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Now it seems that Snapchat is being used by online scammers to peddle their dating scams.

Sexy Snapchats Usernames

As technology changes online scammers and spammers find new methods of scamming new victims. Now it seems that Snapchat is being used by online scammers to peddle their dating scams.

The site in question being promoted on Snapchat is KikChatSnap. You can read all about our investigation below. For this investigation instead of joining dating sites to uncover scams we went undercover as a Snapchat user looking to sext with girls on SnapChat.

Snapchat is a very popular chat app that you can download on your smartphone when you send and receive pictures those photographs and content are deleted off of the app within 24 hours.

This model became very popular in the last year and now online scammers and spammers have taken to Snapchat to promote their dating frauds to horny guy by creating phony female users. In this particular case KikChatSnap. Many guys go on Snapchat looking for free cyber sex and "sexting" with girls.

The spammers have noticed the popularity of sexting so they have started creating fake female usernames and from there these phony Snapchat users upload images of attractive nude women and watermark those images with whatever website they're using to promote their scams.

The fake Snapchat users always use photographs of really attractive looking naked women. All of these images are copied from amateur porn sites. They work great in attracting guys to add these fake user accounts. Then the Snapchat "stories" A Snapchat story is a photo or video you post on your account, which is visible by you and all your friends.

The watermarks have a web url directing people to visit KikChatSnap. Below you can see an example of just one of the countless Snapchat spam stories we have received while investigating Kik Snap Chat. All the images being used in this spam lead back to amateur porn sites.

The girls in the photos are not sending you images of themselves, it's all a facade. If you are searching to make new Snapchat friends, or find a new username to snap with, create an account now and update your profile!

If you live in the US or in Canada, you can call to find a date with a girl tonight! It's no lie that snapchat is mostly used amongst horny teens, sending nude selfies and videos back and forth between each other, and a lot of them people find new members to trade snapchats with, right here from sext-chat.

You can check out the hot section to find members that are looking for the exact same thing as you. More and more snapchat girls are signing up and creating a profile here, waiting for people like you to add them.

Once you have found one of many dirty snapchat girls to add from our site, simply take a screenshot of their snapcode or directly add them from sext-chat using their username. We also update our site with the latest and greatest models from all around the world that like to post on snapchat, normally these girls set their account so that everyone can view their stories, so you do not have to worry about them accepting you.

We have models, pornstars and all other different kinds of users that post dirty snapchats and teasing pictures. Do you want to meet sexy women for more than just sexting? Do you want more than just a picture that expires? Tired of screencaping Snapchats before they expire? You are not alone. You made it here so your fully aware of how much fun it is to send and receive naughty pictures from horny women.

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