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Thunder Buddies Erik Horne and Brett Dawson talk about the controversial ending, Billy Donovan's choice of starting lineup and what to make of a loss without Paul George.

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Best Youth ATV – Product Comparison Table

Capable of riding up to 10 miles per hour, it comes equipped with a set of off-road tires, a full suspension, a chain-driven motor, rear disc brakes and a built-to-last, high-strength steel chassis. Parents can set the speed, as low as 5 miles per hour, and as high as And, for added safety, it comes built with padding on the handlebars, solid footwells for extra stability and a pair of LED headlights for low-light riding.

Perfect for 7 to 12 year olds. New riders need not apply. This ATV is cooking with gas, and is as close to the real deal as your kids are gonna get. Sporting a smooth yet speedy 4 stroke cc motor, the Coolster SportMax can reach speeds up to 20 miles per hour. A remote control kill switch also gives parents the peace of mind of being able to shut down the machine whenever they want.

That, along with its automatic transmission, front drum brakes, rear hydraulic disc brakes, a dual suspension system —with a single arm in the rear and a double A-arm in the front —and high-powered headlights means safe and easy riding for anyone 7 years or older. The ATVs we all know and love —or know and loathe, depending on your point of view —are the kind you often see on YouTube fail compilations or on episodes of Americas Funniest Home Videos flipping over and getting stuck in the mud.

These are the types of words often associated with these types of vehicles. If your little pal or princess is young and unpracticed, then an all-electric, low-to-the-ground type ATV is ideal for their size, weight and inexperience. What fun-sized kids four wheelers offer is the opportunity for our young ones to get out there on the road, or in the backyard, and drive and drive and drive and drive, without anyone around but me, myself and I.

But what about the items they come equipped with? How do we know which kids four wheelers are right for our little ones and twos? I gave everything I had to our boys and it felt like there was nothing left. So when she turns up at his door one day, Hound watches her not with a small amount of surprise undress in his apartment. It becomes clear when the POV switches to her so hang in there! Keely is a strong woman, and it's never more clear when Hound delivers a major fuck-up.

Her backbone is made of steel and I was so glad she didn't give in but made him fight for her. She was magnificent in her anger. I had to dig deep to forgive Hound but then I thought about his love for his neighbor so I moved on. While I thought it was a little bit too much it helped to get a feel for the kind of relationship Keely and Hound had.

I could definitely have done with a little less bed action and more story. With all that being said though, KA delivers one of her dirtiest heroes with Hound so far. Jesus, they were hot and went at each other like bunnies.

You take me hard. You ride me rough. The woman who likes to get fucked however you wanna fuck me. After the cliffy in the epilogue of Rough Ride I was expecting much more action but I think Ms Ashley saves the biggest climax no pun intended for Rush's book who I absolutely adored in Wild Like the Wind - his part towards the end is one of my favorite things in this book. While this installment doesn't have as much action and heartbreak as the former ones, which is surprising because I expected much more with Keely and Hound's background story, it is a fabulous, intense and beautiful addition to the Chaos series.

I loved Keely and Hound's connection, her sons and I was happy to see lot of the brothers again, especially Tack, Hop and High who was in the doghouse for a short period of time. This installment was everything I hoped for. We get a lot of answers about how Black and Chaos was betrayed and we are left with a little cliffy that makes me salivate for the next one.

Now the wait for Rush's book starts and I'm afraid shit will hit the fan really soon and the relatively peaceful times at Chaos will be over soon. I can't wait to get my hands on it There is a reason Kristen Ashley is one of my favorite authors. Her words have a way to get under my skin. They are clear and get to the bottom of things without exaggerated flourish. But mostly they are beautiful because they are simple truths.

View all 34 comments. View all 12 comments. You could wake up a winner, or you could wake up a loser. Today, I woke up a loser. When she lost Black, it was as if her soul died with him. Throughout the years there was one constant in her life—Hound. He was always there to take care of her and her two boys, Dutch and Jagger.

Whatever they needed Hound provided. But after eighteen years of mourning, Keely was ready to move on, and she wanted to do that with Hound. Keely finally realized that she was falling in love with Hound. She saw all that he had been doing for her and her boys and was able to open her heart to him. It would take a little convincing on her part, but eventually, Hound would give in to her advances. They did keep their relationship a secret since it was in violation of Chaos code. Hound also made it clear that nothing serious could develop between them because of his loyalty to Chaos.

There was no way that Hound and Keely would be able to go their separate ways. They were in too deep. I have to mention that there was such a tenderness to Hound that I found so surprising but that also made his character the most endearing. His love for his neighbor, who was an eight-five-year-old lady, was beyond heartwarming. He is my favorite badass Chaos alpha!!! Here are my overall ratings Hero: Amazon Kindle and Print: View all 11 comments. Aug 02, Bev rated it it was ok Shelves: For me to enjoy a book I need to like it at the very least, it needs to keep my interest and I also need to be able to connect with the characters, and connect I did not.

So I guess I didn't like it much, given that I was bored a lot of the time with nothing much happening, and I'm not a Keely fan. Then we get to the constant sex, and I mean constant. Sheesh her lady parts must have been on FIRE from friction burn. I guess if you have your characters wearing themselves out banging their brains out you don't need much story, and that's exactly what happened here until almost the end, when there was a little blip of excitement with the whole Valenzuela thing Tyra and the old ladies running the show, these blokes have become such a bunch of wets it's unreal!

Keely and her badass biker bitch vibe. She wasn't in the club for 18 years?? Tyra Hound putting his hands on Keely - just NO!! He lost any and all respect after doing that. And Tyra bears mentioning again, that woman works my last nerve. Bev Dutch and Jagger So once again one of KA's newer books missed the mark by a million miles and I need to go mourn the end of an era because I think I've finally gotten through my thick skull that there will never be another Sweet Dreams or Lady Luck or Wild Man.

That said, I'm planning on reading the last book in the Chaos series just to call it done. View all 45 comments.

For one more time Kristen Ashley made me fall in love with her story. Wild Like the Wind is emotional and intense. I loved Hound and Keely, my heart aching for them. Hound is such a good guy, he stole my heart and make me swoon all the time. I fall for him hard. He is the perfect alpha male. I didn't expect anything less from Kristen Ashley. If you love her books you must read i live Amazon: If you love her books you must read it and if you are new to her this series is fantastic.

Get ready for an emotional ride! Jul 31, Laura rated it did not like it. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. I think KA may have been confused when she started writing this one. I think she got mixed up with her Honey Series going by the sex scenes I was having to read.

All I can say is, I'm no prude but the sex scenes and the dialogue during sex were just seedy and like something from a porn film at the end of the book we are given a teaser for Rush's book and there is talk of porn films, so maybe she had been watching some porn as research for that book and got carried away?!

Here is an example of I think KA may have been confused when she started writing this one. Here is an example of the sex dialogue. You could eat me dry, I'd take it.

You could shoot a wad down my throat that was the equivalent of a large milkshake, I'd fuckin' love it'. Keely Black has spent 17 years grieving her husband Black, one of the Chaos Brothers. During this time, Tack and the other brothers have always looked after her.

Hound in particular has been there a lot for Keely and her two sons. At the beginning of the story, we span the 17 years since Black died and see how Hound was there for her and the boys. Hound had been in love with Keely for years. In fact he fell for her when he was 18 and saw her getting fucked by her husband and seeing her come!

In present day, Keely is 43 and Hound is The beginning of the story is told from Hound's POV. After Keely said something to upset him, he stopped taking her Chaos cheque to her once a month. He hasn't seen her in two months when she turns up at his grotty apartment in a run down part of town and more or less jumps him and demands he fuck her. I found it hard to like Keely. She talked like a man "Mama don't take out no trash or mow no fucking lawn". She also called herself 'Mama' while they were having sex eg.

Then she says she wants him to take her up her ass and that she wants his 'cum down my throat, up my cunt and in my ass'. The sexual dialogue is not in the least bit romantic!

Not only that, she knows how brothers live yet she demands he not use a condom as she's on the pill but lucky for her, Hound is not so stupid and insists on wearing one until he gets tested. Hound knows he can't have Keely. She's his 'brothers' old lady and the other brothers would not allow it so he decides they will be fuck buddies.

They were at it like rabbits. Hound has a secret I'm not sure where KA was going with this plot but I found it odd that this big biker dude helps Jean in the shower, lays in her bed with her watching TV while she falls asleep with her head on his shoulder?

I'm not sure either why Hound didn't just pay for someone to come in and look after Jean and why he felt the need to do it all himself plus keep her a secret? They start seeing each other constantly although always at his crappy apartment which KeeKee then helps him furnish and spruce up. One morning KeeKee is suspicious of why he doesn't watch her car drive away but instead he runs back into his apartment so she follows him thinking he has another woman not sure how he would manage that with the amount of sex they were having!

Shep is not much of an alpha male. He thinks Keely is still in love with Black and he thinks she's just using him. After something she does in bed, it confirms it to him so he decides to end it later the next day but in the meantime, he gets some bad news.

At this point the POV changes to Keely's and we go back two months to her talking to her husband's grave telling him she is ready to move on and that she loves Hound. Then back to present day and Keely comes to his apartment as they agreed to talk later. She finds an angry Hound, he tells her to get out quite a few times but she stands her ground so then he gets up and he physically slams Keely into the wall by pushing a hand into her chest and slams her so hard against the wall her skull cracked against it.

He then puts his fist in her hair and uses it to jerk her head back then shouts in her face and grabs her hair to pull her head back. This did not endear me to Shep and I did not like what I was reading. She stopped saying 'Mama', they stopped having so much seedy sex.

She's cooking and baking. Everyone loves her blah, blah, blah. She forgives Shep, tells him she's loved him for years. I got very bored after this. Also, Shep wants a kid and so Keely agrees and thinks nothing of the fact she's Keely's boys are happy they're finally together.

The only problem is still the 'brothers' but they decide they will tell them but they get found out sooner and then we get most of the brothers agreeing that Hound loves Keely so they will forget their code of honour oh by the way, nobody knows about him throwing her against the wall as she forgave him due to him being upset about Jean! Also Tyra and all the other ladies turn up to interfere yawn.

The 'baddies' were boring me and I was getting lost in what was happening on that side and yes, I started to skim as it was just the usual 'girl posse', 'amazing heroine' blah, blah. I did notice that we didn't get as many descriptions of everything and Hound never once mentioned Keely was 'cute'. Although that's probably because she talks like one of his brothers and has a crude mouth! I also didn't find any of it romantic and just couldn't get on board with them as a couple in love.

At the end of the book, KA tells us the final book about Rush will be Free. I read the sample but it didn't excite me. View all 4 comments.

If I have said it once, I have said it a million times. View all 18 comments. Have you ever loved the tone of a story so much that before you're even halfway through, you already want to go back to the beginning and start again? I felt that way repeatedly throughout Wild Like the Wind. Every bit of this story had me giddy with inexplicable emotion, elated over the promise of what was to come, overwhelmed with unease over how complicated this story was shaping up to be.

But more, I was completely intoxicated by the rush of being back in the world of Chaos. Of all the Krist Have you ever loved the tone of a story so much that before you're even halfway through, you already want to go back to the beginning and start again? Of all the Kristen Ashley novels in her library, there are none that I love and reread more than the Chaos series. So being back in the world of these fiercely loyal bikers who love hard and fight hard to protect their own while living wild and free was like a shot of adrenaline straight to my heart.

I'm addicted to this series and I'm a reader who revisits it regularly, so I'm thrilled to share that Hound and Keely's story is one I'll be rereading again and again. There is so much beauty in this story I don't even know where to begin. Hound came out of nowhere and shattered my heart, quickly becoming one of my all time favorite KA heroes. Even now, my heart both cracks and soars when I think back on everything he is on these pages.

Keely and Hound's romance is breathtaking and gut wrenching and deliciously sexy, it's everything I didn't even know to hope for when I began reading. But I have to say, the dynamic between Hound and Jean will stand out as one of the most unforgettable, inspiring relationships between two characters I've ever read in a Kristen Ashley novel.

The friendships and loyalties between KA's characters are truly the backbone of every single one of her books. It's never just about the romance in her stories, it's about the inextricable ties that link every single personality together in her vast ensemble of characters. And the connection Hound shares with Jean, the unconditional love and the most selfless form of friendship was so incredibly moving to witness.

They say one's character is defined by who they are when no one else is watching, and Hound's truth and his heart and the absolute beauty of his character is never more evident than when he's with Jean.

If you don't fall hard and fast for this blue-eyed biker, something is seriously wacked in your soul. Wild Like the Wind is an all consuming romance about second chances, about grabbing life by the balls, about finding your way back after grief, but it's all swathed in a deliciously forbidden biker romance, and if there's anything more delicious in the world than the idea of a forbidden MC romance courtesy of Kristen Ashley, I'd like to be formally introduced immediately.

The forbidden nature of what's growing between Hound and Keely is something the Chaos MC has strict rules against. But more, Keely and Hound's own turmoil over moving on together with the shadow of the past hanging over them is just as emotionally taxing as keeping it a secret from the club. This story is raw and intense and complicated and it all makes for such an emotionally tumultuous reading experience. There's something palpable about the way KA characters love each other and take each other's backs and because of that, the notion that Hound and Keely getting together might bring the wrath of the club upon them is a legitimate fear that you both want to see tested in the name of love and avoided for the sake of brotherhood.

The history of the club, all we know about Chaos' darkest days, comes full circle in this book, bridging the past with the present, laying the framework for future drama and more inevitable romance. It's both addictive and awe inspiring what Kristen Ashley continues to do with each Chaos installment, masterfully weaving together decades of longing, loss, brotherhood and rivalry to create new standalone romances that are both refreshingly thrilling and comfortably familiar.

As each Chaos brother finds his way to happy, more drama and uncertainty is unleashed on the club ensuring the reader is instantly ravenous for more. That's where I'm now left Mar 07, Lalaland marked it as to-read. Please let this be an actual book and not a lifestyle and cooking book. Aug 11, NMmomof4 rated it really liked it Shelves: The first half of the book?! It could just be me and my weird obsession with unrequited love type stories, but I just don't think that second half was anywhere near as good as the first.

It felt like it changed from being about these two finally getting together to focusing too much on other people's stories. I get that Bev and Boz are a part if the mc and have been side characters in the other stories, but I just wasn't all that interested in all that went along 4 Stars Overall Opinion: I get that Bev and Boz are a part if the mc and have been side characters in the other stories, but I just wasn't all that interested in all that went along with their drama.

It also brought in the club drama. I get that it's an mc, and we've been reading about the goings on with this mc for a while -- but I wanted to go back to focusing their relationship! I got my cry in at least for that first half, and overall I liked the book. Brief Summary of the Storyline: This is Keely and Hound's story. Keely's husband, Black, was a member of Chaos MC when he died.

Hound steps up in a big way to fill his role in taking care of Keely and raising her two sons. He has been in love with Keely, but club rules don't allow him to even consider going there.

Many years later, Keely decides she's had enough beating around the bush and makes a move on Hound. They start a secret affair and fall deeper in love. There is some mc and friend drama, some hot sexy times, and some sad moments Overall Pace of Story: I never skimmed and I thought it flowed well.

They do have strong feelings for one another when they eventually start their relationship. What an awesome H! He is up there with my personal top KA heroes! The way he took care of everyone in such a selfless way?! She was a tough cookie, and she was a good old lady. I did want her to communicate with Hound better especially in the beginning. I cried a good bit for the first half of this book. Unrequited love feeling and the H caring for his elderly neighbor definitely got to me!

Yes view spoiler [ They both push away and also pursue the relationship at times. They have some hot tension, chemistry, and scenes -- but not so much it takes away from the story.

Yes view spoiler [The H has been in love with the h while she is grieving her dead husband. The husband's ghost is present in the relationship at times but I never felt like the h wasn't genuine in her feelings for the H. Carefully bend down the top of the bag over the sides of the bag bringing it down over the bottom of the bag so that it overlaps. Glue the overlapping sides together to form a ball-like shape. To finish glue on googly eyes and parts of a feather boa for the hair.

You can also add teeth and tongues cut from craft foam. If you make this craft, a derivative work, and publish it on the web, do not include the instructions. You must link back to this page for the complete instructions. This is copyrighted material and we do not allow this material or a derivative of this work to be published in full on other web sites.

Please read our full copyright regulations. Give each child a paper bag monster. Take turns having the children spell or read a word. If a child is correct, he gets to feed his monster. Child get to eat whatever they have fed their monsters. Have your children paint and decorate paper bag monsters and then write a short story about their monsters.

Encourage them to use emotion words such as sad, happy, glad, excited mad, etc. Have them read their stories and pose the monsters mouth each time they read about a different emotion. Use the paper bag monster to store monster words.

When your child comes across a monster word in his reading, have him write the word on a small piece of paper, roll it up and feed it to his paper bag monster.

When the monster if full have him take out the pieces of papers and read the monster words. Write monster words on sheets of paper and place them in the paper bag monsters mouth.

Remove one word at a time and challenge your children to read the monster words. Turn your children into monster readers with these fun reading incentives. Print out the monster reader bookmark and have your children write the names of the books they have read on the stack of books. Give them a monster prize when they have filled in all the books.

Tell your children that the Hungry Green Reading Monster loves to eat big words. Encourage them to write the new words they have learned while reading on pieces of paper and feed them to the hungry monster. You can find directions on how to make the Milk Jug Monster below. You can also use this as a craft. Just precut the jugs and spray them with primer paint before having your children paint them.

Children write the names of the books that they read and words the learned on pieces of paper and feed to the monster if they remember them. The printable bookmark pattern, available in black and white and color, is available to members.

Patterns include "My Monster Words" the bookmark is also available to members. Utility Lighter with Long Handle. Low Temp Mini Glue Gun. Hold a plastic fork in your left hand if you are right-handed so that it is parallel to the table with the tines facing down as shown in the diagram to the right. Hold the lighter with your right hand underneath the fork near the top of the handle where the head of the fork meets the handle.

See diagram to the right. You only want to heat it up. This part of the craft is for adults only. Children should not use lighters. When the fork starts to melt and bend remove the lighter and bend the head of the fork down so that it meets the handle. Hold it in place for about ten seconds until the plastic hardens. You can break off some of the tines by just snapping them off. Place your fingernail on the tine where you would like it to break off and then bend the tine up until it snaps off.

Use pom poms or craft foam to make the monster's bodies. If you use craft foam, cut a hole in the foam for the mouth and stick the tines through the hole. If you use markers that aren't permanent markers draw on the side that doesn't have the shiny coating.

The markers will stick better without rubbing off. Glue a pin or magnet to the back of the piece to make a refrigerator magnet, or glue or tape a pin to the back to make a brooch, or punch tiny holes and add a string to make a necklace.

Draw monster or wild thing faces, arms, and feet onto colored paper, or use white paper and then color them with colored pencils, and then cut them out.

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