Imperial Cleaning Is A Fake “Free Verification” Scam Ripping Off CraigsList Users

What we took away from investigating this site is that there is absolutely no real females emailing us or sending us instant messages. If you try to follow these instructions on a mobile device the directions might not work for you.



Not alot here just lonely and aroused. No drama please, k. Call me sometime today so we can at least familiarize ourselves over phone. Some crazy nut is going around murdering women he meets online so I got to be cautious hope you understand. I took these pix fantasizing of you so hope you love them! I hope you enjoy my luscious breasts. Try these legitimate dating sites to meet real local ladies. This site scam report is the property of TheDatingJudge.

DCMA complaints will be filed with Google, your web host and domain name provider if you choose to disregard this warning. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The website is responsible for blasting people with thousands of email messages for one reason and that is they want you to try and communicate by emailing these phony profiles back.

The thing is you can't email anyone back unless you purchase credits on the website. T hat enables you to send emails. This website is operating a massive criminal operation. A screenshot showing that we have received email messages so far. Below we've included screenshots of a very small amount of the email messages we have received thus far.

The reason were including these screenshots is to give you as much proof as possible to show you how phony and fictitious My Daily Fling is. The first screenshot is an email from "Esstele" and in her email she states that she is "really attracted to our profile". The problem being that as you will see our profile is blank, we haven't uploaded any pictures so right off the bat we know that's a fake email because if she had it looked at our profile she would realize there is no pictures so what is she attracted to?

The answer is she's attracted to nothing because the emails aren't sent from real women but from fake profiles. The emails themselves are conjured up using computer software programs that are automatically sending people fictitious email messages. There are no real girls or any humans for that matter sending people email messages.

Everything is done automatically using computer software programs. Screen of a bogus email message we received. I am a little bit picky but I was blown away by what I saw on your profile. You seem like a very sexy man. There's nothing to see in our profile since it doesn't have any pictures. Oh, my I'm so horny right now. I wish you were here fuck my sweet juicy pussy.

We've never spoken to this female in our lives but she makes it seem like we have some type of ongoing conversation which we don't. This once again proves that this email is completely phony, it's fake and it's not a legitimate girl emailing us. Here's another email from BigLacy.

Why would she send this message to a random guy that she's never spoken before. We've never received a single message from BigLacy before but just like the previous message she makes it seem like we have some type of ongoing conversation. She doesn't know what we look like since we don't have a photo in our profile so why would she want to have sex with someone that she doesn't even know what their appearance is.

It's all a bunch of Lies! And here is our profile page. Circled in red it shows that we haven't even uploaded a single photo to our profile page but we've gotten emails and that amount of emails is constantly rising. What girl in their right mind would email a guy who doesn't have a picture in his profile?

And then you need to ask why would different females email a guy who doesn't have any photo in his profile? The answer being of course that it's all one big facade, it's an illusion that they want you to believe. But we know the truth, and we're screaming from the rooftops telling everyone not to trust MyDailyFling. There's no way in hell that over 1, women messaged a guy who doesn't have a picture on his profile. Logically it makes absolutely no sense at all.

A screenshot of our blank profile page. Below we have an avalanche of evidence coming from the terms and conditions page. They tell us that they use fantasy profiles. They also tell us that's "some profiles on their website are fictitious and have been created only to exchange messages with". They also tell us this is a "fantasy entertainment service", meaning it's not a legitimate dating website.

And they go on to confess it's not their intent to establish real life connections between users. You can read the most important parts of the terms and conditions page below or you can read it directly on their website by clicking this link. You acknowledge that some of the profiles on the website are fictitious and they have been created only to exchange messages with users and there are four real life meetings with these fictitious profiles are therefore not possible.

My Daily Fling is one of the most blatant dating scams we have ever seen. Receiving over messages when you don't even have a single picture in your profile is beyond fake!.

We cracked this scam wide open. Now you know the honest truth! If you want to find real women, then look at these legit dating websites. We've reported on at least 6 of their websites MyDailyFling. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Will I really hookup using the Website?

The Website is a fantasy entertainment service for adults.


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