messages we got. The phony profile pages are using pictures taken from other websites. XMilfs already has admitted to creating bogus female profiles so the pictures in these profiles must not be of real members obviously.

Where are these photos coming from? The answer is the large majority of these profile pictures are being stolen from porn sites across the web. We used a software program called Tin Eye that helped us to identify where these phony profile pictures are being stolen from. You can take a look at the examples that we have included below with the web links where you can see where the profile pictures on the actual adult porn sites.

This is just even more evidence showing how illegitimate X Milfs is. Bogus female profile using a photo found on multiple other sites listed below.

Fake "Fantasy Cutie" female profile using a photo found on multiple other sites listed below. They list everything they do on that one page on their website. The confess to a multitude of lies and deceit. One of the things they talk about is that they're responsible for creating fantasy profiles called "Fantasy Cuties". They also confess that these fake profiles are operated by their website or third-party contractors that have been hired by them to deceive you.

Most of these messages are random useless shouts, but it lets you know who is active and online. They also have private messaging. This gives you the ability to text someone through the site so that they get your message right away.

Instead, they can reply to you as soon as they receive your text. Navigating through the rest of the BBW Desire site is simple.

The navigation is clear and concise. It is perfect for those times that you need to log on, do what you need to do and get out without fumbling through ads everywhere or slow loading times. To write this review, I went ahead and joined the site myself. I have been on a few dating sites and hookup sites before so I know what they are about. I came across BBWDesire. I am not exactly pencil thin, so a site that was targeted towards a large woman like myself intrigued me.

It only took a few minutes before I knew this was the site for me. This is not a site that will give you access to it right away. They put up this wall to make sure your privacy is safe. People that are not members of the site themselves will not be able to see you on it. Just enter your details, what you are looking for and confirm your email and you are in and ready to roll. It seemed like as soon as I made my profile; I started hearing from guys in my city. I am not a time waster so I really did not mind how upfront they were.

Now here is the catch, you have to pay in order to respond back. Do not worry; it is not what you think. I really did not know if these guys that were messaging me are real or not.

To my surprise, they were all real. Even more to my surprise is how much they were in to me. Being a large woman, I was not used to having all that attention focused on me.

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