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The "Brother" tag team concept was commonly used during the "territory years" ss as a means to develop young talent, by pairing them with a veteran wrestler and giving the younger wrestler a "rub" by virtue of the association, such as the Valliant Brothers or the Fargo Brothers where none of the "brothers" were actually related. A wrestler or a promotion uses kayfabe in regards to injuries in one of two ways; "selling" a fake injury as part of a storyline, or they come up with a storyline reason to explain the absence of someone due to a legitimate injury.

Sometimes a wrestler will be kept off shows to demonstrate the severity of what happened to them previously as part of a storyline. Prior to the spread of the internet, this was a common tactic used to explain the absence of a wrestler when a said wrestler would tour Japan or was unable to appear on specific shows. If a wrestler appears on a show after a "brutal" attack they would "sell" the injury by limping or having their arm heavily bandaged and so on.

In other instances, when a wrestler was legitimately injured either during a match or during training, a storyline would play out where a heel would attack the wrestler and "injure" them to give the impression that the injury was due to the attack.

This normally would lead to the injured wrestler returning, later on, to "settle the score". Promoters have used in-ring accidents that led to injuries, or in extreme cases death, as a way to make a heel even more hated and unpopular. In Alberto Torres died three days after wrestling Ox Baker. Evidence indicated that Torres died of a ruptured appendix , Baker's Heart punch finishing move was the kayfabe reason; the death was worked into Baker's wrestling persona by the promoters making Baker the most hated heel in the territory at the time.

On the other hand, due to the legitimate risks involved in professional wrestling, some measures are still in place to let the crowd and commentators know if the wrestlers are legitimately injured in serious or dangerous spots. The wrestler receiving the damage can squeeze the opponent or referee within short timeframe before giving thumbs up or wave to the crowd if possible.

If they cannot do so in a timely manner, the referee has to put a cross above their heads to signal for medical help during a match, unless if that whole procedure is deliberately done as part of the match, like when Kurt Angle, as part of The Shield as Roman Reigns' replacement, took a running powerslam from Braun Strowman through the table, taken off the match for 15 minutes before returning to win against The Miz, Cesaro, Sheamus, and Kane.

Wrestlers being publicly "fired" is a popular storytelling device, often for the fired wrestler to return under a mask or "earn their job" back through a match. In the days where the National Wrestling Alliance territories were at their height some wrestlers would travel from territory to territory, often using a "loser leaves town" match to wrap up a storyline in the specific territory. At times a wrestler will make a surprise debut for a company, with the storyline presenting that the wrestler in question does not actually work for the company.

In the NXT era, however, kayfabe is often broken post-match when a wrestler is promoted to the main roster, with the rest of the roster applauding them, regardless of storyline relationships. Before then, these breaks are apparent when they are promoted from OVW , or when they retired. Most notably, The Undertaker broke kayfabe as a mysterious Deadman, as he hugged and kneeled down to offer his respects to Ric Flair on his retirement ceremony.

There have been several examples of breaking kayfabe throughout wrestling history, although exactly what constitutes "breaking" is not clearly defined. It is rare for kayfabe to be dispensed with totally and the events acknowledged as scripted. In the WWF during and after the Attitude Era , the line between kayfabe and reality was often blurred. With the growth of the industry and its exposure on the Internet and DVD and videos , kayfabe may be broken more regularly. Whereas in the past it was extremely rare for a wrestler or other involved person to recognize the scripted nature of events even in outside press or media, WWE DVDs and WWE.

In the case of the former, it has ostensible adversaries and allies talking about each other, and the angles and storylines they worked and their opinions on them. Before the Attitude Era and the advent of the Internet, publications such as WWF Magazine , and television programs broke kayfabe only to acknowledge major real-life events involving current, or retired wrestlers, such as a death for instance, the death of Ernie Roth , who was billed as "The Grand Wizard of Wrestling" , divorce e.

In addition, when WWF top officials and employees were facing allegations of anabolic steroid abuse and sexual harassment during the early s, Vince McMahon responded via a series of videotaped comments defending his company and employees, and several full-page advertisements rebutting the allegations appeared in WWF Magazine.

In the Reality Era , specifically after WrestleMania XXX where The Undertaker had his streak broken onwards and the era of social media, kayfabe is often broken when wrestlers go on tour.

Feuding stars in storylines can be seen being civil to each other when they are not wrestling. Off-ring persona can be strikingly different from the in-ring character with less disapproval.

Kayfabe has been broken many times, though it may not always be apparent to fans as seen below. The following is a list of some of the more notable examples.

On television, the two had been portrayed as rivals, but the group broke with the storylines as both Nash and Hall were on their way to rival promotion World Championship Wrestling. The embrace was a farewell gesture from Michaels and Triple H which had not been approved by anyone backstage. Because of Nash and Hall's departure, and the fact that Michaels was the world champion at the time, Triple H was the only one reprimanded for the incident. He was relegated to working lower card matches and was booked to lose to Jake Roberts in the King of the Ring tournament, having previously been booked to win it.

Hart had previously signed a contract with rival World Championship Wrestling and still had three weeks left on his contract with the WWF.

The agreed-upon finish was to have Hart retain the title that night and appear on Raw the following night to give up the championship. WWF head Vince McMahon had, months before, informed Hart that he could not financially guarantee the terms of his contract with Hart, encouraging him to make another deal if he was able to. As events transpired leading up to Survivor Series with Hart still champion and booked to remain champion following the event, McMahon feared that his championship would appear on his rival's television program.

During the match, Michaels put Hart in the sharpshooter, Hart's finisher. Referee Earl Hebner signaled that Hart submitted, even though he had not. At the same time, McMahon came to the ringside area and directed the ring crew to ring the bell and announce that Michaels had won the match. Hart, very upset, spat on McMahon and began trashing equipment around the ring, later punching McMahon in the dressing room.

While everyone involved in the incident maintains that it was legitimate, some fans, and several within the business, [21] claim that it was a very elaborate storyline and only pretended to "break kayfabe".

The accident that killed Owen Hart occurred on May 23, during the Over the Edge pay per view broadcast, but was not shown on screen a prerecorded video featuring Hart in character as the "Blue Blazer" was playing at the time of the accident and, after Jim Ross indicated that something was amiss in the ring, the broadcast immediately cut to a pre-recorded interview with Hart.

Afterward, Ross acknowledged to viewers that an accident had occurred and that Hart was being attended to, at one point assuring viewers "this was not a wrestling angle ". In specials and tribute shows, kayfabe is often broken. In the tribute shows for Brian Pillman , Owen Hart , Eddie Guerrero , and Chris Benoit , many wrestlers and officials, including those who had kayfabe feuds with the deceased wrestler, spoke in their honor.

Kayfabe and real life came into serious conflict on June 25, , when the actual death of Chris Benoit necessitated an appearance by WWE chairman Vince McMahon on his Raw program which aired that same day, even though the character of Mr. McMahon had been "killed" in an automobile explosion on a previous episode. The death angle was scrapped, as was the regularly scheduled Raw program. Instead, a tribute to Benoit was broadcast. Kiting is possible inside the lagoon on mid to high tide and would be a good spot to base yourself if you were taking the wife and family.

It is possible to do a down winder from Nusa Dua to Sanur. Its lots of fun and a really beautiful way to see the coast. There is some surf at Nusa Dua but it is on the reef and is recommended for experienced surf kiters only. The tide is critical on this side of the island, so make sure you know what it is doing to avoid being caught outside the reef when it goes dry. Kiting at Seminyak — Canggu. It is possible to kite from the Bungy Tower all the way to Canggu or any spot in between.

However, as mentioned, it is side offshore until you get to Canggu where it is side shore. Canggu is the most consistent wave spot and does have a crew that kite there. The beach changes angle the closer you get to Canggu and the wind is more side shore. Best to avoid Echo beach as there will be surfers in the water even when is windy. Be aware of the rocks at Canggu when the tide drops. This spot also has windsurfers and Euros who will continually get in the way when you are on waves.

Be aware that the wind drops at about 4pm and swings offshore quickly on this side. There are shops at Canggu for drinks and you can arrange for a driver to pick you up from there. Most hotels use volts, 50 cycles and a round, two-pronged slim plug. Bathroom shaver plugs usually have a transformer switch. We suggest taking an adaptor for your appliance. The traffic in Bali is nuts and there are no real rules.

It is really congested and it can take an hour to travel 10kms so try and travel outside peak times if you can. You will find a range of chauffeur driven limousines, self-drive cars, taxis and hotel courtesy cars. Most taxis are metered so insist on the meter when you start. Bemos are a unique form of transport. They are a minivan masquerading as a communal bus. They park outside most hotels so chat to the driver and negotiate the fare that suits you both.

This year I met about 4 people who had come off bikes and had their trip ruined due to injuries. Travelling around Bali is made all the easier because everywhere you go you'll find friendly people who are only too happy to give you advice and directions on how to get where you want to go. If you wish to hire a car or a motorbike you must be over 18 years of age and possess an International Driver's Licence. The police love to pull over Westerners to try and get a fine bribe for not having a licence or some weird traffic rule.

If this happens just negotiate the fine and get on your way. Light, airy, casual clothes are the most practical and you'll find natural fibres like cotton or linen are the most comfortable in Bali's often humid conditions.

Waist sashes should be worn when visiting temples. Strict vegetarians should be aware that a lot of Indonesian cooking contains fermented shrimp paste terasi as a basic ingredient. Although there are many vegetarian options available, please be specific when ordering food, as often a little chicken is included with most dishes. Drinking tap water is not advised and will again result in Bali belly!

It is not advisable to eat salads as the lettuce will be washed in ordinary water and is not safe. It is also possible to get mushroom shakes which send you on an hallucinogenic trip. These are not safe either and you can be out of your head for up to 12 hours. After much research by the KBM team we have listed a few spots worth hitting.

Try the Bounty, Embargo or Skygarden for an endless stream of pounding music and drinks. Be aware that the super friendly indo chicks are probably hookers and more attracted to your money than your good looks.

Also be aware that some lady boys look super hot and it is hard to tell if they are guys or girls. This is another area that has 2 good locations with much more of a European and sophisticated feel than Kuta and there are way less Aussies there too.

Get a taxi to Double Six and walk along the beach to find Dejavu and Bacio. Double Six gets busy at 3am and goes till dawn. The other area is called Annapurri St and has a few good bars in it. Be aware that you will get offered drugs outside these clubs. Do not be tempted as they are often working with the police to get a bribe.

The Sanur side is totally lame for nightlife so if you want to party stay on the Kuta side. If you want to visit one of the coolest bars on the planet head to Ku De Ta, an open air bar and restaurant about the size of a football field right on the beach, metre north of the Bungy tower.

Head there to watch the sunset along with the all the beautiful people of Bali. It is expensive but well worth a session. You should try to pack as light as possible when it comes to Bali.

The weather will be very hot so light clothes are advisable. It is cheaper to buy all your sunscreen needs at home than in Bali.

We highly recommend that you bring a first aid kit and any medication you require. A 1mm vest is handy for early morning surfs but there is no need for anything more. Wetsuit booties are highly advisable as the sea urchins and reef can really spoil your week.

Crime can be an issue in Indonesia, so we highly recommend that you leave your Rolex at home! It is best that you be aware of your valuables, especially your camera, passport and cash and keep them locked in your room or hotel safe. Keep them out of sight at all times from the room cleaners.

Spyhunter said I had 83 infections as a result and removed every one of them. SpyHunter worked wonderfully for me to remove Razor Web Adware. It required several scans, but now I am clean.

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Bill Gordon has been writing on tech and malware subjects for 6 years and has been working in the internet and tech industry for over 15 years. He currently lives in Southern California.

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