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Is Free Or A Rip Off (REVIEW)

I met someone on this site just to hookup with and it was so steamy. Ask yourself one question.

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Members don't want to be found on Facebook. There is plenty to go around. Don't be a creep. Nobody is looking for romance, so save the pillow talk for another day. Our members want to hook up and want nothing to do with feeling or relationships! You agree to never tell anyone about who you are hooking up with from our site. We have married people and others using the site who want to keep their privacy. We take this very seriously and will kick you out for outing our members so, please follow the rules and happy hooking up!

If you're looking for an affair or something that your partner isn't willing to do, then our site is the place for you! But the worst thing you can do is to slip up and ruin the fun. Our members don't want to be caught up in your bullshit and we won't allow any of it on our site! Half the fun is getting away with it, so it's plain and simple: If you do, you won't be welcome back!

I was so tired of being hit on constantly by bogans at that single's bar I to go to near the Sydney Harbour, so joining Free Hookups was super appealing to me! I'm getting laid now more than ever before! I never spend nights alone anymore, and I get to avoid all those sketchy hookup bars!

My sex life has taken a turn for the better, that's for sure! Finding girls who aren't looking to lock it down wasn't easy, until I joined Freehookups!

I met a hot chick who was so into meeting up with me that night! We met at Flagstaff Gardens, and ended up at my place! I've been hooking up with amazing chicks ever since, whenever I want to!

It's amazing how fast finding casual sex is, now! I'm never worried about going a long time without getting any, because I know I can hop online to find chicks to meet up with tonight! My best friend told me about how amazing this dating site she was using is, and when I saw the dudes she was bringing home on a nightly basis I knew I HAD to try it!

Sometimes finding sexy dudes in a sea chocka bogans is exhausting! When I signed up for Free Hookups I ultimately kissed bad dates goodbye! I have wild sex all the time! I even got it on discreetly at Suncorp Stadium recently! Free Hookups freed my sexuality! When I was finally ready to move on from the jerk that broke my heart, the last thing I wanted was a relationship!

In order to regain some confidence, I knew I was going to have to go on the rebound. I found FreeHookups , and I have never in my life seen so many fit guys in one place!

I was in heaven searching through the profile pages of dudes close by who were looking for exactly the same thing as me! The sex is bonzer! Online dating not working for you? I thought the same until I found Free Hookups. I like things very kinky in the bedroom. This site had been so great for my dating and sex life!

I love meeting the guys on here. They are so good-looking and know exactly the right way to please a freaky girl like me.

You can't have too much of good thing! If you want to get to know me and hook up tonight, send a naughty message my way the nastier the better! I'm waiting to hear from you. I just wanted a guy to take control of things in the bedroom, but I kept finding these bodgy guys who didn't have a clue what they were doing.

That is, until I started hooking up with guys I met on Free Hookups! They all really know how to take care of business and make a girl feel like a queen! Now, whenever I want to get laid, even in the middle of the arvo, I head right online to pick out the perfect guy!

Although my look is dark, I'm actually a hopeless romantic! Finding a guy who was a beaut and also a badass in the bedroom was a breeze with FreeHookups. The first date I ever went on through FreeHookups was with this gorgeous guy who I'd been chatting up for a while, and he took me to the Botanic Gardens! Our date was classy, and the sex was dirty, just the way I like it! It was a ripper of a date, and I haven't had a bad one since!

Who are interested in meeting? How old are you? What country do you live in? Please enter and confirm your email address. Stop waiting - Hook Up Now. Sign Up For Free. All you need is a valid email address and a username to sign up for free and start hooking up! Search For A Hookup Partner.

You can search for members who are right in your local area and who want to have sex right away, whether you're in Sydney, or Bunbury!

Send them a message and you're on your way to having sex! To close the deal on a casual sex hookup you need a plan. Put your best game face on and show up with the right attitude. From casual to dressy, look your best, pick your spot, and always keep in mind where you met free hookups and why you are here to hook up That's all it takes!!

Once you have successfully hooked up, you can do it again and again! With millions of hotties just looking to just hook up, you will be hooking up anytime and anywhere!

Hook Up For Free. Only Casual Encounters We couldn't understand why there was no real free hook up site online, since people obviously want sex. The Only Site You'll Need We successfully created our free place for people to have sex with no strings attached; now we want to share it with the whole world! Enter Your Location And how far you're willing to travel. Start Chatting With Members You will get a whole list of matches. Exchange Info Pick where and when to hook up.

Our Features How we do it. Personalized Member Matches One of the most useful tools in successful local free hookups is FreeHookups ' personalized member matches. Hook Up On Your Terms Try searching for members by Newest Members , Who's Online Now , or Close To You - you will be able to see the members that fit the bill and be able to take your pick of whom to message and talk about engaging in casual encounters.

FreeHookups Mobile App Once you have been on Free Hookups you may think that there is no faster way of finding free hookups and casual encounters. Fastest Hookups Online When you log on to the site from your smart phone, we are able to use your GPS to track your exact location and help you hook up with the local matches that are in your direct vicinity. The Art Of The Hookup.

Hook Up But Don't Tell. These Rules Must Be Followed. Some facts about us We are proud of these numbers. HookupHunter 29, Melbourne Finding girls who aren't looking to lock it down wasn't easy, until I joined Freehookups! SexySassyPantz 31, Brisbane My best friend told me about how amazing this dating site she was using is, and when I saw the dudes she was bringing home on a nightly basis I knew I HAD to try it! Advntreskr69 25, Adelaide When I was finally ready to move on from the jerk that broke my heart, the last thing I wanted was a relationship!

More Of Our Members. This exact image can be found on countless sites such as this site , here and can be found numerous times through Google image search. Did you know that "Hookup Assistants" also identifies people who are employed by FreeHookups.

If you don't understand what that means it signifies that they employ and pay people "Hookup Assistants" to interact with you and pretend to be legitimate members looking for dates. The real truth is of course is that these women are fake and it's literally their job to string you along and trick you into submitting your credit card information so the site can make money off of your gullibility. We have any included the specific text that describes the use of "Hookup Assistants" and how they are employed by the site.

You acknowledge that You understand that some of the profiles and Members displayed on them are not actual members of the site. The "Hookup Assistants" are also responsible for sending out computer generated emails that make it appear as if they are coming from local women. Once again this is not just a theory is undeniable fact for the simple reason that it has been included in the Terms and Conditions page.

If you have received any emails from women on the site you better take a look twice because it's probably sent through "Hookup Assistants", no one is actually sending you those email messages. It's all a trick to get you to pull out your credit card and pay for a monthly membership to a site that scams people left and right. And to back up our claims, you can read the text below that has been copied directly from the Terms and Conditions page.

Also something to understand is you can never ever meet a "Hookup Assistant" in person because of course they are not real people who are looking for dates. Once again in the terms and conditions page this website clearly states that fact. You cannot and will not have a physical meeting between a "Hookup Assistant". The only reason they use "Hookup Assistants" is because there are not enough real women on the site and in order to trick men into upgrading purchasing paid monthly memberships they need to use this scam.

From beginning to end this site is nothing but a con. They claim it's a free dating site but they ask for your credit card information and then they use a multitude of other tactics from fake women to automated email to trick you into giving them your credit card information.

All the evidence proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that this site is a fraud and a scam. You can read the full review on this site […]. Fraud police are on to them so hope they spend a long time in prison there going to get the arse sued off them.

Thanx for clarifying the scams and warn people. I was curious to find out whats all the hookup sites about and went through a many of the different sites member profiles and yes many have exactly the same profiles and pictures. Every 4th click or so they run a splash page ad of some porn star trying to sign you up for a cam subscription. You gotta be on the lower end of the bell curve to spend more than 15 minutes here. I thought this was fake, you start getting all these messages but can't reply unless your'e a gold member.

Freehookups is one big scam, they want your credit card info so they can charge your credit card! I'd like to know myself, like Chris, how to deactivate my card from the site.. Tell your bank or card provider that your card is lost or was stolen and they will cancel the card immedietly. We have reviewed all these […]. I saw the link on POF there too, along with one for their sister scam site Easysex. POF should be ashamed of themselves for leaving the dead promo link in there, but not posting an apology to anyone who may have been taken in by these scammer whilst the link was still functional.

For whatever reason the promo link to MilfsHookUp is still there and function, they should take it down immediately. POF used to have a casual encounters section a few years ago, I never met up with anyone from there but I exchanged messages with a few people on it a few times. It would seem that POF would rather direct people to credit card scam sites then have a section that may have some minor adult content, or attract people who have no interest in marraige and might want to fill a carnal need.

It seems all dating sites including match. The problem is that every American woman thinks they are a moviestar, and all men are dogs too stupid to find it anywhere else.

POF works, but it's so lame that I nearly cut my face off to prove I don't give a shit. Pretend you are Rambo, and post a rough picture of yourself or someone who looks close to you lol. I have been fooled , it has cost me more than I expected. I have cancelled my membership , my card number and bank account have changed. I will not get fooled again. Been on this scam ass website and got suckered too.

As a gold member, when I clicked on "my Inbox" tab I was directed to some other stupid porn site that said "you already have a subscription to this site". I believe there is a contact phone number for the billing company oddly enough, it's in another country. I did, however, talk to a real person and asked why the hell I was charged twice for one account. He explained that I was "account active" in another site. I told him to refund my money I cancelled my account with freehookups a few weeks prior or I could simply direct him to my attorney.

Money was refunded two days later. Obviously, most people think men will fall for a pretty woman with nude pics. Ask yourself one question. Equally surprised when I found credit card payments that I did not recognise. This is only one of many. I don't think anything can be done because they openly disclose what they are doing in "terms and conditions" just buyer beware,.

I was a member of this site, an still is but not much longer as I changed cell phone carrier an I don't think that I be going back on it again, my problem is that this has pop ups as you try to get rid of them it jumps you over to live cam or it clicks you out of the site an you would have to get back in just to read your massages!

Believe it or not Plenty Of Fish used to have a promotional link posted to FreeHookups, as well as it's sister scam site Easysex , the links no longer work, the MilfsHookUp link still does though. They have this whole process with creating an account, including a user name this was how I found out that they were run by the same outfit since they said my username was already taken then you end up at a page asking for your credit card information.

This set off a "Red Alert" immediately, why does a free membership require credit card info?

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