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XMeeting Review — Can You Really Meet Women Here?

We have written a new updated more detailed review on XMeeting. What was funny was that I was getting all these messages from young comelies supposedly near Ft Worth, TX…and their profiles all showed towns nearby or Ft Worth itself.

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Easy-to-use, XMeeting represents a great online alternative for those who are looking for casual sex and one-night stands. Find a sex partner today. All the previous reviews correspond to my experience.

Hot looking woman who redirect you to an email address and when I contacted the email it would redirect me to a site that cost to enter. I never did but some of the woman in the pictures are so hot that I go back occasionally just for inspiration. Lol I support the Homeland Sec. Agent who is taking action. Worst thing about it is, once you enter any personal information, you cannot delete it.

When they asked for me to compose a headline message 5 word minimum , all I wrote was 'a little message for you,' exactly five words and no more. Can't delete even that. Of course this sight is a scam. Women who look like that do not revert to a trashy website to find sex. Also, most women who might live in your town, even if they did go to a sight like this, would not put there faces in the pictures along with their naked bodies. Use your head before you spend money on something like this.

If you are looking for a real casual encounter sight, look for one with no faces on the picture, or that most of the women are average looking or worse. There are real sights out there, but this is obviously not one of them. It is just a business with people paid and trained to get your money. They let you think your meeting someone. Then they get you to defer to another service to so call contact someone. They never answer any messages you send then.

I seeking legal action against this site. I can't believe a fell for it.. I made them Very Mad when i put in my profile: Had to open another account. No telling how many people have been scammed out of a lot of money. That same morning called them and canceled both of my orders.

I called and told them to give me my service back it was paid for. I was so thankful I called my bank and stopped it all. I will never get on another site like this. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Meet Real Local Women. Powered by WP Customer Reviews. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Check this box to confirm you are human. Too many people wanted to be in exclusive relationships.

I have never interacted with such disgusting people in my life. Couple of hits, couple of misses. Because all the other ones work! Pretty sure this website is a scam. I wanted to test out Xmeeting.

The profiles were not appealing and neither were the photos. This entire website is a joke and you may as well be the only person on it because no one returns your messages. Dating someone from Xmeeting. I love sites like these when they work.

No one wanted to do anything. I tried messaging people, but everyone acted like they were too good to reply back. Not worth the effort. Very weak in comparison to other websites. Way too many ugly people and a lot of old people. Where are the young woman? I wish I had gone with my gut with this scam websiste. I talked to only two people, but both of them were afraid to meet in person. Home How To be Naughty: On January 17, In short, this site sucked.

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