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Lou Ella Hickman Sr. Margherita Marchione Sri Lanka Ss. Simon and Jude Cathedral St. Angela of Foligno St. Anthony of Padua St. Benedict of Nursia St. Here, we are not given the luxury of knowing what she is really thinking. That's were the tension comes from. I don't think we ever truly know what the heroine is actually feeling - is she acting, is she falling in love with Mr Yee? Or is it maybe a mixture of both?

Over the course of a little under three hours I don't think we ever truly know. In the same way, we know practically nothing about Mr Yee - his actions, what he is feeling. We only know what is TOLD us, what is spoken about by the troupe of resistance fighters, what they believe - that he is a collaborator and torturer.

Only once, I think, does Mr Yee talk about it. Is this dishonest of the makers of Lust, Caution? Or do we really NEED to see it? Maybe it's not important. After all, Wong Chia Chi never sees it so why should we? This is her tale. The first real clues to Mr Yee's true nature become blisteringly apparent in the first time they have 'sex' - a scene of such brutal ferocity that it gave me a knot in my stomach - he beats her with his belt and rapes her.

For the audience, it's very easy to see the corrupting monster he is from this scene. Maybe this is how he has treated his female captives? It's not hard to imagine. But for the naive innocent Wong Chia Chi, I think it's entirely possible to imagine her seeing this brutal act as making love - how would she know any different? She's no Mata Hari or Alicia Huberman. She doesn't know men. Even after a second viewing, I'm still undecided if I really like Lust Caution.

I certainly find it hard to engage with the main characters. Ultimately, the ambiguity of the heroine's motivations and the inscrutable characterisation of Mr Yee, not only alienates much of the audience but also leaves the film open to accusations of immorality - is this really a love story?

And if so, do we empathise with a woman who is very likely in love with a monster? I'm inclined to hope not! Wong Chia Chi is an actress but, even more than that, an innocent. I would say that, by the end of the story, she has become a little infatuated with inscrutable Mr Yee and her naivete means she makes a terrible decision that proves to be everyone's downfall. Whether he is in love with her is an irrelevance almost.

If she - or we, the audience for that matter - were shown Mr Yee's crimes, this would be a very different story. Motivations would be black and white. Whether this would have made it a better film or easier to understand is a moot point. I do feel though, it would have been an easier film to forget. Lust, Caution is a film of epic proportions. Every aspect of filmmaking reaches the kind of quality that makes me want to poke my eyes out when I have to watch the gross of the modern-day production at the theater.

Lust, Caution has everything down: It has all the spirit of a classic, even despite its rather explicit sexual content which might make it less accessible to massive audiences. In the future, though, I'm sure it will be appreciated for what it truly is and people will choose to see it for its quality and its emotional force, regardless of whether they feel awkward about its NC aspects.

I know just about nothing about the context here, which is the Japanese occupation in China, but the message came across clearly. The plot, in itself, is quite complicated and I feel it's useless to write it down here, mainly because I would hardly say that's L,C's principal attractive.

Most importantly, at the core of the film, is a torrid, mainuplative, violent affair between Tang Wei's character and Tony Leung's. She has to get close enough to kill him, and the way to get there is too often through encounters in hotels where they don't speak to each other, they just But what could be more tragic, inconvenient, and impossible than that?

Ang Lee's film has the strength of a space rocket. The emotional tension between characters and situations is such that an audience can become deeply involved in it, forget the outside world so to speak. Lee makes some not very likeable characters into people with souls and horrible conflicts.

In that sense, it would be easy to catalog Lust, Caution as a tragedy, rather than a drama: Beneath the political and moral implications, there's a huge problem worthy of Greek theater: The girl has to be around the man knowing that she can't be as emotionally close as she wants to, knowing that any false step would make him kill her, and yet completely aware of the fact that she wouldn't have it any other way.

I'm very surprised I didn't like this movie more. It's all beautifully shot, acted, and scored, but after the first hour, the deliberately slow pace disengaged me. It's a fascinating concept - falling in love with a man you're attempting to kill, a brutal man at that.

The ending is killer, but I wanted to see more of Wong Chia Chi's emotional transformation up to the moment she betrays the resistance. Her one monologue is merely a teaser. More Top Movies Trailers Forums. Apocalypse Better Call Saul: Season 4 Castle Rock: Season 1 The Deuce: Season 2 Fear the Walking Dead: Season 3 The Walking Dead: Weekend Box Office Results: View All Photos In his own address Weber provides an overview of Jewish-Zionist power and its enormous impact on American society and the world.

The German soldiers of World War II have often been portrayed, both during the war and in the decades since, as simple-minded, unimaginative and brutish High-ranking British military figures were similarly impressed with the skill, tenacity and daring of their adversaries. Serious politics is about power At our March 19 IHR meeting, the Trump phenomenon, and what it means for our future, was the focus of well-presented talks by several speakers, and a lively exchange of views during an open discussion session.

This gathering — the first IHR event of the new year — brought together men and women who also enjoyed food, drink and good fellowship. During I conducted dozens of broadcast interviews with US and overseas media, appearing as a guest on radio and television broadcasts to talk about topical and historical issues.

But rarely has a major American political figure given a speech as loaded with brazen falsehood as Franklin Roosevelt did in his Navy Day address of October 27, … Roosevelt went on to reveal that he also had in his possession "another document made in Germany by Hitler's government. It is a detailed plan to abolish all existing religions -- Catholic, Protestant, Mohammedan, Hindu, Buddhist, and Jewish alike" which Germany will impose "on a dominated world, if Hitler wins.

Nine-Eleven would not have occurred if the U. Few express this conclusion publicly, but many believe it is the truth. The Balfour Declaration may be the most extraordinary document produced by any government in world history.

It took the form of a letter from the government of the largest empire the world has even known to an international financier of the banking house of Rothschild who had been made a peer of the realm … Malcolm's belief in the Balfour Declaration as a means of bringing the United States into the war was confirmed by Samuel Landman, secretary to the Zionist leaders Weizmann and Sokolow, and later secretary of the World Zionist Organization.

As we shall see, it does not hold up under close examination The three Allied leaders accomplished what they accused the Axis leaders of Germany, Italy and Japan of conspiring to achieve: Presidential deception to justify war did not start with George W.

Americans who express admiration for the US role in World War II, and for Franklin Roosevelt's presidential leadership, have little moral right to complain when presidents follow his example and lead the country into war by breaking the law, subverting the Constitution, and lying to the people. Translation of the complete text, with a foreword by Mark Weber. Even many of those who readily acknowledge the tremendous influence of American film and television seem not to fully comprehend the formidable scope of the power behind Hollywood, or the outlook and agenda of those who wield that power Although it claims to promote "tolerance," and makes a pretense of concern for humanity, the Center's real agenda is a narrowly Jewish-Zionist one.

The Wiesenthal Center is a staunch supporter of Israel and its Jewish supremacist regime. In Andernach about 50, [German] prisoners of all ages were held in an open field surrounded by barbed wire.

The women were kept in a separate enclosure that I did not see until later. The men I guarded had no shelter and no blankets. Many had no coats. They slept in the mud, wet and cold, with inadequate slit trenches for excrement I encountered a captain on a hill above the Rhine shooting down at a group of German civilian women with his.

When I asked, "Why? The first and major tactic that I discovered in their attack on me was their reliance on lies -- just straight-up lies.

Many of the categories that I will enumerate overlap, and many of them could also come under this general rubric of telling lies. But I think that if one had to isolate a single tactic, it was a tactic of telling lies.

Revisionism as applied to World War II and its origins as also for previous wars has the general function of bringing historical truth to an American and a world public that had been drugged by wartime lies and propaganda Revisionism brings to the artificial frenzy of daily events and day-to-day propaganda, the cool but in the last analysis glorious light of historical truth.

Such truth is almost desperately needed in today's world. Fascism was touted by Mussolini as a unique combination of thought and action, yet fascism was still seeking an ideology after the Second World War was over.

The roots of fascism are many and complex. The fascist leadership, notably Mussolini, admitted the multi-faceted influences of liberalism, marxism, syndicalism, risorgimento, socialism, catholicism and nationalism on their ideology. To deal with the massive unemployment and economic paralysis of the Great Depression, both the US and German governments launched innovative and ambitious programs.

It is these contacts that resulted in an appeal to the Soviet government, requesting that it should send food parcels for our officers and men. We are prepared to fulfill and comply with the norms of the Geneva convention, Moscow said in its reply, but sending food in the given situation and under fascist control is the same as making presents to the enemy … How great was Stalin's hatred for those who had found themselves behind enemy lines.

It made no difference: Even the dead were considered to be criminals. America today is a society in denial. The country's political, cultural and intellectual leadership -- both liberal and conservative -- denies social reality and ignores the historical record, and therefore inevitably betrays the interests of the people, leading America down a path that means ever greater anxiety and ever more rapid decline The crying need in our nation today is candor, courage and truthfulness -- not childish slogans, simplistic nostrums, or wishful thinking about a mythologized past or a utopian future -- presented by media personalities who are little more than entertainers.

Here's a look at a few of the many remarks falsely attributed to Hitler and other top Nazis. Websense company, a major US supplier of web content filtering software, says that the Institute for Historical Review promotes "racism and hate," and blocks access to the IHR website, on the basis of an unfair standard that deceives the public and its own customers.

This essay focuses on Roosevelt's secret campaign to provoke war in Europe prior to the outbreak of hostilities in September It deals particularly with his efforts to pressure Britain, France and Poland into war against Germany in and Franklin Roosevelt not only criminally involved America in a war that had already engulfed Europe, he bears a grave responsibility for the outbreak of the most destructive war of all time.

This paper relies heavily on a little-known collection of secret Polish documents that fell into German hands when Warsaw was captured in September These revealing documents also confirm the crucial role of Jewish power and influence on US foreign policy during these years. If I'm known for anything as a historian, apart from being a pain in the neck, it's because I uncover things.

Now what a scandalous statement that is! Here's the one country, Germany, trying to prevent anwar and the other country -- Roosevelt, neutral -- trying to fan the flames of anti-German feeling to fuel the war.

Germany's enemies maintain today [] that Adolf Hitler is the greatest disturber of peace known to history, that he threatens every nation with sudden attack and oppression, that he has created a terrible war machine in order to bring misery and devastation everywhere.

At the same time they intentionally conceal an all-important fact: They themselves compelled him to seek to obtain at last by the use of force that which he had been striving to gain by persuasion from the beginning: A quick look at the most important events provides incontrovertible proof of this.

The news that I would be addressing the Institute of Historical Review came to some people as, well, news. The editors of two conservative magazines called and wrote me to express their concern that I might damage my reputation, such as it is, by speaking to "Holocaust deniers.

In short, the Holocaust has become a device for exempting Jews from normal human obligations. It has authorized them to bully and blackmail, to extort and oppress. This is all quite irrational, because even if six million Jews were murdered during World War II, the survivors are not entitled to commit the slightest injustice. A Zionist Jew, by definition, owes his primary loyalty to the Jewish community and to Israel.

Zionism is not compatible with patriotism to any country or entity other than Israel and the world Jewish community Zionist Jews and their non-Jewish supporters embrace a blatant double standard. Jewish-Zionist organizations, along with their non-Jewish allies, support one social-political ideology for Israel and the world Jewish community, and a completely different one for the United States and other non-Jewish countries.

They insist that ethnic nationalism is evil and bad for non-Jews, while at the same time they vigorously support ethnic nationalism -- that is, Zionism -- for Jews. Jews played a highly disproportionate and probably decisive role in the infant Bolshevik regime, effectively dominating the Soviet government during its early years With the notable exception of Lenin, most of the leading Communists who took control of Russia in were Jews The US ambassador in Russia warned in a dispatch to Washington: America's leaders understood Japan's desperate position: If the US leadership had not insisted on unconditional surrender -- that is, if they had made clear a willingness to permit the Emperor to remain in place -- the Japanese very likely would have surrendered immediately, thus saving many thousands of lives General Curtis LeMay, who had pioneered precision bombing of Germany and Japan and who later headed the Strategic Air Command and served as Air Force chief of staff , put it most succinctly: By supporting Israel and its policies, the United States betrays not only its own national interests, but the principles it claims to embody and defend.

The only country in the world that has a nuclear weapons arsenal, that occupies territory of its neighbors, and which is in violation of United Nations Security Council resolutions - is Israel. In fact, if the United States were to hold Israel to the same standards that it has applied to Iraq, Serbia, and other countries, American bombers and missiles would be blasting Tel Aviv, and American troops would seize Israel's leaders and punish them for war crimes and crimes against humanity.

So if the official reasons given for the war were untrue, why did the United States attack? Whatever the secondary reasons for the Iraq war, the crucial factor in President Bush's decision to attack was to help Israel. With support from Israel and America's Jewish-Zionist lobby, and prodded by Jewish "neo-conservatives" holding high-level positions in his administration, President Bush -- who was already fervently committed to Israel -- resolved to invade and subdue one of Israel's chief regional enemies.

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