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This is interestingly juxtaposed to the most recent Global Gender Gap Report compiled by the World Economic Forum, which reports Finland in 2nd place and the Philippines in 5th of all countries in the world as having most successfully closed the gender gaps.

It looks like these countries are getting closer to sealing the same gap here too as far as porn is concerned! When we looked at the terms that women are more likely to search for than men, the results were simply Sapphic. We also learned that women were more likely to search for reality-TV stars who also moonlight as adult industry stars, such as Kim Kardashian , who is the most searched for porn star by women in the world, followed closely by Mimi Faust nsfw and Farrah Abraham nsfw who both show up in the top 5.

As we also reported, women are much more into same sex and group-themed porn, as made apparent in their preferring the Lesbian, Gay Male , Thrreesome and Gangbang categories more so than their male counterparts. Japan and Italy are keeping it traditional, showing the least amount of change in the platforms that they are using to peruse Pornhub. They are, however, quite a bit quicker than MacOS users at getting the job done as Windows users spend a mere 8 minutes and 39 seconds with 7.

On the mobile side of things, Android users rule, accounting for Among desktop users, Chrome takes the cake with a remarkable Though IE took an 8. This discrepancy might hint to the fact that a good number of people use this less popular browser for porn viewing only, diminishing the risk of another user on the computer seeing this type of activity in a more widely used browser like Chrome or Firefox.

Over on to mobile browsers now. The biggest gainer is Chrome, which increased its traffic shares by Nintendo Wii, on the other hand, saw a Insert your favorite joke about Wii remotes and spastic hand-jerking motions here.

The holidays are a time of year that many take a break from day to day life to celebrate and spend some quality time with loved ones. As such, a little less quality time is being spent on Pornhub during the holiday season , as we can see by the chart below. Now for a look at how some of the more prominent cultural, political and sporting events shaped Pornhub traffic this year. Over in the US, some major television events also interrupted your regularly scheduled Pornhub programming, notably the Oscars on March 2nd as well as the Game of Thrones season finale on June 15, both some of the highest rated TV events of the year.

Rounding out this segment is the Pornhub sports report. Thanks for tuning in! As always, keep it locked to Pornhub Insights for the latest and greatest porn stats and have a very happy new year! Just when you thought that we had gone and blown our entire porn stats load, the Pornhub statisticians have got a few fresh and quick facts on some of our favorite Pornhub viewing countries.

Over to Norway now where their device proportions are something to keep an eye on. They keep it pretty quick on Pornhub in Serbia with the average visit lasting only 7 minutes and 17 seconds. To each their own! Perpetual fan favorite Lisa Ann tops the charts as the most searched for porn star in the land, whom undoubtedly many Finns are searching for during their solid 8 minute and 39 average sessions.

Do you folks use an off-the-shelf content management system? I work for a digital content management provider in a different sector and would love to get the breakdown on your tech, streaming media servers, CDN, etc.

A good friend of mine tells me that your system works reliably and quite well! Do you have some stats about how many people watching porno are single and how many have partner?

And how does this affect searched phrases? Together or separately, I wonder how having partner affect our search. For example do we search specific porn to learn something we did not try before? Very interesting analysis thank you. I love the radial volume charts in particular. Perhaps there are surveys you could tie in with that have data on the age ranges that use the various operating systems and consoles. Check out all the wild shemale action in this drawn porn gallery!

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