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Advice to parents, grandparents, extended family and children on their rights following divorce, separation. Support group for falsely accused parents.

Offers information, advice and support. Freephone National helpline for parents of lesbians, gays and bi-sexuals. Support for parents of gays. Advice and information for parents. National helpline on Please send sae for reply.

Send sae for list of local therapists. Aims to support marriage and family life, co-ordinates local centres. Tel to 7pm. Info pack - small donation. Advice and support for those whose health has been affected. Advice on phobias, panic attacks and obsessive compulsive disorders. Achan picked up the gold and the silver coins and put them in a safe place, then he carefully placed the expensive robe over his shoulder so it would not get dirty or wrinkled. Achan was so happy as he journeyed home.

He almost couldn't believe his good fortune. After Achan got home with his treasures, he began to think more about what he had done. He thought, "None of my friends have a robe like this one. It is so special that if I wear it, they will wonder where I got it. I can't tell them I found it and stole it. Only the rich people have gold and I am not rich. I can't use the silver either, because it is not from my country, and they will know that I have stolen it.

What can I do now? Achan began to dig a hole. He dug a deep hole in the ground under his tent. In that hole, he buried the robe , the gold , and the silver. Problem is, Achan forgot about God.

Achan forgot that God sees everything and knows what he did. In the end, Achan had to be punished for the sin he committed. Help us learn to be happy with what we have and not to be tempted to steal in order to get the things we think we want. Let us remember that You are always watching over us, and help us to only do those things that will be pleasing to You.

You may NOT re-post this Bible story. However, you may freely link to it, provided visitors can see our web address when they click on the link. A Song To Sing. Achan took a wedge of gold, Silver and a robe we're told Buried them inside his tent About his business then he went.

Oct 14, , Oct 11, , Oct 10, , I thank GOd for you. Oct 07, , Oct 05, , Oct 04, , Oct 01, , Sep 28, , Sep 27, , Sep 26, , Sep 25, , This year shall be my year of promotion and prosperity and to give me the power to worship God with all my heart. Sep 23, , Sep 22, , Sep 21, , I love to follow Jesus all the days of my life.

Sep 19, , Sep 18, , Sep 15, , Now the urge to focus on God work totally is giving me sleepless night and i need to clear some debt, though a banker and an assistant pastor, after attending the fire flaming conference this year am confused what to do now please i need prayers for direction. Sep 14, , Sep 12, , Sep 08, , Sep 06, , Sep 03, , Sir,pls am some how confuse about the time to go into ministry fully.

Pls join me in prayer sir. Pray for me for grace to serve God in spirit and in truth. Aug 20, , Aug 19, , Aug 18, , I'm 25yrs old until my date age no guardian care all in street,becos my destiny is bright. My friend in Belgium is hopeless in deir refugee camp. God should grant her hrt desire,giving her papers.

Aug 17, , Aug 16, , Aug 15, , Aug 14, , Aug 08, , Aug 06, , Sir, please intercede on our behalf so that our heart desire will come to pass. Aug 01, , We need God intervention. Jul 28, , Jul 14, , God just blessed us with a baby boy,i need wisdom to take care of him as a young mother in a foreign land. And to also keep the fire God burning in my home. Jul 06, , I watch the Man of God almost everyday and I am impressed by what I see, especially the message about satanic weapons of mass defilement, destruction.

I believe the message blessed me to beyond blessings. We love you Man of God. May the Lord continue to bless you and your family.

Jul 04, , Jul 03, , Jun 28, , Jun 25, , Kindly need a prayer request as i am currently feeling very down due to work pressure and attacks at works. Jun 15, , Jun 14, , Jun 12, ,


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