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IWCF Well Control/IADC Well Cap Practice Questions, Quiz and Tests

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Obviously, to avoid allowing the pump pressure to increase, you must open the choke somewhat. For example, if you increase the pump rate and gain say an extra psi on your drillpipe gauge, we can assume the SCR at the new pump speed would have been psi greater than the original SCR.

To answer these type of questions, simply figure out what you would be doing with the choke: When we keep the observed casing pressure constant while changing the pumping rate, the bottom hole pressure remains the same.

The observed pressure in the drill pipe should be allowed to drop to the true value as the pumping rate is reduced and the other way round as the pumping rate is increased. Note that the pressure you read at the casing side of the U tube is the difference between the formation pressure and the BHP plus any additional pressure applied so, if this pressure remains constant, it means the bottom hole pressure is constant. Pls can you post more equipment questions just like you did for pnp.

Am preparing for my iwcf level 2 and i need some serious equipment question. Sir i am a roustabout position what are all the coureses in iwcf or iadc should i have to do for my carrer growth. This is a well control question……your drilling with a TDS 12, feet you have a washout in the drill string at 11, then you take a kick how do you control this matter?

Mail your queries at: ALso tell us more about your profile. The answer to this type of IWCF question will depend upon where the kick is in relation to the washout, mud type and influx type. Assuming you have gas kick in a WBM and the kick is below the washout, our first action should be to evacuate the kick out of the wellbore.

To do this, you need to use the Volumetric Method to allow the kick to migrate above the washout, while maintaining constant BHP. If you have no back-pressure valve above the washout, the process is easily accomplished by maintaining your DPP constant by bleeding off the extra DPP through the choke at intervals.

Also, visit and contribute to unsual questions section. Hello Sir I have a question. Hope to see a reply soon Ques 1 If during shut in the SIDPP is increasing and inspite of kill mud insertion it keeps on increasing what could be the possible reason?

If well is shut in and inspite of kill mud insertion as influx migrates upwards in annulus. SO increase in Hydrostatic head due to Closed well upward migration of influx is negated by increase in hydrostatic head of string due to kill mud insertion but negation is less in this case.

Like our website on facebook if you like answer. ALso if your query is not solved let us know we would try to make our answer more illustrative. Best regards Nawaf Senior drilling supervisor. My quest is — using volumetric method to kill a kick no DP in the hole after bleeding the gas keeping formation pressure close to BHP ,what will be the next steps to kill the well?

Dear rodger I was worked with you in Kuwait that time you r driller I am now working in n d c in abu dhabi. I have a question. Now lets say we drill 1 foot and get a kick. This is where I get confused. But how can this happen because the choke was WIDE OPEN when we took the CLF and we had psi on the pump and now we are circulating through the exact same flow path at the exact same rate 30 SPM with effectively no change in the well depth or geometry.

Your concern is totally logical. Very few people think this much in exploration industry. I am pleased to answer your query. What we follow in general practice is because of some assumptions and approximations. To clear the confusion first look at what we generally do without considering choke. Please read step by step even if it looks trivial.

One part of pressure loss is in drill string and another part is in annulus side. At shut in condition well is under control. Theoretically we should keep: Here we assume that maximum part of the pressure loss is in drill string and the extra annulus side pressure loss is kept over BHP.

Practically we maintain higher ICP than required: Theoretically, during circulation for well killing BHP should be same as at well shut in.

Recently I wanted to calculate the upforce from the well in accordance to the stringweight in relation to stripping. I came out with this formula: So, its area is same as that of a circle.

Drilling Mud Density Formula No. August 3, at 3: August 5, at 6: June 26, at October 4, at February 21, at 4: February 24, at 5: May 4, at 4: May 2, at 4: October 16, at 9: February 25, at 8: May 9, at 2: May 10, at 2: October 7, at 6: October 11, at 2: October 12, at March 18, at 4: March 18, at 6: August 16, at 6: September 4, at 5: May 2, at 5: March 26, at 7: March 30, at 2: March 31, at May 20, at 1: May 24, at 6: June 18, at 3: June 18, at 5: November 24, at November 25, at 5: Nawaf AL Ahmed says: January 2, at 6: February 7, at 5: The graphic designer in me started to notice the stunning colors and textures of healthy food.

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