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The prices are as follows:



From our research you do interact with real women but from what we've read from other reviewers it seems as if you're interacting with women who are paid to reply and send you all types of communications from chat messages to emails.

Can we prove all of this,no. This is our opinion and many members who have purchase credits and bought memberships on Anastasia Date have talked about this. The women are real but they are employees paid to chat with you that is the bottom line. Screenshot of 35 emails we have received. If you purchase credits on this site you should know that you are automatically enrolled in a monthly subscription to AnastasiaDate.

This is on top of any credits that you purchase to email other members of the site. We strongly suggest you look at your credit card statements to see those charges and if you're not happy with them cancel your membership. Read about this in the terms and conditions in section For our investigation we never upgraded and purchased any credits, we never gave the website our credit card information.

We were to leary to give them our credit card info and some of the reviews below could explain why we don't trust this website. While researching for this investigation we read legitimate online reviews and many of them were critical calling the positive reviews of AnastasiaDate fake and most likely written by employees are paid contractors of the site. From our own research this very well could be happening but once again we don't have sold proof of this, this is only our opinion. One reviewer called Berry states that the ladies on AnastasiaDate are for real but many of them are in a committed relationship.

He goes on to state that "there's two types of women working at AnastasiaDate. You have the models and then you have the translators. The models are the woman who have a webcam and work at the agency doing video chat via webcam. They make money by chatting with you.

Then he states that "translators work for AnastasiaDate, they are the ones who could be married or attached. Their job is to chat with you via email for which they are paid for. Something to take away from Barry's review is that these people are paid employees of Anastasia Date and they receive compensation to chat with you and go on webcam with you. It's a job to them, from what Barry points out in this review.

Another reviewer named Daniel says "This is a total business and the girls are not real. Don't waste your money on AnastasiaDate. Any website that charges credits for chatting and will not allow personal information between two adults is not real. Terry says that you are chatting with boss. He gave the website one out of five and stays if you want to pay real money to chat with fake women this website he is probably right for you.

They pay women and Eastern Europe to use the site and initiate chest to create an impression that you are a popular man. You paragraph and what this does is that you need to purchase credits to chat with all the women who have initiated a conversation or who have sent you an email.

This can cost you quite a bit of money if you don't watch out. This reviewer Called Bruce says that Anastasia Date lies, cheats, and steals.

Then he goes on to say that apparently AnastasiaDate staff have been posting at reviews sites to claim they are legitimate. Well they are not and here is his story where he talks about how he spent thousands of dollars even flying to the Ukraine four different times meeting women he's a thought he supposedly was interacting with and sending passionate emails online only to only to find out that it was a totally different women on every single visit he was chatting with.

This reviewer was unfortunately very gullible and after the fourth visit finally realized that it was all a scam spending thousands of dollars.

The big question is can you meet and eventually marry Ukrainian women from AnastasiaDate. Our opinion says no. This is a money-making scheme used to get you to purchase credits so the website and the employees can make money while duping Western men into pain for the privilege of interacting with Ukrainian women on this website. This is our opinion you can do whatever you like. If you have any experience with this site please leave a comment below we appreciate any valid information you have on this International dating service.

Yes I joined this one and put false info an then put my real age an I constantly get email from all these young perfect looking woman that look like modles half my age it's a joke.

I don't think it's ever credit card details but after reading this I'm going to check my bank statements carefully. I joined this site after googling it to see if it was a scam an imusthsve got scammed then cos I'm sure the review I read said it was a light dating site. Since free-lancing online dating became a bit suspicious and there are more than enough cases when guys got scammed off their money, Anastasia chose a different approach.

Only difference to a "send me money for ticket" story is that the Lions share of the profit lands up in a pocket of the agency branch director and the girl only gets commission. All the time the lady has to be accompanied by an interpreter and taken around in a cab. Obviously these services are charged for at a rate a way higher than for an average tourist.

More you chat, more letters you write, you will loose money and time. This site is equipped with a sophisticated system to rob money from men who become obsessed to be online because they think they are dealing with beautiful women according to the profile they see.

A lot of those profiles are no longer active but are used by the system to create fake chats to the members. Most importantly, the AnastasiaDate. Since its inception, AnastasiaDate has worked hard to earn a respectable reputation as an international dating site.

This international online dating site excels at giving members more options for expanding the search for a new relationship throughout the world.

The ultimate goal of AnastasiaDate. With millions of members and a variety of ways to communicate with those members, men and women alike are likely to find online dating success. When you give AnastasiaDate a try, you can say goodbye to boundaries and say hello to love! Ready to try online dating for yourself? Get started with AnastasiaDate today! Match System Basic and Advanced Search: The AnastasiaDate search capabilities are easy to use and customizable.

The Basic Search includes age, country, and member videos, while the Advanced Search digs deeper into profile items, including appearance, lifestyle habits, children, and more. AnastasiaDate suggests compatible singles — complete with photos, age, location, and more — making the process super easy.

Keeping organized is important when dating online. My Contacts allows members to "favorite" singles who catch their eye and keep an organized list for quick communications.

AnastasiaDate is one of the few online dating sites to offer a two-way webcam feature, allowing members to both hear and see their online crushes. Members can talk with someone they like in real-time via instant messaging. A private telephone call can be arranged for AnastasiaDate members by either talking instantly or setting up a specific call time. If necessary, there's even a Collect Call option.

Members have the opportunity to create personal profile videos to highlight unique qualities, interests, and personalities. A unique payment system lets members pay for AnastasiaDate credits based on activity on the site. Bonus Program AnastasiaDate rewards members for interacting with others and utilizing different features on the site. When a member collects bonus points, a CamShare session with unlimited minutes is the reward. AnastasiaDate provides members with the opportunity to send gifts to matches.

Gifts range from jewelry and gift cards to bouquets of roses, which will be delivered in three to five days. Discounts for these gifts are offered on a regular basis. Looking to start the conversation off right? Members can give a virtual gift, such as a kiss, car, or chocolates. Chatty members will have a blast on this site.

AnastasiaDate allows its members to send matches a detailed introduction message. The team screens all new profiles to verify that all its members are real and authentic online daters. The AnastasiaDate app available in the App Store and Google Play allows members to do all the same things they can do on the desktop version — but on the go.

The prices are as follows: Pros of AnastasiaDate Free to sign up, create a profile, upload photos, browse singles, and send emails. Easy to connect with people from all over the world. Customer help available via a contact form and live chat.


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