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Mastering the Local Hookup — Must-Know Tips for Scoring with Women in Your Area

You can also fuck around the house. And by test the waters I mean barely dip your toe at first.

Before Hooking Up, You Must Agree to the Following Rules:

— Preparing a Personal Profile Worthy of a Local Hookup Wizard —

In other words, if you just want a casual no-strings-attached encounter, AFF will help you find one. If you are more keen on finding a local hookup to satisfy a particular sexual curiosity or fetish, AFF will help you find one. AFF will not only serve you as a platform to find local hookups, but it will also open the door to a larger community of like-minded men and women who will undoubtedly bring a much-needed spark to your life. Knowing which hookup sites to use is a huge step forward.

However, there are also a few additional things that you should be aware of in order to land all of the local hookups that you want. One of these things is knowing how to prepare a personal profile on a hookup site. Keep in mind that when it comes to a local hookup, women will appreciate honesty in your profile image. You obviously want to look good and show off your positive physical attributes.

This could be anything from your eyes, to your physique, your hair — basically, anything that you have received compliments for at some recent point in your life. What you want to avoid is using a picture that is older than that can of green beans that has been sitting in your cupboard since Your profile image must reflect what you look like today. If you are involved in some sort of cool activity — such as hiking, mountain climbing, cross-country biking — by all means let your profile images reflect that.

You want to look suave and natural in whatever backdrop you happen to use. Remember, your profile image will be used by the women on the site to draw their first impression of you.

The same way that you size them up, they will be sizing you up too. Some guys make the mistake of giving little importance to the textual parts of their profile when it comes to a hookup site. Future local hookup wizards do not make such rookie mistakes.

While there are clear differences in purpose between traditional online dating sites and online hookup sites, the need for having an effective textual profile is shared by both. On a hookup site, the textual portion of your profile should be witty, direct, honest, and succinct.

In other words — short, funny, and to the point. Structure the textual portion of your profile so that you can instill a sense of your personality to the women who are reading it. If you have a naturally good sense of humor, then go ahead and insert a few witty lines. At all times, the textual portion of your profile should exude self-confidence.

No woman is going to want to hook up with you if you are expressing self-doubt. There is no such thing as pity sex when it comes to online hookup sites. If initially, you do not receive the results that you were wishing for, try a different profile picture, change a few lines in your text — shake things up.

Eventually, you will hit upon a winning combination of profile image and text. The answer is simple, while all of the steps mentioned above are extremely necessary, there is one final step that is essential to ensure that you start lining up your fair share of local hookups.

That step involves engaging with the women on the hookup platform that you join. This requires persistence and consistency above anything else. You see, online hookup sites have made finding local hookups easy not because they have automated the process of seduction, rather they have done so because they allow you to come to the plate with the frequency that you want and at the time of your choosing.

That, however, does not eliminate the potential of striking out. The key difference is that unlike the olden days at singles bars and clubs, you can keep swinging for the fences as often as you like. You can take as many swings as you want. This means that you should visit your hookup platform on a regular basis. Send messages out to women whom you think have a high probability of accepting a night out with you.

Obviously, not all of them will respond, but a certain percentage will. With those women who do respond, make sure to immediately follow up and get an online conversation going as soon as possible. Be proactive during these chats. Depending on her personality, have a roadmap prepared for how the conversation should proceed. Will it be chatty? Will it be funny and humorous?

Will it be direct and to the point? Whatever style the online conversation takes based on the combination of your personalities, there should always be a moment in your roadmap in which you get to the point.

Remember, you are on a hookup site, not a traditional dating site. Remember, when you are on a hookup site there will be less pretentiousness on the part of all of the users — men, as well as women. You should not fear to bring up the topic that brought the both of you to the platform in the first place — hooking up! On a hookup site, you want to maximize the time you spend chatting with women who are sincere about their interest in hooking up. You gain nothing by wasting your time on those who do not.

If you have gotten to this portion of the article, that means that you were truly sincere about discovering what it takes to become a local hookup wizard. As you have learned, it takes knowing which hookup sites to use, setting up an effective personal profile, and, above all, engaging the women on the site.

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