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MeetMe review: Good but, not good.

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Common Sense says

Everything seemed to be in order. I wasn't warned or anything. He was so smooth and loving and naturally, I fell for him. With time, the money requests kept coming in and I kept giving, like a fool. By the time it dawned on me, I had lost almost half a million dollars to someone I had never met. I was distraught, depressed and almost took my life until I came across an ad on google about a cyber security expert Brian Anfield who worked with a recovery company. I contacted him grudgingly and what happened after was unreal.

It was plain unbelievable. He asked for payment evidence, emails and all other means of contact, then he hacked this scammer and in a month, we had all the details and evidence we needed. So, we contacted Nigeria's anti scam agency Efcc with the evidence and this person's bank account was blocked.

Naturally, he was at the bank to find out what happened and he was arrested. It was heartbreaking as he was just a teenager, but he was able to refund a substantial amount of the money.

I have Brian Anfield to thank for this as I know lots of people aren't as lucky as I was. Hoping this helps someone though. If you have been scammed on meetme or any other dating app or website, reach out to Brian Anfield. You will be amazed at the things he can do. You can google his name or just send him an email at greyhat at protonmail dot com Cheers.

You are not chatting with the person in the pictures. I took my mates advice and signed up to a few extra sites as used to only have a wejustfit membership. I was getting quite a lot of interest and a few dates with that site but now ive added tinder and meetme and TBF I dont see a big difference yet. It's a B- from me ATM as I do like some things but hopefully the dates will come soon as ill be much busier on weekends!

Finding someone nice to settle down with doesnt happen over night thats for sure lol. Ive accumulated over K diamonds, was locked out and lost everything, holly, the 1 streamer makes K at least per stream, usually all gifted by one person. They delete accounts of those who come Up in the community and start getting attention and delete the accounts, take the diamonds, go to their fake profiles and send them all to her.

There is no way to make the amount she does in one night without the deletion of multiple accounts with a large amount of diamonds. This site is a joke, I get deleted for no reason, yet people who show nudity can be on there for a lifetime. No one should download it! Still checking it out if it will let me on it.

But for some reason it won't let me. I'm still not sure how it all works though. On my meetme it comes up that I have no WiFi connection when I clearly do and its working perfectly fine also it wont let me go on the app till 10pm?

Deleted my account and stole. The most stupid app ever.. Customer service took so. There are many issues with he app after u dinwlaod it on your phone. It keeps crashing and logging you off which unables you to log in. I hope they can read this one star review and hope. I am writing this review to let people now I lose too many diamonds on this app which you can cash out for.

I do believe before this app is a scam so. Meetme is a scam. They delete my accounts and get my diamonds. I can't believe a company like this still operates.

They get your hard earned diamonds and completely delete your account so they can just benefit to it. Pathetic app and pathetic people running this app. I am writing this review so the whole world will now that they are really a SCAM. Me and my other friends account got deleted.

If your looking for a dating app. Please don't waste your time here. Over the past three months I have been locked out of my account four or five times. Then they tell me its because I'm spamming. I think they have no excuse, they're just lazy and do not care about their clients.

They will eventually give me the option to put my verification information in, then tell me it isn't correct! Wrong email, wrong phone number.

The people on the site isnt even that great and the cam whores take away the people so there's no one to have a conversation with. I've been on since My Yearbook and it's familiar and also it pissed me off saying I'm doing things I'm not.

These people are garbage obviously some nobody is running the site. They allow naked photos. They allow fake profiles even when one admits. Anddd they will blocked you off the app if you place any complaints. Customer service will not ever get back to you. I think it should not be allowed to be up. However, we know how it works. So at very least best advice, find a better site. Well I figured I had tried a lot of the other dating sites so I thought I would try this one. I tried to get on one of my other sites and I couldn't.

Then I clicked on the meet- me site and I proceeded to make my profile. And looks like it pulled my information from somewhere else. I did not tell it to pull information from facebook, but it added my full name.

It added my age and address and it made everything for me. It pulled the picture from about 10 years ago. I think I was hacked. I stayed on the site for a little while and then I deleted it. Some guy that I was talking to said that there was a lot of hackers on the site.

The websites have become very dangerous. Suspended my password for 2 hours because of spam that they say happened because I put my password in the wrong place. Yes my app is the only place I put it Obviously not their poor security. Now when I try to log in it shows me the main page but anything I try to open takes me to an account verification screen that tells me my phone number is invalid. Customer support doesn't seem to read my question of how to fix it. In fact didn't even address it in my reply.

Just gave me advice on keeping my password safe. Had some really good dates on MeetMe down the years, even met my last BF on it but must admit I am starting to use some of the cooler new sites now wejustfit. I like MeetMe so wont be leaving anytime soon but there are other good options out there if you keep checking review sites like this. Gemma 32 Norwich, UK. Only spammers, hackers and a lot of drug related posts. Looking to get drugs, hookers migrated from backdoor. Not to mention locking you out of your account so you make another.

You will do it at least once a week. DONT, You also get logged in without knowing and uses your data. Your choice but i would go elsewhere! If you link account to facebook, it also posts on it and shares your info on both.

I was writing a post about my day and in middle of writing the post I was kicked out. I was told "violating term" on meetme and I was like uh I don't think so. This happen right as I signed up for meetme and then 15 mins can't log in, Meetme not a good honest site. I suggest you try somewhere else. Too many fakes and drama. He is a cheater, no good for nothing. Stay away from him. He will use you and lie about you.

Too many fake profiles. You don't say which country you are in.. Best Company never suppresses user reviews—unless they are being investigated for authenticity, or if they violate our review guidelines. We encourage anyone who suspects a user review to be fraudulent or intentionally inaccurate to please notify us here. Your trust is our top priority, so we check all reviews for accuracy and relevance. Additionally, we do not allow companies to alter or remove reviews. There are some fraudsters opening accounts with other peoples photos and names to extort money from people.

I have encountered many of them and most of them are from Nigeria. So ladies especially be care those you chat with. Some will use military men photos to pretend its them. I just feel the app should be able to suspect a phone number or internet source that open several account with them and also check their photos and background if possible. The app has become a playground to these criminals to use to dupe people. All I did was reply to messages. I want back in my account so I can delete my pictures.

I've been a member for awhile and they keep blocking me from sending messages! I've been blocked for a week and just got back on today and sent two message and was blocked again for sending too many message for an entire month.

How are you suppose to find someone if you can't send message? This site really sucks I signed up for MeetMe and was on it for a week or 2 and all of a sudden i get an email saying that my account has been flagged The app is buggy and there are a lot of chat bots. I was getting several messages a day from bots and fake profiles. My account got flagged for no reason,and I verified everything. There are so many fake profiles and now I'm one of them?

Been on this site for a few yrs. Apparently they delete your profile and you wont be able to try making a new account. I made friends with a couple. One was a 76 yr old who looked up to me and we shared our expeirencek with this horrible site. I feel bad we no longer have connection. She had gone some serious series of cancer treatments and now this horrid site has deleted our profiles and any communications with any of our old friends.

I signed up with the facebook using validate with facebook feature. I am unable to log back into site no matter what i do. If your suppose to meet people using this site that's great but it goes no further after that, no phone numbers, or email address or contact information is allowed to be exchanged, Someone complains about you and they accept it and ban you with no reason for it.

It would appear that Meetme is effectively stealing account information from unsuspecting Facebook users, through vacuous links to a site about Horoscopes. I know of at least four people who clicked this link and within days started getting email notifications from Meetme.

When they opened the mails it took them to their account on Meetme, an account they didn't open. More disturbingly there were photos of their family and children stolen too. The site is rife with scammers and predators! It is also worrying that last year Meetme changed its TOC to say that if you upload photos, the site effectively owns them even if you delete your account, your pics will stay on there servers for them to do with what they wish. There are literally thousands of these accounts being opened every week on Meetme and most are unaware that their Facebook profile has been abused in this way.

The app information says you have to be 17 to download it yet the TOC says children as young as 13 can open accounts. The mild sexual content they describe is actually being inundated on a daily basis with men sending pics of their gentialia! The block button is useless unless the person you block, blocks you too.

There is absolutely no support from admin and Meetme are only concerned with membership numbers. They also frequently advertise sex and dating sites.

Please, please keep your kids away from here! Awful, it's a terrible website. There's no one worth mentioning unless you want nudes. Facebook members are appearing on MeetMe These people do not know they are on MeetMe They clicked on a Facebook link that had nothing to do with any social media site and it has copied them onto MeetMe I would rate this site below zero.

It is beyond just and awful online dating site--it's actively diminishing the success of our society. One trip through the new feed will demonstrate exactly why--the blind and stupid leading the blind and stupid.

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