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The Walmart Money Card allows users to benefit from savings at Walmart and other partner companies when they sign up. The order granting the said leave was made 17 March following a Rule 30 application against the respondent.

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Grants for improving the infrastructure of centrally funded institutes for higher education. It showed widespread experiences of suicidal feelings and other severe reactions, very bad withdrawal symptoms and lack of warnings from doctors.

On 29 January , the fourth documentary of the series about the drug Seroxat was broadcast. It focused on three GlaxoSmithKline paediatric clinical trials on depressed children and adolescents. Data from the trials show that Seroxat could not be proven to work for teenagers. Not only that, one clinical trial indicated that they were six times more likely to become suicidal after taking it. In the programme, Panorama revealed the secret trail of internal emails which show how GlaxoSmithKline manipulated the results of the trials for its own commercial gain.

Some of these previously secret Glaxo documents featured in the programme were leaked into the internet after the programme's broadcast. On 19 September Panorama showed a documentary called "Undercover: Football's Dirty Secrets" , which alleged payments in English football contrary to the rules of the Football Association , involving:.

The Football Association has asked for any evidence as it tries to rid such action from football. On 1 October Panorama broadcast an episode on Crimen Sollicitationis , a church "instruction" approved by Pope John XXIII in , which establishes a procedure for dealing with child sex abuse scandals within the Catholic Church.

It was enforced for 20 years by Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger before he became the Pope. It instructs bishops on how to deal with allegations of child abuse against priests. Critics claim the document has been used to evade prosecution for sex crimes. The United States Department of Justice has imposed gagging orders that prevent discussion of the allegations. Jane Corbin asks what really happened on the ship Mavi Marmara, when Israeli commandos seized the ship as part of the blockade of Gaza Abbas Al Lawati, a reporter for Gulf News , who was on the Mavi Marmara during the Gaza flotilla raid , criticised Panorama' s reporting of the raid in the documentary, "Death in the Med", stating that it was either a result of "weak journalism" or "deep bias".

On 31 May Panorama aired an investigation into physical and psychological abuse suffered by people with learning disabilities and challenging behaviour at Winterbourne View private hospital in Bristol. It showed a number of patients being repeatedly punched, kicked, slapped, pinned down and given cold punishment showers — then left outside in near zero degree temperatures.

Local social services and the national regulator had received various warnings but the mistreatment continued. One senior nurse three times contacted the national regulator saying he wanted to talk about "abuse" — but heard nothing back. On 21 June , 86 people and organisations wrote to the Prime Minister, David Cameron about the revelations, "We are aware of the various actions currently being taken within and outside government — such as the DH review and CQC internal inquiry.

We hope to make submissions to those both individually and collectively. However, on their own these will not be enough and a clear programme is needed to achieve change. The prime minister responded saying he was "appalled" at the "catalogue of abuses" Panorama had revealed. In June the Association of Supported Living[30] issued a press statement, which was followed up in writing to every member of parliament in the United Kingdom, calling for community based assisted living services to replace institutional services for people with learning disabilities.

The national regulator, the CQC did a nationwide check on facilities owned by the same company — as a result three more institutions have been closed. The CQC also inspected similar institutions and a Serious Case Review was commissioned — some of the roughly ten local and national enquiries were carried out to examine what went wrong, including one by NHS Southwest which was one of the first to be published and list many of the others.

The head of the Care Quality Commission resigned ahead of a critical government report, a report in which Winterbourne View was cited. Eleven people plead guilty to criminal offences of neglect or abuse as a result of evidence from Undercover Care and six of them were jailed.

The Daily Telegraph said, "It is impossible to read the details of what went on at Winterbourne View, a care home for the severely disabled in Gloucestershire, without feeling repelled. On 28 May Panorama examined the issues of racism , antisemitism and football hooliganism which it stated were prevalent among Polish and Ukrainian fans.

Stadiums of Hate", included recent footage of fans chanting various antisemitic slogans and displays of white power symbols and banners. The documentary recorded antisemitism and monkey noise taunts of black players in Poland. Don't even risk it… because you could end up coming back in a coffin.

The report was then followed up by most of the British media, which published a large number of articles accusing Poles and Ukrainians of racism. The documentary was criticised as sensationalist, unbalanced and unethical.

The organization used me and others to manipulate the serious subject of anti-Semitism for its own sensationalist agenda In doing so, the BBC has spread fear, ignorance, prejudice and hatred. I am profoundly disturbed by this unethical form of journalism. Panorama disagrees in the strongest terms that his interview was misrepresented. He made none of the comments featured in his statement of Wednesday 6 June. We note that his statement was made following the programme's broadcast on Tuesday 5th June on Polish TV.

Another source used in the film, anti-racism campaigner Jacek Purski said: It does not show the whole story of Polish preparations for the Euros. It does not show the Championship ran a lot of activities aimed at combating racism in the "Respect Diversity" campaign.

For us the Euro is not only about matches. The event has become an opportunity to fight effectively against racism and promote multiculturalism. There is no country in Europe free from racism. These are the facts. I have received information that there were also interviews that were omitted by the BBC—for example interview with the Polish police.

A reporter from Gazeta Wyborcza , Poland's most popular left-wing newspaper, questioned Panorama' s practices and said: So far it has denied two situations I witnessed. I would not be surprised if the BBC prepared a statement saying that the Panorama crew has never been to Poland. Ukrainian foreign ministry spokesman Oleh Voloshyn responded that the allegations were an "invented and mythical problem", [57] and that "Nazi symbols can be seen at This is not our custom, as is not pointing out similar incidents in other countries.

One source who was present said the Panorama journalists had complained afterwards that the interview was "useless".

Panorama strongly denies this. It says the interview was not used because Baruchian had only played in the Polish league since January. Panorama responded to the criticism, saying: But amid all of these accusations against Panorama and the BBC, there is a real fear that the key issue has been missed — the overt and frightening racist and anti-Semitic abuse and violence of the kind broadcast by Panorama is both wrong and deeply upsetting to those on its receiving end.

That was the point of the programme. We set out to highlight a wrong. Were the beatings that the students from India sustained in Ukraine's Metalist stadium somehow "exaggerated"? Was the fact that they said the police were of "no use" as they walked off bruised and alone into the Ukrainian night somehow "made up"? Were the monkey chants hurled at the black players we filmed in Poland somehow "sensationalised"? British columnist Edward Lucas wrote: It said ethnic minorities were "all but invisible" — but did not mention that Poland has two black members of parliament Britain elected its first only in It would be easy to scent a kind of 'orientalism' here: The muddy wastelands of the east are great places to make shocking documentaries.

Best of all, because nobody there knows English, you can say pretty much what you like and get away with it. Brendan O'Neill wrote in The Daily Telegraph that England fans had staged "a protest against BBC Panorama' s hysterical depiction of Ukraine as a hotbed of racism and anti-Semitism, which they have discovered during their stay in that country to be untrue. England fans have proven themselves way more racially enlightened than the aloof suits in the current-affairs department of the BBC.

England football coach Roy Hodgson said the racism allegations were "the biggest negativity in England UEFA acknowledged that there had been "isolated incidents of racist chanting".

According to the newspaper, the coach of the Dutch team has made several statements to the BBC that he had not heard the supposed chanting, nor did the rest of the team. According to de Volksrant , the story was sensationalised by de Telegraaf. Jessica Elgot wrote an article in The Jewish Chronicle headlined "I went all the way to 'racist' Kiev and all I got was love" reporting how "By-and-large, no one understood why we were going. Friends raised their eyebrows in horror, before inquiring if we had seen "that Panorama programme".

My grandmother politely inquired why we wanted to go to "that shmatte place". As I left for the airport, I got a sweet good-bye text from my house-mate.

Irish football fans filled 14 pages of their blog with praise for Poland and Ukraine, many of them highly critical of the BBC and Panorama [69]. The Daily Mirror commented: If you do not believe me, then take the word of Gary Lineker who did not mind taking a swipe at his BBC bosses to point out how friendly and accommodating the locals have been. Pre-tournament scaremongering way off the mark. It was something else: Amid the apparent social backwardness of Poland and Ukraine, the multicultural, cosmopolitan superiority of Western Europe can shine through.

And we in Britain can bask in its glow. In , Jewish News and other news organizations reported that during the making of the documentary, host Chris Rogers had been filmed giving a Nazi salute while marching in front of the crew. Rogers was reprimanded by the BBC, apologized and had not been re-hired by the Panorama program for two years after the incident.


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