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If the profile images of the girls you are looking at look too good to be true then they are.


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Too bad there's so many fraudsters out there. A legit dating service would be a good thing. SafeSluts is connected to other web sites that we reviewed in the past called BangLocals. After investigating both of those websites they were proven to be totally […]. Keep up the good work. There are a ton of others the same. We've recorded their IT "professionals" posing as "windows support" When I got through their protection measures. They called a number I left in code on their chat which they then attempted to state that an ip address number had problems and they were calling to give a warning about…and I cut them off and told them a team of counter-intelligence agents was going to decend upon them and they had just F'd up.

He didn't make it out of the store. The manager held him and he was arrested. I warned the Aholes and they didn't listen. I told them to desist or else. I destroyed a dozen chat bots and crashed a dozen of their scam sites in 5 hours and they still had the audacity to keep posting new sites as fast as a person could click.

Banglocal and a dozen or more others are still up and running and operating with impunity. Its only been two weeks since I got their guy in Medford and exposed their names adresses and business fronts, yet they keep at it. I warned them I would go international and borders would not stop me or my people and not to feel secure or anonymous by distance.

I'm not with the government anymore. I don't recognize borders or laws. I made it clear what would happen. Russian mafia, yakuza, MS, we're not afraid of them and we are better equipped and for more dangerous.

They still wont heed the warning. They will learn their lesson. They are scamming any vulnerable person and they morph their operations DAILY to target even one person, just to see if a particular method of ingress will be effective and, if so, they will exploit that immediately on a mass scale.

Banglocals is only one of many that as of today have implemented new twists to their scams. We turned on phone and computer mikes for some players in Ghana and some of these people are operating out of households with roosters crowing in the background!

Those are their recruited women and men who contact and chat with individuals who go through their network of sites but need convincing that they are legitimate. This is far more insidious and far reaching than I think you may know.

I don't know you, your staff or skill sets, but I'm glad to see that someone has applied what they have for the public without cost.

I think we and others should keep in touch and get to know each other for collaboration and sharing of resources, ideas, and networking for the purpose of better informing the public ahead of time, protecting the most vulnerable of our society, and ending these pieces of shit so others know not to do it or the cost of doing so safely becomes prohibitive.

After calling in my cc lost, i inquired of my banking institution of the said 3 charges that i did not make. Then the lady told me it was a charge to banglocals. I informed my bank i dont use my cc very often. She said i could call and try to get my money. After talking to the person from said number, she had the nerve to ask me why they should refund me my money. I asked her how she would like to earn her money then have someone use her cc to make a purchase she never authorized.

In the end i am receiving Today's world has become utterly disgusting with greed. If there is a way to keep reporting these sites please let me know. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Home Read This BangLocals.

October 20, at 3: March 10, at 2: October 4, at November 24, at 1: Donald D Hughes says: February 20, at 1: February 20, at 6: November 28, at 2: April 5, at 2: June 8, at 1: Abu Bin Osman says: July 11, at 3: September 16, at August 24, at 8: September 3, at 6: October 4, at 2: January 17, at February 18, at January 29, at 7: January 29, at 8: May 17, at 2: Stay Away From SafeSluts.

There is plenty of evidence of this classic scam tactic. All you need to do is use some custom software which we have and verify that some of the female members show look like they are profile pics ripped from other dating sites. The profiles reviewed were easy to identify as fake. For example, this girls profile pic http: Personally, I would recommend reaching out via email to their billing support for more details. Just like most of the other shady sites, this one takes your money and leaves you left in the dark with nothing but empty pockets.

For sure you are not getting laid if you use this site. If you want to save time and learn which are the best adult dating websites to join, then check the list out below. Fake profiles and shady billing on this dating site. There is no undo!

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