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The list of scams operated by the same folks behind UpForIt. We work hard at offering information which is reliable and valuable about the services and products which we review.

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Yet on third day called to cnl. So this happened to me and this is how I got a refund. When you canceled the BeNaughty subscription they actually automatically put u up on one of their other sites called QulckFlirt which I didn't know when I cancled my subscription before my trial ran out. So I called my bank and was on the line with one of the reps, they asked me a couple of questions and they found the phone number to these people and called them and put us on a threeway call that included me, the bank lady, and the "payeld" people.

So after we called they asked me for my account info, then they told me about the "QuickFlirt" website that I had no clue about and how I signed up for this website when I signed up for be Naughty. Then he said he can't give me a refund but instead will give me a free one month on "quickflirt".

I pretty much said fuck that and told him to cancel my subscription on quickflirt and give me a refund. Then he told me he cancled the quickflirt subscription but still refused to give me a refund. But after about five mintues of me yelling at him and telling him how this was fraud, he gave me a full refund.

And after the guy hung up my bank rep told me that they were going to file an inquery on my behalf on the company. So that's how I got my money back. But beware, do not sign up to this company because they are full of snakes. Im the guy who posted in the post before about getting a refund.

But my bank was able to catch it so I was not charged the money. Then I told the bank to cancel my card and send me another so this will stop forever. This website is very much a scam. If you wish to cancel it I will send you a script of what needs to be said to operators via the phone well at least it worked for me. I don't want anyone else to fall into a trap to this company and will happily assist where needed. Alright im real nervous about getting rip by this website especially after the stories i just read so lets say if i did the 3 day trial and used a card from a company i no longer work for and before they are able to do any damage to cash i took it all out could i get away with it that way.

Since haveing no information on my bank or bank card? It's better than average but I personally prefer wejustfit. The thing about QuickFlirt is its almost becoming a victim of its own success because you expect to find a girlfriend in a short time and if you dont your disappointed!

Became interested in two different girls. Chatted with them and was able to actually meet both of them. First time I successfully managed to arrange a one night stand. The biggest hurdle was finding real profiles. Takes a lot of time but you will figure it out after a while.

Yes, there are some fake profiles but once you find out which are real you will get rewarded. QuickFlirt is not bad at all and in my opinion it is one of the best dating sites I have used. Probably still prefer Mingle2day and Match though because there are some real dubious guys on QuickFirt.

I got hit by one guy asking me for personal email and telling me he's overseas and other nonsense. Just watch out, girls. Full of ladies who are compensated to chat on the site. Have not met a real lady yet and I've been on for several weeks now.

May be a total scam. Most of the chats are about 10 lines, then there is some excuse to be gone. I thought i would just take a peek at it. No profile for me and no photos of me. I logged off with no interest, especially after the reviews. They had already hacked into my computer and I was getting pop-ups in the lower corner with someone wanting to chat. Mind you, I did no profile or photos. The only good reviews on here are just like the profiles on the site If you don't believe Signed up to QuickFlirt last Jan '16 so thats now been officially 1 year ive been using it.

Decided to get a different membership this Jan for wejustfit. Keen to stick with it as ive had dates and met some lovely people but figure its time to try something different too. Here's hoping I find my queen in 17'! How come so many from Ferndale Washington, the city has a low population. These must be employees of the site. I think the positive reviews are from paid employees of quickflirt.

First, you can't write anything about yourself. As soon as I wrote something and submitted it, it disappeared. It seems like most of the profiles have the same problem, as they're mostly blank. I contacted customer service and they told me to email them what I wanted on my profile and they would post for me. What a hassle and what if they mess it up?

Secondly, I received a lot of messages, like "Care to chat? I believe they were bots. They could have been real members, as there's an option to allow the site to send out a message you've composed and appear to browse profiles to help get interest in yours, but it doesn't seem like the women, if they're are real, are active on the site. Finally, in order to delete your profile and discontinue your membership, you have to call customer service. They do their best to keep you on the site, offering 7 days free and a free upgrade, but it's a waste of time and money.

This site is designed to make money, not get you a date. This site has grown on me a lot over the past few weeks. I used to think wejustfit.

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