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BeNaughty scam - no way!

Benaughty - Nothing but BS all fake waste of money

However, they do employ tactics that you would not expect of a genuine, legitimate dating website. They are tactics that many other sites are known to use including Ashley Madison and some experts believe that they actually began with BeNaughty. So, just what are those tactics? What could possibly be so bad that it has left many questioning whether BeNaughty is a scam or not? The main issue with this adult dating site is the fact that it lures men into joining by making them believe that there are hordes of beautiful women just waiting for them.

The site is full of fake profiles , all of beautiful, young women that just so happen to be a perfect match for every man that joins. The site wants them to believe that there is a high ratio of women and that all of their approaches will be met with responses.

They want them to believe that they will never be left wanting for a perfect match, and it makes them believe this by creating those perfect matches time and time again. There are some other issues as well.

These include the fact that it can be hard to quit and it can be hard to contact women, real ones included. They are not as deceptive as other sites when it comes to establishing fake profiles in order to chat with new members and get more money off them.

But they do use other tactics that have caused many to view this industry with suspicion. Advertising is also a big issue. In our page on MacKeeper we also covered this and it is something we have covered on review pages as well, such as Extreme Testrone. Simply put, they use marketing tactics that are considered underhanded at worst and suspicious at best.

BeNaughty are the kings of this, up there with MacKeeper for using tactics that have brought more users to the service but have also forever given it a bad name. They put them on porn sites, they put them on sites that are riddled with viruses. Of course, such marketing is technically not a scam. But try telling that to the poor sap who just clicked on the wrong link and is now picking apart the remnants of his virtual life as he tries to wade through pop-ups, malware, fake warnings and more, all while seeing the insidious BeNaughty logo everywhere he goes.

If you look at the genuine BeNaughty reviews out there, which is to say not the affiliate reviews, then most are bad. Many have clearly been left by BeNaughty reviewers who have taken a rather negative stance after being spammed. Others have left their BeNaughty reviews after dissevering that one of the local girls they joined to talk to, was actually a fake account. There are some good and average BeNaughty reviews out there though.

The only party that receives something good in return will be this site. On the other hand you will still be desperate and become miserable as no girl is going to hook up with you. Stop wasting money and time and leave this site immediately. It is a scam that will just milk you dry. Rating this site is not that difficult as it has really not given anything back in return.

My money was wasted on this site. I was a fool thinking that I could get laid on this site. I was stupid enough to take their bait. I signed up with them and lost some money. I always enjoyed visiting sex personals site. This site however is very unimpressive for me. What makes sites like this exciting is that you have an opportunity to hook up and get laid with sexy girls. This site however, is not the best site to be in if you are looking for some fun.

This is a scam site that will rob you of your money. I was searching the internet and I found one positive review for the site. I did not believe what the author is saying as I have experienced using this site.

The review is surely a fake review aiming to promote the site. This site is a total BS in comparison with other dating sites. I was here for 5 months and I have paid the premium membership. I was really not able to get anything In return for what I have paid and I would warn you that the same thing can happen to you. Dating is fun but this site takes the fun in casual dating. If you are not careful you can lose some money in this site. Be smart when dealing with bogus sites. There is really a big question mark if this site is legit.

I am no concluding that it is but the way I say the site it is a bogus site. The girls are just too beautiful and too young to be in this site. You can get any good value for the money you have paid for this site. I have been here for one month and nothing really happened. Sure, 1 month is pretty short but during this stage is the time you can get the real feel of the site.

These claims are certainly true as the site is really a scam site that just gets all your money. This site should be stopped and I hope people will leave and stop this site so that it will close down.

There are many fake adult dating sites in the internet and BeNaughty. These types of sites will just get your money while you are left waiting for responses from girls that are not even there in the first place. I just wasted my time on this stupid site. I was really a fool to chase beautiful girls on this site.

I hope the owners of this site will suffer the same fate as I did. Everything on this site is fake and I think only the men are real. Home How To Get Laid: Get Laid More Staff. On September 12, Not a legit site. It's a scam, if we've ever seen one. COM is dedicated to helping you hook up faster by providing a guide to getting laid online and reviews of the best sex dating sites. Jeramy October 20, at 2: El Canary October 20, at Solid Tidy Donkey October 26, at 8: Gerald October 29, at 5: Keven Arthur November 1, at 9: Nasty Parrot November 4, at 4: Erich November 7, at 2: Rough Puglet November 10, at Danial November 13, at Eric Countryman November 16, at 6: Stringzumdom November 19, at Rolland November 22, at 3: RhinoRhino November 25, at Ivory November 28, at 9: Galen Shaner December 1, at Lefty Mini Baron December 4, at 2: Ricky December 7, at 9: Flower Doe December 10, at 6: Max December 13, at 3: Timmy Rumbaugh December 16, at 5:

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