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FlirtBuddies is a catchy name. The first step requires you to state your gender along with that of the match that you are seeking.

What We Found in Our Review


This kind of websites are creating fake dating profiles of women mainly for two reasons:. Next in line are the fraudulent emails. Basically, the emails you receive are automatically sent to all free members on the site. The goal is to convince you that you need to pay for a membership in order to move forward. But, some inexperienced members may actually believe that those women are interested in them and want to communicate with them.

This fraud should not last long either, since if you try to reply to a conversation or start a new chat with someone, you will start receiving vague, thoughtless responses if any at all. This fact is a proof that the site uses software programs to lure you into paying. Just in case you want to double check, here is another proof listed in the terms of use section on FlirtBuddies. We do not recommend this dating service to anyone, and we encourage you to spread the word and warn your friends about the conning fashion in which this site operates.

We hope that we provided you with some useful information and that you like our review. Your email address will not be published. I wasn't able to locate anything in our database under the email address [redacted]. As soon as I have the necessary information I can assist further. The membership was already cancelled. Please allow business days for the credit to show up on the account, depending on the bank. Customer service reps do not have authority to give refunds, and they escalate to managers who can refund members.

The member has been refunded Please allow business days for the refund to be credited to your account, depending on the bank. I will wait until for the business to perform this action and, if it does, will consider this complaint resolved. As soon as I have the necessary information I can assist A refund has been processed for the membership. I could not locate any notes that the member contacted customer service to change sites for change of location. Please allow business days for the credit to reflect on the account.

I do appreciate the company refunding my money from one of their online processors. Their other online processor has been billing me as well and would like that money refunded as well. Because the member was unhappy with his membership, we have refunded him for all money paid for his membership. Have you had any experience with this company? Share it by adding a review!

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