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Secret Arduino Voltmeter – Measure Battery Voltage

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Two Factor Auth (2FA)


Next, one more exercise. Now, look at the contents of the address bar. Now, you see the URL of this post. Look within, for the URL of this blog. The URL will be available if not visible , in various places. Want other places where you can find the URL? How about various links, in the Blogger displays? Here are a few more possibilities. Then, paste wherever you wish.

After publishing a post, you have a choice of 3 links - enlarge the image to see them easily. View Post in a new window The " " to the right of "View Post". Each link contains a URL that you need. From your Dashboard display , another link "View Blog".

That link, likewise, contains the blog URL. Only you can see your dashboard display. Your profile is the public equivalent of your dashboard. Depending upon what blogs you have selected to be seen, the blog in question may be here, and the URL may be available. Or, a simpler way to save the URL - drag and drop. Grab the favicon, and move it where you wish. Do you see the tiny white on orange "B", in the browser address bar in this picture - just left of http: Grab that with your mouse, and drag it to your desktop or anywhere else that you like.

An instant shortcut to this post. Note that when this article was written, you would have seen an orange on white "B" the default Blogger logo based favicon. Right now, you'll see my half front face image. Tomorrow, it may be different. Whatever the actual picture though, just grab, drag, and drop. So now that you know how to find the URL, do something with it. Put it into text , in another blog. Or maybe, into a linklist , in another blog. Or, there are a few more possibilities , for you to consider.

Note, when a blog has been deleted or locked as suspected spam , and the blog is published to a custom domain URL, you may not have any reference to the BlogSpot URL. The best that you may be able to provide, in this case, is the lockedBlogID, as part of the dashboard "Restore Blog" link. In other cases, you may need the BlogID, to identify a non locked blog.

I have found your blog very helpful so far My problem is the URL of my blog. I am using the blogroll widget, and I am trying to include my other blogs in this list. I have 3 blogs. I click "add" and I paste the url that I have copied before from each and everyone of your suggestions and everytime, a message says that it couldn't find the feed for the url.

My main blog is: Verin, Have you posted yet in GBH: If so, and I missed the post, my apologies. The online forums are much easier to use, then Blogger Blog Commenting, for interactive problem solving. I asked people to subscribe, but they can't find it on.

Kandy, The feed is fine. Who has the money these days to buy expensive stuff? I have a blog called SavingsExpert, which I created on Blogger. I am not able to find the url so that I can pass it around. Hi Chuck , your blog is really helping: I might need a mentor like you Hellboi, There are a few details which you need to consider, before and after renaming your blog.

I am still having few queries: Hellboi, All very good questions. And all well worth asking in BHF: Blogger wants to protect us, and our blogs, from devious attacks from people who claim to be us - but are not. Help Blogger Security to protect our accounts, and our blogs - don't require that they gratuitously allow you access to your blog when you forget the password, and have no back door access or even second back door access to reset the password.

Popular posts from this blog. By Chuck Croll April 10, One popular Stats related accessory, which displays pageview information to the public, is the "Popular Posts" gadget. Popular Posts identifies from 1 to 10 of the most popular posts in the blog, by comparing Stats pageview counts. Optional parts of the display of each post are a snippet of text, and an ever popular thumbnail photo.

Like many Stats features, blog owners have found imaginative uses for "Popular Posts" - and overlook the limitations of the gadget. Both the dynamic nature of Stats, and the timing of the various pageview count recalculations, create confusion, when Popular Posts is examined.

By Chuck Croll September 18, Who's buried in Grant's Tomb, after all? No Chuck, be polite. By Chuck Croll June 27,

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