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So Why Did I Create This Highster Mobile Review?

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YI Cloud YI Cloud offers loop-recording with no storage limit, so even if your YI Home Camera is stolen or damaged, your footage will still be secure and accessible on the cloud. Advanced Technology View larger. Supercharged Two-Way Audio The built-in ultra-responsive microphone allows you to have smooth stable conversations through the YI Home App, wherever you are. Class 4 and above, G Memory Card Cloud: Standard, and Premium plan available Local: Standard, and Premium plan available Supported App Mobile: Compare with similar items.

White Product Dimensions 3. Technical Specification User Manual [pdf ]. For warranty information about this product, please click here. Feedback If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support?

Would you like to tell us about a lower price? See questions and answers. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. Read reviews that mention cameras video motion setup card wifi alerts view detection connect support update feature image recording features alert record install cam. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Camera platform functions well and video quality really is good considering the price point.

Then I read the privacy policy!!! For some reason, I overlooked the reviews related to this prior to purchase. There is specific language within the policy to allow permissions to view your video, track web usage and passwords, even related to social media accounts.

YI advised they were changing this back in December of As of March , nothing has changed within the privacy policy. I thought these cameras were great. Then I read the privacy agreement. They give themselves the right to track All of your web browsing, logins and passwords. How many times you visit websites. They can also view, record and share your footgage.

With in minutes of installing, the camera began sending back information on the wifi without permission or prompting, I thought the reviews saying that the company was collecting personal data were wrong however they seem to be totally true.

There is absolutely no reason that this camera should not be able to work without a live internet connection. Bought this to monitor our front door while away on a trip. Delivery of the item was on time and I got it set up on my android phone in less than a half hour. We bought a 32GB micro SD card for it and positioned the camera to view outside the office window towards our front porch and the picture is very clear at all times of the day!

I am also able to view more than the 6 second clip if I want to watch the full footage of the movement. It is easy to save the 6 second clip to the SD card; however it doesn't save the full footage.

But I found out that if I leave that clip in that day's activities then I can still view the footage. I have set both the sensitivity and alert frequency settings to low and it still picks up passing vehicles but I am okay with that since I am able to delete the unneeded clips easily.

I am amazed and pleased that I can be hundreds of miles away and still be able to monitor my front porch. And it's considerably cheaper than the Ring or Nest products. I am very pleased with this product!!! I heard about the updates and the ridiculous privacy policy, but I read them carefully during and after installation and didn't see anything alarming. After the return date passed, then the dreaded update came. Just skimming it, the policy seemed like a joke - no one could possibly be alright with all of your information being tracked and maintained indefinitely by multiple parties.

I was forced to accept it simply to remove the camera from my account to able to give it away. Huge waste of time and money. I also wonder if the updates are set to wait until you can no longer return it. The seller is a pain in the ss emailing daily begging for feedback.

I just received my replacement, plugged it in and within 30 minutes the new one did the same thing. It stinks like burnt circuit board. If I could give this product 0 stars I would. I loved the camera, it worked perfectly for a few days until it started to smell. It was headache inducing and filled the room. Maybe our is a dud? Do Not Use as a Surveillance camera! Whenever they update their software they make you agree to their terms all over again! If you say 'no' then the camera will no longer work until you agree again!

Their PC software times out on purpose. You think you are looking at a live picture from several feet away but they paused it without your permission and you are looking at something from hours ago. You have to be next to the screen to see it was paused. So much for security or a baby monitor. See all 2, reviews.

See all customer images. Most recent customer reviews. Published 5 hours ago. Published 9 hours ago. Published 22 hours ago. Published 1 day ago. Don't buy this unless you have an Android smart phone or tablet.

Published 2 days ago. Published 4 days ago. Amazon Giveaway allows you to run promotional giveaways in order to create buzz, reward your audience, and attract new followers and customers. Learn more about Amazon Giveaway. Well After going through what I went through I came up with the idea of this review site as I thought there must be other people out there that were having the same difficulty that I was having.

Learn more about me here at the About me section of this site. Okay, so the main reason I needed this is as you probably know by now, I wanted to keep an eye on my kids and what they were up to online. Mainly at the time I got this mobile spy app my biggest worry was my 14 year old daughter.

She had fallen into what I like to refer to as the wrong crowd. She was going through that stage where she would defy everything my wife and I asked of her, even if was going to benefit her. Anyway what put us over the edge and got us looking for a spy app was that after school she needed to catch 2 buses to get home. To start with, that was irresponsible and upset us but we were also worried where she was and how she intended on getting home.

Now all these things are pretty typical for a teenager but this was all new to us and we believed it was down to her new choice in friends. The next time about 2 days later she did the same thing and this time she stumbled as she came through the front door, giggling and decided to go straight to her room.

I ended up confronting her to have it out and get to the bottom of it and was shocked to discover she was drunk and wreaked of pot smoke. So now she was drinking after school with god knows who and smoking the green stuff. My wife and I hit the roof and told her she was not to see her friends anymore and I would take time off work to collect her from school the next day.

As you could imagine this did not go down real well at all. Then later that night at around 1am we heard her talking on her mobile with someone. We asked her who she was talking to that late and she bluntly refused to answer. So the next day came around and she went off to school feeling rather ill and so she should being drunk the day before.

Then in the afternoon I rocked up at the school to pick them up. To my discussed she was not there and I was told by her teacher that she had been missing most of the day. I had no idea on what was going on and I asked her teacher to point out her new friends or were they missing as well. Now as you could imagine they had also left as well. Things were progressively getting worse so after talking to my wife and looking online for some advice from forums I ended up more confused about what to do than ever.

Now after about another month of wasting money on these things and banging my head against a wall, the late night calls continued and the non school attendance got worse.

I ended up chatting to my good friend and work colleague who had 2 young daughters that had been a handful for him and asked how the hell did he handle it and what he recommended. He ended up telling me about a spy app called Highster Mobile that allowed him to monitor his teenagers by checking on there social profiles, friends, calls they made and also he could even track them via a GPS tracker.

I told him I had tried similar things and none of them worked. He assured me this one was different and the best part it was completely undetectable so my daughter would not know I was checking in on her. I thought this was a great idea and decided to give it a try. When she was in the shower I installed it on her phone and hid the app so it was not visible, it came with very easy instructions and took all of 2 minutes to setup.

First of we read the messages from our own private dashboard and discovered it was some boy she was meeting and they planned to leave school and meet up. What was even worse was he said in the message that he would pick her up.

I saw red as this meant he was over 18 as he could drive. The next day I called in sick and used the GPS tracker to see where she was. I ended up finding her at one of her frineds older brothers house and they were all sitting around drinking and smoking.

I literally lost the plot as this guy was over 21 and had a place of his own, he was supplying them with illegal drugs, alcohol and buying them cigarettes. Now you guessed it I grounded my daughter and made sure I was at school watching her each afternoon for some time. He never showed up again and I even confiscated her mobile from her and grounded her for quite some time. My wife and I ended up moving around 3 months later and my daughter spent atleast 2 months hating the both of us but eventually she started to straighten out.

It took some work but she eventually met some nicer kids and we still use the app on her phone and tablet as well as our other kids that are still to hit there teenage years. So there a quick rundown of the reason why I needed the Highster Mobile app and what happened. They may seem all good but do you really know what goes on when your not there? Highster Mobile Pro, to lay it out as straight forward as possible is a mobile phone tracking and spying app.

It allows you to track every possible activity that takes place on the target phone. Click here for features or scroll down to see the full list of feature available.

So lets get into the review. Now I have tried and used quite a few different apps and when push comes to shove I recommend Highster Mobile for 3 major reasons. All the features work and still work to this day. With Highster Mobile you get absolutely everything, all the features, private dashboard, the app download link, a license key, support and the step by step instructions as well.

So if you have been investigating which cell spy app to try then I recommend you try Highster Mobile. If you would like to ask me anything about the Highster Mobile App at all just go to my Contact me page and I will help as best I can. If you found this information helpful then do me a huge favor and please hit the share and like buttons below to spread the word.

Its been a life saver for me and I know it will be for many other people as well. So help get the word out so I can try and help as many people as possible. Now continue on with the review. The pest part about Highster Mobile is that it works on every cell phone, tablet or iPad in existence.

It is compatible with more phones than any other out there and works on every provider in the world. It even works on all prepaid phones as well which is a real plus as my youngest children all have prepaid cell phones. This was important to me because as you may already be aware I have 4 children and they have plenty of different devices. My 2 Youngest Daughters — One has a phone which is an Android and they both have Samsung mini tabs as well.

So as you can see I needed a cell spy app that could do all of these and be fairly simple to get up and running. When I first got Highster I felt it was most important to have it on my eldest daughters phone. Now it did require that I jail broke the phone first which was pretty easy when using a particular software. The software I used to do this is called Apple Unlocker.

After I did that, the steps to install the app were as follows: For Full detailed instructions see here. Step 1 — Purchase a license and then I was told to use the target phone and search for a particular link Which they gave me after I purchased.

Step 2 — I then entered in the new license key and hit the go button. Simple enough and the license details were emailed to me plus all the instructions as well. Step 3 — I then followed the few basic prompts, entered in an email address and phone number that I wanted the data sent to. Step 4 — I saved my settings and followed the last step to hide the app completely. From there I got an email with a URL to my own personal unique dashboard, this allowed me to log in from anywhere and see all the data the the app had collected for me.

From in there I was able to use all the cool features that are on offer. You can even install the app by transferring the app from your PC to the target device using a USB cable. I personally found this little tricky because I could not get access to the target phone for that long. I found that my favorite features were the Facebook spying and the GPS tracking. Then it occurred to me that I need this app on my own phone. Well I have a tendency to lose my phone or lets call it misplace it.

So I figured I could install it on my phone and use the GPS tracker to locate my phone whenever it got misplaced. This is just another reason why I recommend the Highster App. Well you will be very happy to know that the installation on an Android device was exactly the sames but without the need to jailbreak the target phone.

They gave me great instructions that were very easy to follow because they were set out in a step by step fashion. So when it comes to downloading and installing the Highster Mobile Spy App I found it quite easy and the fact that it works on all phones and with all providers was a real relief. Testing the features of highster mobile: As soon as I installed it onto my daughters phone I sent her a message to see where she was and then she replied back.

I went onto my dashboard and all the messages were there and in the correct order, with dates, times and whom from and to. Even better was that whenever my daughter had deleted a message or a call log I was still able to access this information from within my personal dashboard, so I got notified of absolutely every activity on the target phone whether it was deleted or not.

Now when she was asleep I managed to get into her phone and to do this I used a bluetooth scanner which comes with Highster Mobile.

This enabled me to get her password. Anyway once I was in I made a call, checked some websites and sent a message as well. After I had done this I checked to see if I was receiving all the data, which I was. The best part was not matter how hard I tried I could not see any signs that the target phone was being spied on.

To learn about all the features you can read the rest of the review below where I cover each of the features in detail, I also discuss some of the good point and bad points about this app. The development team has tried to include every possible feature that you would require.

Its literally like having your only personal Spy Detective keeping you informed on just about any piece of information that you would like to learn about the target phone that the Highster Mobile is installed on.

The Highster Spy Mobile App is run in real time with no delay at all so the information you can access is exactly what is happening 24 hrs a day. See below for the full list of features that Highster Mobile provides:. This Phone Monitoring App is a one of a kind software with its above feature there is no other software that can do all this and remain completely cloaked so every aspect of the HighsterMobile program is undetectable.

With new features being added constantly I will try to come back on a regular basis and add to this list. So to give you a run down on the benefits with this cell phone spy software Highster Mobile I thought I would give you the things that have benefited me over the course of the time that I have used it.

Using this spy app allows us the peace of mind knowing that our 14 year old daughter is safe and where she should be. For me and my wife we use this to make sure our children are getting to and from school on time and safely with the GPS tracking that it comes with plus it helps us in the way where my eldest has to travel to and from her dance classes that are over an hour away.

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