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One of your people are black mailing me and probably a bunch of others.

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Steal passwords, credit card information, bank information. Tuesday, June 28, BTW, would you please tell me where you live in? Okay we are in the same city, but let's get to know each other a little bit first, then i will give you my address. I'm Brenda Conner, 28 and just looking to meet new people and go out. I'm on my laptop now, I just took a pic for you right now Some of the emails I got are absurd I am truly glad you and I have struck it off so well. I have been quite reluctant to meet somebody thru on-line classifieds, but the fact that I have already found someone like you on my first try really changes my opinion about the whole internet dating thing again!

I signed up for a website a while-back and it really turned me away since the guy I found from it lied about every thing and then would not leave me alone for weeks, entire creep! I would like you to get my phone number, just verify real fast here http: I would hate to hookup with a minor or even worse some kind of sex offender or something.

There are lot's of ads with information how to protect your self. Can you use a credit card as ID to buy booze in a store or get into a nightclub? And a credit card does not have any way to check a person's criminal background Don't put your credit card number on any site - you will be charged or your number will be stolen.

The only reason anyone wants your number is to max out your card Do you really think a site that is less than 10 days old that hides its registry details is going to be legit? Its one of the most popular methods being used at this time to make money off of singles. The age verification scam is used for more then just escort type ads. While many women do name and e-mail searches on Google for a little impromptu background check, age verification for dating is a bit much and not on the agenda.

Be on the look out for it, nobody REAL has any legal reason to check your age. Hi name Raymond Martinez n I'm 52yrs. Old just here looking for nsa fun with women who are looking for the same thing.

Another is Safety Arrangement www. Cost me bucks. Realised the second time they tried it at least, but they're persistent. The operators of the sites are not known for their superior customer service. PW, is registered privately, in Panama. Here is one such site:.

It appears that the scammers copy the code from one site to another. The iframe programming command redirected you to the hidden website. Lets look deeper in to one of the sites cnvst. This site is registered to Vlad Bugariu in Cyprus. Vlad Bulgariu seems to be quite the entrepreneur. He has 33 websites registered with his name on it. One of the tricks the company does, is to ask for additional information when canceling a subscription.

An unresolved, credit card dispute. It is easy to detect, I can go to the same page from my land-line connected internet, and from my cell phone at the same time and get two different locations. The do this with a geolocation service. PW claims to have been in business since The site was initially registered in March, This is not the start of a beautiful friendship. Casablanca and Cyprus are a long way off. It is not safe. It is a scam. If this seems like a complicated set up, you got that right.

The rabbit hole goes even deeper, because the dating site where you typed your information, is really a front end for a White Label Dating Services site. Tinder, Badoo, and Craigslist — Matrix of a Scam. I just spend the time here to expose and explain, so readers will know what they are dealing with, and be able to apply that information as the travel the roads of the Internet.

I would love to hear from anybody to see what their experiences are with any of the sites, or Kasho Holdings. You can comment below, or send me a private message in the strictest of confidence.

Amy Kristen sends an email for you to get verified. The domain name was registered anonymously in October Here are some of the quick things to watch for on Craigslist, or any internet forum for that matter. For additional information, you can visit the FBI, which has additional behaviors of the typical scammer. Safe Dating Network was registered anonymously in the Bahamas on October 21, Their website claims to have been in business since I date asia seems to be a white label dating site, so I would not classify the same as the shell sites that sign you up for white label and porn sites.

That said, I would not bother with the site. The owner has chosen to stay anonymous, and these sites have very little to offer that is unique. Ronin I feel affirmed having visited this site. I have recognized all the earmarks of the scammers and avoided them. I guess my questions are; Are there real people on Cl?

So how did you discover that they were escorts and not fake robotic scammers? I have only encountered the latter.

I wish I had done my homework. I actually called to cancel my subscription with one of these fake sites.

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