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Overview of the RomanceTale Dating Site in 2018 [Updated February 2018]

I had to rush when completing the questionnaire so I skipped several important questions about my dating preferences that influenced the quality of my matches.

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Romancetale Dating Site

Not anything sexual, but just something from the moment. They almost all will reply quickly with a photo of some sort. Then I ask if they just took that and the response is usually "yes". Now I simply ask them for another photo, but with a specific pose, like blowing me a kiss or holding up the peace symbol or whatever.

This is when you'd better be prepared to hang on to your shorts because you are likely going to get blasted! And the reason is simple, they cannot send you that selfie because that person in the photo you just received is not the person you are chatting with, and now they are not happy because they have just been exposed. I've even gotten a couple of them to admit it to me it wasn't them in the photo.

Sorry if you don't think that's fair, but it's been my experience that there are just as many people out there trying to scam you as not. And you don't have to trick them if you don't like that. Just ask them for a selfie with a specific pose. They cannot provide one when they are not the one in the pictures your looking at. They may tell you their phone doesn't work or they don't have a camera in their phone.

That's OK, just be patient and ask them to use a friends phone, or whatever. This really isn't a big request and almost all of them should be able to comply if they are legitimate.

I have also found two women on RT that have two different profiles. Same women, different pictures, different profiles.

I actually got one of these gals if they are gals to admit this to me as well. There is nothing on this site that doesn't benefit RT, and I believe it's obvious that the person representing these women are employees of RT. I have asked RT customer service to look into my concerns about the issues I've discussed above, to date all I've gotten back is that they continue to check into things.

And BTW, usually when you are chatting with someone from there customer care you are chatting with someone from the Ukraine. It took me a while but I was finally able to get one of their representatives to tell me that.

This site preys on your emotions and I believe these people are trained in how to deceive you and tamper with those emotions. It's usually not a good idea to make sound decisions with emotions. That's all I have. Romance Tale reminds of other dating sites that are popular on the Internet now but the only one difference is that you get many more replies. This is the only one dating service I can trust.

I have a job that does not allow me to meet people go out with friends and flirt. I read about RT and it seemed like a nice place to spend time. I registered which was free, added my photo, filled a profile.

During the first day that I spent online, I got about 30 messages. I was very happy to open my message box and answer. To my surprise, I got messages from girls as well. It was nice because I do not have friends so chatting with girls was also interesting. I like some people here and hope that one day we can meet in real.

Romance tale is a clone of Victoria Brides. Both sites use pictures of professionally made up and photographed attractive ladies. However , you are NOT communicating with the person in the pictures.

I know this for a fact. A friend of mine's pictures were used without her knowledge or approval. Using a few of the free credits provided when you first join I communicated with this person and it most definitely was not my friend. You are being scammed. This is a nice dating site with beautiful girls who are positive and happy to chat. Even if you don't look for a serious relationship, I'm sure you will find this website very entertaining.

This is a nice place to chat with girls. I can't believe someone can be so serious about building a serious relationship and getting married. If you don't mind to pay for chats and emails, then I think it's a good option to stay in touch with people, chat, discuss something, exchange photos but not hoping to find a wife! The price of a postage stamp only. Of course, that is if the biggest two-letter word in the English language you have their actual mailing address. These sites are rigged that way.

You will probably have to cancel your credit card. That cannot be done. It's designed to suck cash out of your bank account. Write a Review Ask a Question Share. They do not care Helpful answer 0 Votes Thanks for voting! So what does it cost in money to send a letter? See all answers 1. How can i cancel my account on romancetale when their support doesnt communicate with me? How to chat without money or credit card in romancetale. How can I locate Angu Jiang?

I dont think asking for an image of my passport or ID card is necessary to confirm my identity. Your site is robbery. Why is Limassol, Cyprus on the credit cards from Romancetale. Get answers from the Romancetale staff and other customers.

How long does shipping take? What is the return policy? Where is the company located? About Romancetale from the business Description. For more than ten years of working in online dating, we have connected thousands of men and women who wanted to start a serious relationship. So we are totally confident about our ability to provide premium dating services of exceptional quality. RomanceTale offers modern means of communication, such as instant messaging and video calls.

Our members can share photos and videos and send real flowers and gifts to each other. The procedure of account deactivation is rather simple. You need to write a simple message to the support specialists in which you ask them to delete your account. As I mentioned earlier, you can do it by using the Contact Us form or just sending them an e-mail.

As this site cares about its clients, the support specialist will ask you to explain why you want to leave. And if your reason is dissatisfaction with the services provided or conflicts with other members, they will try to solve the problem. After these efforts, it will ultimately be up to you to decide to give this site one more chance or to leave it forever. When the support team deletes your account from the site, you will get a notification.

If you want to come back for whatever reason, you can also recover your account at any time. There are a few issues with RomanceTale. Getting customer support can take as long as ten minutes sometimes. This also revealed the occasional technical glitch on the website. For those who claim that they are part of a scam, all I can say is that a true scam would have fluent English speakers. A lot of these girls are limited to basic English.

My inner circle of ladies does remember details about me. A true scam would not have ladies discussing meetings. Yet my ladies are openly discussing that option with me now. There is no other place where you can meet so many beautiful ladies. I do not understand, how it is possible to issue a subscription in fraudulent way and to seize money? Delirium of some kind Great site. Yes, there are paid services, but nobody forces you to pay. So this is my personal choice, I have already made my own.

With the right people I have already got acquaintances. Very good site about which I thought so not right away, because I was initially a little scared by the long and complicated registration procedure, but after I finally decided to do it, in the process it seemed that I even like to go through all the stages of registration.

And after the registration, I did not spend a couple of minutes on the site, as I was showered with offers with friendship, from which I singled out a few interesting options and communicate with them to this day.

Very good site about which I thought so not right away, because I was initially a little scared by the long and complicated registration procedure, but after I finally decided to do it, in the process it seemed that I even like to go through all the.

Recent Dating Sites Reviews Want to find love online? It is a free notification which lets the lady know that you are interested in her. To continue communication you can send emails, exchange instant messages in live chat, call the lady by phone or to invite her to video chat. Also, you can send virtual gifts to those ladies you find attractive or you can make your communication more offline and send them real presents and flowers.

If you feel that you lack information on the lady and you want to see how she behaves you can always watch video shows.

This service allows you to watch home videos featuring the lady. Unfortunately, not all the girls upload such short movies to the site. So, if you want to see the lady you can ask for a Date — a face-to-face meeting with a girl in her hometown or in a local office.

The site helps you to schedule the meeting, to arrange a date. Also, it provides you with an interpreter. Hot Asian women , young girls, mature ladies — these categories of women are waiting for their destiny and for the love of their lives on the site. Whenever you enter the site you can be sure that around members will be active and some of them would be glad to talk to you. To find a woman to start a conversation with you can look through the list of currently active ladies or you can check the list of the newest members.

In addition, to keep the track of interaction under control you can add ladies on the list of favorites and also you can see who added you to such list. In online dating high-quality profiles play the key role. The more information you share — the more chances you get to meet your perfect match.

According to RomanceTale reviews , the site analyzes data you disclosed in your profile and provide you with a few matches that might attract your attention. Hence, you can select ladies among those who match you. Or you can apply a different strategy. As the ladies answer a lot of questions considering their age, appearance, interests, hobbies, goals, intentions, you can apply advanced search tools and segregate women according to selected criteria e.

The majority of profiles on the site contain complex information on the lady, her photos and sometimes even home video. Hence, you should not have any problems with selecting the most interesting and attractive women.

Women on online dating sites are often blamed for being fraudsters that are trying to deceive men and rob them. To eliminate such a stereotype, RomanceTale policy is strict and complex. First of all, ladies that want to register on the site have to verify their personality and submit documents proving that they are real. Hence, you would not find yourself chatting with a woman who does not exist in reality.

Also, in a case woman gives you certain promises and does not keep them, the site takes care of the issue. For instance, if you a date arrange with a girl and everything seems to be fine but all of a sudden the girl cancels your date you would get a refund.

To protect your money and your confidential personal information the site cooperates with McAfee and Norton. In addition, to protect you from accidental mistakes in online communication the site offers you plenty of security tips to follow.

RomanceTale login is free and initial membership is also free. But the only thing you can do with a free membership is to browse profiles and send a few emails. To perform other actions you have to buy the subscription. RomanceTale has simple and reasonable pricing policy.

When you buy the membership you get 2 credits and 15 free chats. To keep on using any services you need to purchase a certain amount of credits which you will use to pay for services. To encourage you to communicate more the site offers you a good deal: Pros Over 10, single members looking for cross-culture relationships More than , monthly visitors worldwide Rated at 9.

Ease of Use RomanceTale register process is extremely simple: Number of Members RomanceTale.


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