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So I consider Asian Dating to be the best choice I have now. Then I booked tickets to Seoul.

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Just a regular set of information: Pictures and some details about your biography and interests are needed to make you an object of female interest. If you want more visitors to your page, you have to pass a welcome questionnaire.

It is a set of questions which open up the necessary info and help the matching algorithm to start working. According to the answers given Asia Charm will offer you the list of best matches and show you the pages of ladies who you are most likely to be cool with. To bring your profile extra popularity, you can pass the verification procedure: It will show the visitors you are not a scammer and attract more girls to the page. Right after the registration, you can already start looking through the profiles of the girls.

Making search more or less advanced you either look for a particular kind of women or just wander around the pages seeing who seems nice to you.

There is always a list of girls who are online at the moment, so you can start talking to them any minute. If you don't want to lose some special accounts, you can add them to the list of Favorites. All of the female pages have been carefully created with the help of special staff in the agencies.

They try to add as much information about a woman as it is possible because female users are also very interested in finding their significant other. In fact, up to this moment the general amount of female accounts is bigger than male ones, so you get more chances to find your love.

Girls are asked to upload personal videos to their pages so you can see more of them and not just know what they look like from the pictures, but watch their manners and behavior as well.

If you think that their photos look too professional, don't be skeptical: As Asia Charm specializes in ladies from Asian countries, it must be clear that not all of them know English. Because of this, the site has a translating option helping you and your lady to hold the communication. There are people who can help you to write the letters in lady's mother tongue or translate her messages for you.

Talking about the services Asia Charm offer, first of all, they are different means of communication. You can use the mailing or live chats — they are faster, and the lady is responding you in real time. If you want to see your opponent, there are video chats for that. To show that it is not a simple flirt you can send your chosen one virtual gifts or even the real ones if you feel that your romance is moving forward.

Asia Charm can also help you to send your love some flowers to cheer her up. If you want to get closer and organize a meeting, you will have to do it yourself. Asia Charm has not developed such kind of service yet, so all the responsibility and expenses will be on you. The site team follows you in your needs as long as you are a site's visitors, but what goes to reality is in reality.

You have to know that all of the services, including the actual communication on the website is not for free, and you have to pay money for it. Asia Charm doesn't have a common membership system, but is based on another famous algorithm: It is a compulsory thing because otherwise, you wouldn't be able to use the site.

As long as you have made the first payment and got a status of a Premium member that happens automatically you get the access to ladies' private photos and your personal statistics. Asia Charm regularly gets its users special offers and discounts to show their interest in the clients and help them be comfortable with the site's conditions. Number of Members AsianCharm. Quality of Profiles Due to a smart signup process, the website collects profound information about its users from the very beginning.

Read reviews and comments Add your review. Asia Charm is convenient and straightforward in use. You get exactly what you pay for. If I had to advise an online-dating platform, it would be this one, for sure. What I liked about Asia Charm are its searching tools. They allow you to find the exact person you are looking for. Surely, you have to pay to use advanced features of communication, but it is totally worth it. Thank you, thank you and thank you for this platform!!! I was looking for a partner from Asia for years as it is essential for my family that I get married with an Asian girl and me.

Now due to Asia Charm, I have everything I have ever wanted: One of my biggest fears, when I use dating sites, is my privacy. Here I am totally satisfied with privacy settings, and I feel entirely safe.

I don't know anyone else who had any issues either. I joined this service in August and still think it is quite good. After entering my personal information and starting a search, I noticed that this site uses advanced matching algorithms to find a perfect girl.

I joined several dating sites at the same time, but asiandate impressed me the most. I am sure that I will find true love there and eventually marry a wonderful girl. Great job guys, keep it up! I do adore their beauty and the way they behave. All those tiny cultural differences between American girls and Asian ladies make the latter so peculiar! International websites are usually too heavy to deal with: So, when I found Asian Dating I was so glad!

But I look at those empty profiles that contain only the name of the girl and some model-like photos I become suspicious. It seems to me that they might be not that sweet as they look. I do not understand Chinese or any other Asian language. But I expected to get some assistance in translation when I registered on the site. But the Platinum membership costs too much! And as far as I understood the translation is automatic.

How can you charge that amount of money for automatic translation? That seems a bit unfair to me. Good quality for a reasonable price. There are services with more options but they are much more expensive. So I consider Asian Dating to be the best choice I have now. I need some time to get used to the environment, to look around, to become comfortable. I prefer to spend a month looking through profiles and to find one really attractive lady than to attend four dates.

But what makes me anxious is that I need a subscription to text the lady. But is everything fails and we are done in a week what should I do with the subscription? Asian Dating gave me an opportunity to meet a few really great ladies! When I met them I understood that the decision to look for an Asian wife was right! We met a few months ago but since that moment we text each other every single day!

I was dating a girl online for a while and we agreed to meet in Hong Kong. I know that Asian Dating is not dealing with offline dates and stuff. But I wanted to ask the customer support team about a few basic things which you have to know when you are going abroad.

I bet they know what a foreigner should better do and not do when he is there! But they never replied! I mean, they texted me that they are not providing such services and so on and so far. I wanted them to answer a few simple questions! That was pretty disappointing about Asian Dating. The site is quite convenient and pleasant to deal with.

The only thing that irritates me a bit is the quality of translation. I feel sorry for all the men who had not the best experience during online dating. There are so my tips on what you should not do! How can send money to a stranger and hope that she would some over to see you in the U.

If you are 50 and she is 21 you might suspect something. So far Asian Dating seems to be cool. A lot of girls, moderate prices, good services.

I want to say thanks to Asian Dating! I thought that I was done with women, romantic issues and all those kinds of affairs. I registered just to have something to do after work. You know, you are alone, you are bored, you want to talk to someone nice and interesting but there is no one next to you. So, I assumed that a dating website would be not the worst idea.

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