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Read between the lines.

The old saying when Snap On was created in was, 1 man doing the job of 5. If you have multiple routes you can be sure to add a huge increase to that number.

In a perfect world as SOT believes, is the mechanic should sign his whole paycheck over to the franchisee on payday. Great theology but, actuality is far from that. The business model leaves a lot to be desired. The inventory on the truck tools etc would be in the neighborhood of k or more. Is your brain spinning yet? Yes, Snap On Tools owns their own credit dept now. They can loan you the amount to get rolling and expect you to pay them just like your customer.

They set break evens at a lower number but, who wants to work your ass off for break even? You have to use an alternate means to go out and pre sell or just collect those days.

Very stressful to say the least. The brand sells itself without any effort but, it all depends on how the franchisee runs it to be effective. The management teams Snap On has directing the franchisees leaves a lot to be desired. Remember you have all the other items you bought on different programs they whip up all year long and pre sell to you almost a year out. Also, the franchisee has to pay the shipping charges to send it back and has to wait sometimes up to 4 weeks or more to obtain credit because the returns have to be verified before the credit is applied.

Broken or warrantied tools are done the same way. Only hand tools have a lifetime warranty. Screwdrivers used as pry bars are an example of negligence. The 2nd ring is the franchisee. The 3rd ring is end user customer. Unless the tool etc is paid for straight out at the time of purchase this is how it goes down. Remember, those tools on the truck are costing you so get rid of them quickly, you have weekly tool bill due by Thursday evening.

Long story short is the franchisee will work out a weekly payment with the customer subtracting what he can put down divided by a certain amount of weeks 10 or less is great agreed at the close of the sale. Simple math even for the knucklehead mechanic.

You sure hope like hell they do. Remember, Snap On sold the tools to the franchisee on a said turn around and with interest added to the bill and wants paid every week the same as the franchisee. What a great way to be able to pay your own bills in life off the backs of fronting tools like a drug dealer. Even some of the best were knocked to their knees at one point of time if not taken completely out all together.

Snap On wins again and so does the freeloader customer from the drug deal that went bad all because the franchisee fronted the merchandise with zero interest and a signed receipt showing the customer agreed to that IF the franchisee even has does that part of his job everyday!

Snap On Credit SOC contracts are a different story and is figured on the creditworthiness of the buyer in front of them. Snap On Credit annual percentage rate is generally pretty steep. This type of sale has nothing to do with the previous scenario previously discussed. The earlier was termed a RA revolving account. Interest is compiled each month per the contract.

The franchisee will make a certain dollar amount immediately once the contract is written. This ensures the franchisee baby sits the customer every week to pay his credit account and help the customer maintain his credit worthiness.

Nowhere in any contract or sale a franchisee does are the words included: The customer is liable under laws like buying a car or home with this contract.

This was just a really small sample of what the daily perils of operating this type of business. Good luck on that. So the morale of the story is, if you want to work your ass off 7 days a week and be a babysitter for mechanics and shop owners that look no farther. You found your nitch. The response from any good lawyer would be. Replies read here also had what all kinds of material things these franchisees had etc. There were no hard facts to prove any of it came from being a franchisee of Snap On Tools.

Maybe the franchisee had to repo whatever he could to cut the losses to break even or not at all. Word to the wise: So, that means the end of the month could land on any work day which is Monday — Friday by 6;00 pm central time USA. This can be tricky for the customer if not told about this because they generally always get paid weekly or bi weekly on Fridays. No bonus for knucklehead, but an ass chewing instead from above. Ifd this customer is a high risk or behind etc and continues this process of neglect.

Correction on this statement made in the above post: Not having a good standing with SOC will also hamper the sales profits for the franchisee. I have been researching the opportunity and just read through your posts above, would love to discuss with you. We encourage all to have their conversations here on this thread so that 1 all readers can benefit from the conversation and advice and, 2 anonymity can be maintained. Since people who claim to be prospective franchisees have, at times, turned out to have other motives we do not allow the exchange of contact information except, occasionally, through an email exchange via ADMIN at unhappyfranchisee[at]gmail.

I agree, there have been a lot of great posts thanks, all on the cons of this franchise opportunity. I just had a few more questions and think it will be easier to have a phone call rather than go back and forth on the thread.

Threads are for just that, back n forth conversations. Good luck and find legal advice for this type franchise system OR go talk to a dealer you see out there on the street. If you do find a dealer believe half of what you hear and nothing of what you see. You are correct that it is a good idea to speak to as many former dealers as possible, as well as current dealers. Folks get a little suspicious when that research would involve disclosing the identities of anonymous commenters.

Email me at UnhappyFranchisee[at]gmail. Get a job at Harbor Freight instead, as you can walk away from it like a dead mule dropping a wagon. Make sure you get info from various parties.

Not just these unhappy people that think they have been screwed. Many many people have been very successful from a snap on franchise.

There is a large MATCO discussion thread on this site with over comments from happy franchisees and unhappy franchisees. When the discussion turned to the specifics of their individual contracts, it became clear that they were, in fact, under very different agreements and had very different lists of accounts.

The old-timers had much more favorable contract terms and better LOCs and the more recent dealers were under more restrictions and had more questionable LOCs. Jim Lager and King Regian. Both have told us that they were among the happy franchisees who previously dismissed those complaining on this site as a bunch of whiners and crybabies. Both Jim and King said they changed their minds after they came to believe that they were being treated unfairly and when it was clear they were leaving their years of support for the company and the brand counted for nothing.

Even those who are doing well and happy might want to take an objective look at the experiences of those who have exited after years of contributions. It would be wise to push for fair treatment of exiting franchisees like King Regian and unwise, in my opinion, to think it could never happen to you.

King Regian and his wife Sally contend that if this could happen to a top gun, award-winning dealer with decades of loyal service, normal Snap-on franchisees could get it much worse:. This only leads us to believe this individual is walking right into the minefield where we advised them to stay away from. Obtain the franchisee agreement for the business venture planned. Confide in a Franchisee lawyer who exclusively deals in this area you are interested in. Believe half of what you see and nothing of what you hear from actual franchisees.

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