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My wife enjoys her first black cock No-op left to many things up in the air for me. I had the op about 12 hrs after the rupture.

It gave me the peace of mind that the tendon is properly reconnected and the healing process will begin. The blue is from bruising. Your passed the black n purple part of it. This injury takes time. He instructed them to put me in a cast for a week. Not patient with this. I wish u the best in your recovery. Worried, most likely you will heal just fine. Just read the blog pages from the past few months or years if you like, you have the time…. Most non-op cases mend perfectly well, giving repairs strong enough to resume all of the activities we were doing before the atr.

Surgery has its own risks and pain - bound to, but necessary treatment for some cases but not most probably. Raul, I hope you get into the boot soon. Early weight bearing and mobility are key if you are going to keep up with the best. This blog is great! They discussed no surgery which suits me! I have several friends that can offer different rehab techniques which I will take advantage of and obviously the recommendation the hospital! Obviously, it can because not everybody has had surgery!

Just some insight will be greatly appreciated! His blog and comments elsewhere suggest that this gets results that are as good as, or better than, surgery. Good luck as you navigate all this information, as well as the new temporary adaptations you have to make to your life. Hi Thanks for everyones comments.

Will I be able to go into my high heel shoes again? I had my achilles repaired in nov of , developed staph infection 9 weeks post op did antibiotics for 9 weeks by infusion 7 days a week. Infection blew whole incision open, took 5 months for the incision to heal they used pig stem cell therapy worked great.

What I want to know is anyone has had any stiffness this long after surgery in the ankle area? I never had pt but do use a tens-unit for stimulating. So far as I can see, that is supportive not inflammatory. To make it crystal clear, that part of my post was clearly addressed to RAUL. Sorry to bring you back into this, Raul - you might be proved right but it is far more likely that worried will make a great recovery. Superjewgrl - no need to apologise, or to post such an inflammatory comment.

Have a great recovery. La Check out brady browne achilles o. I am 41 and in great shape. I knew when the injury happened what was wrong, but I was in denial. I am going in for my 2nd post op. Hopefully, I will go into the boot at that time. At this point, optimism is shared with feelings of extreme dissappointment. I was gonna opt to no surgery but the risk of re-rupture is what scared me.

Sorry if I had u cast any doubt. Hearing your doc say what he said just made believe u tore it pretty bad. Heels keep u on your toes. This probably shorten your achilles. Just remember to stretch them out.

Hillie is on point. Being too conservative does more harm than good it seems. Meaning it makes recovery a little more of a challenge.

Instead of focusing primarily on the rupture, you have to work your tail off if you lose strength and mobility to regain it. I hate this cast. The 27th can come fast enough. I walk on it. I do squats in it also. Hopefully you will have a proper boot and can heal nicely. Doctor has now booked me for surgery on Thursday.

Has anyone had successful surgery after waiting 6weeks? I went the non-op route for my initial rupture. At the 5 week mark, I re-ruptured due to a boot issue. However, just that morning I was told I was healing nicely. My rerupture was pretty bad and I had to have the vy lengthening procedure to get the tendons connected.

My surgery was at the 6 week mark. Have you been in a cast with toes pointed down for the last six weeks or in a boot? At five weeks, non op, my tendon had come together but was weak. There was still a gap where the rupture occurred but I was still able to move my foot around.

I cried ever time I was alone. Scared out of my mind. Blood work,EKG ,giving me the info I needed to know about pre-op etc.. Hopefully your not a smoker like me. You need to stop. Make sure your blood carries as much oxygen as possible.

Stopping from smoking also reduces possibility of infection. I would try to forget it and focus on the road ahead of you. You will be on here giving words of encouragement to someone going through the same thing.

Your success story will be what pulls them through. I go to my follow up tomorrow. This cast is putting me through hell. I hate not being mobile. Especially when I get hungry and I look at the 2 flights of stairs to go down to the kitchen.

I walk around on my cast but not so much since I started to crack it. Talk to u soon. I was in a boot, but I guess the rupture was too bad. Thanks to all of you for your feedback. I am pretty scared, my mind running away with me. But I need to be strong, especially for my 4month baby. Good luck to all of you too. Hi, I was wondering about the non-surgical procedure. If you have a substantial gap where it ruptured, how does the body repair it? Does it create scar tissue to make it connect?

Is there a max distance apart before you can consider non-sugical procedures? They describe the two ends of the tendons as being mop heads that knit themselves back together. The healing process is pretty amazing. Your wife will have two kids to take care of.

We are all here to support you. Ollie…… They say if your foot is immobilized in the plantar flexion position toes pointed down , as Kelly said, the ends find each other and mend.

So Ollie I went all googleholic to check how it does heal non surgical. My rupture was just above the heel. I guess a bad spot. Out of work for three months. Went school shopping with my wife and kids. We can do this everyone. There are gonna be peaks and valleys. I do however try to sleep with my leg slightly lifteed on a pillow at night. Is this going to be a problem? Life is what it is. I am 2 weeks out from surgery.

I have a very busy lifestyle and also not able to lay around all day. When I had swelling I tried to ice and elevate. Talk to your doctor and tell him what your needs are and he may re think plan of action to minimize the time you are immobile. The important thing is to remember to continue to talk to your doc about any concerns.

I absolutely love 4 month old babies, it is one of my favorite stages. For what it is worth my advice is to sit on the couch with your leg UP and snuggle with your baby as much as you can. Let everything else go! This is the time for you to hang with your baby and heal. Not one of us got into this mess by sitting on the couch so I know it is not easy but now you must sit. Ask anyone and everyone for help and be specific. Finally I realized that was not very helpful so soon I learned if someone offered help I said here is the laundry, fold it and leave it at the top of the stairs.

Marty - hope you are doing well. I had my staples removed last Wednesday. Uneventful, OS said wound healing well but I did have some heel bruising. Thinks it was because initial splint too tight. Interestingly he has advised I remove the splint nightly to let the leg and wound breathe, do basic ROM alphabet, gentle toe lifts until next appt in two weeks.

He also said at that time we will start some PT. Take care and God bless. I hope everyone is doing well in their recovery. Had another follow up today.

Im in a walking boot. Im following what doc says to a point. So yes I walk without crutches. Im not planning to walk without the boot until a couple rounds of pt are under my belt. Just to see where im at. Im not gonna push too far but iam gonna test myself within reason. I feel no one knows our bodies better than we do. If its telling me its too much im gonna listen.

If it says give me a bit more i will. My goal is to show him i can go back to work. Take care everyone and be careful. Hi, hope you all doing well and on your way to recovery. Really not able to ellevate my foot during the day as I need to be up and down looking after my 4month baby.

I try to sleep with it up on a pillow at night, but during the night the pillow slips out. My calf started twitching a bit laast night. Anyone else experience this? My hip is also starting to feel very painful. I guess its all the weight my one leg is having to take. So next week I must go back to have the cast removed and into the boot. I hope all is looking good and well under this cast. Really want to start been more mobile than just been able to hop about. Would like to hear from you.

Worried, I think the twitching is pretty common; I had some twitching but also some myoclonic jerks, when my calf would spasm and jerk. It was a little disturbing at first because I was afraid my stitches would split, but everything was fine. One tip to help keep your foot elevated in bed is to put something either between the mattress and the box springs or under the legs of the bed.

That way, you get the elevation without having to worry about kicking the pillow off or having it compress too much to be useful. Hi all, Hope you all doing well.

I had my cast removed yesterday, 3weeks after surgery. Doctor said that I can now start walking on it with my full weight, but at first with crutches.

Has anyone experienced this? Are you in a boot or did you go straight from cast to shoes? I got permission to go PWB in the boot at 12 days post-op, and then to transition to FWB, still in the boot, at 30 days. It took days after that point before I was able to ditch the crutches. Hi, Thanks for your response.

I am in the boot after 3weeks of cast. Good luck to you too. I went to make a move with the ball and it felt like someone stepped on the back I my shoe. Unreal, I looked behind me to see who stepped on my shoe but to my surprise no one was there. I immediately knew I had turn my Achilles, I watch a lot of sports and had seen Kobe do the same thing about 5 months earlier against the warriors.

I thought maybe this happened because I wa out of shape and tried to play ball as I did when I was younger, but them you see it happen to Kobe who is probably one of the most in shape humans alive today. So now what, I am stuck at home for a few weeks and its killing me. I made the mistake of going out to watch the mayweather fight 2 days after surgery and fell of my crutches and landed on my right leg which was in the boot but still hurt like hell.

Post-op appointment told doc about it and he said he put me together very well and I will be fine. I want to get back to walking with full weight. Looks like 3 months is a safe bet.

Good luck to you all and cheers to getting back to our healthy selves. Not sure if the boot will come off then. What has your experiences been!

Tore my achilles seven weeks ago and am still in the boot. Trying to stay positive and be patient with well intending friends, family and onlookers who inquire about my Star Wars boot! And it happened playing baseball - who does that?!?! All the best to you all - it will make us stronger!! Raul, your atr was like an hr before mine and I too was rounding first headed to second - too funny! Most painful part for me was that I was booked into Nassau, Bahamas on August 14th and had to cancel the trip.

Hi there, can anyone help. My calf really paining now. Could I have re-ruptured. Hi everyone I had a complete achilles rupture back in June 19 Almost 16 weeks on, I am close to normal.

I found swimming to be the best exercise but take it easy and listen to body. Also make sure you are hydrated as I read tendon is made up of 50 per cent water. If you decide to go non-surgical, I found a paper on healing of Achilles and it takes at least days to grow back.

Finally protein is key to healing as tendon is made up of collagen so have protein every meal if you can. I supplemented to ensure adequate protein and lost 5 kilos. Early mobility is also key which my specialist agreed as if your foot is immobilised too long you calf will become weak and tendon will grow too long.

I also opted non surgical at first, and when I went back to the doctor after 6weeks there hardly any growth and doctor said we need to go surgical.

Some even rerupturing at 11weeks. This has been the most challenging situation I have ever found myself in, and having my first baby who was 3months at the time when i injured myself, and missing out on all the things I wanted to do with her. Its been so very hard. But thanks for your advice, especially on the water and proteins, will definitely try this. Good luck to you as you continue to recover. I am two weeks post surgery and am vertical!

Can walk FWB as long as I have the boot on. Can sleep and shower without it. Slow toe exercises once a day. After three weeks will reduce wedge sizes inside boot and then another three weeks in boot at 90 degree. A this time, my heel is elevated on styrofoam wedges. This has been such a positive experience for me. After reading hundreds of horror stories on the internet, I thought it would be helpful to tell a good result.

Wow its been a month since ive checked this blog. Worried im happy your doing well. I also want to say welcome to all the newly intiated members of the atr club. Jwiley i thought i was the only person on earth to rupture playing baseball lol i guess we do that lol. The protocal im on is super conservative.

Good thing i have my own. I walked without the boot 2 wks ago. Guess it wasnt used to the stepping motion but its fine now. I put my boot on when i leave the house. When i get where I need to go its off. I carry sandals with me and take it easy. I havent been started on strengthening exercises only motions. So according to my protocal, my 2 yr old sits on my lap,i put on spongebob and do calf raises with him.

Actually i started doing stand up calf raises in my doorway. I know i may sound crazy but thats me i guess. Listen to what your body tells u. The day after surgery i was moving my foot around in the splint. Where it hurt i stopped. Kept on till it didnt hurt anymore. I honestly did everything they told me not to. Spent many a night in the doghouse because i would upset my wife with my antics.

I want to get better. I would say im about 70 percent right now. I honestly feel that i would be half that if i didnt do things i did. I go see the doc Tuesday.

I know hes gonna look at it. If any one wants to scold me please do. Im not trying to be a hero or anything. So i know im stuck with atleast that. Take care everyone and best wishes in your recoveries. I went conservative treatment and at the advice of my doctor, was casted for 8 weeks.

Yesterday, I saw a new ortho since when I originally ruptured I was out of state and he removed the cast, said it was healed, although my calf-squeeze test was weak. Strange thing though is that he did NOT put me in a boot!! Only a splint with instructions to remove it 5 times a day and start moving my foot around to reclaim some mobility. No weight bearing for 2 more weeks. I have not heard of ONE person in all my searches that did not get fitted with a walking boot.

Is this unheard of? Is my doctor clueless? Bird, i think you should do additional test to check there is no gap formed and tendon is in correct tension - very important. Also heel lifts are very useful to reduce stress on tendon. If you are not using boot then heel lifts are a must until 12 weeks post op i think. From what my surgeon said it was a very straightforward surgery as it was not completely torn.

Hey everyone, so i graduated to 2 shoes this past week. Doc said i could ditch the boot. I was in 2 shoes for my 2 months anniversary of the rupture. Still out of work though. Gonna work on strength now with the pt. Just a little stiff if ive been on my feet and sit for a while. We can get through this guys. I know we will. Hi guys, My doctor said after the surgery: My healing has amazingly been very fast.

After week 3 I removed cast and started to apply some weight. Every day went better and better. I am now at week 6 and can walk carefully with my LP support or my boot. I want to conclude that the recovery is different for everyone.

So listen to yourself because the real patient knows better what is going on. I wish good recovery and be very carefully with your walking at the first weeks. My body was giving me warnings with pain and stiffness after I played tennis. But at 60 yrs old I thought it was as much old age as anything. With my Drs advice I opted for the conservative treatment i. I will see doc again on the 25th. My plan is to be in a walking boot by then as it is imperative that I return to work.

Do anyone have knowledge of what are the best options for walking boots? Hi Larry The ideal would be if you could find an orthotics centre where you could try a Vacocast and an Aircast but not sure if this is an option, it would seem that surgeons choose one or the other. Do as much research as you can, this achillesblog. The early rehab protocol from UWO used Aircast boots, think normofthenorth said that the Vacocast can speed up process. Thanks pop I am in the aircast boot now at a 35deg angle.

The Vacocast appears to me to be a better option and I will be trying to get this boot as well. Was running back on defense then got the ball back and swiveled to move on offense and I heard the infamous pop and turned around to see who kicked my foot.

My teammates drove me to the ER and I was out in a splint and set up to see the specialist the next day. Also started PT 3 weeks ago plus doing daily foot excercises at home.

I walk barefoot at home carefully and expect to be out of the boot next week. Thanks to everyone on this blog for keepinge from going insane when I first got injured and good luck to everyone! This blog has been a great read!

I was put in a walking boot with wedges to increase the angle right away and have continued with it. I was on crutches for the first week but this last week 2nd wk post op I have been PWB. My PT plan has me out of the boot around week 8. Thank you all for sharing your story! I am 30, ex college Bball player and have remained extremely active and competitive.

Tough mudders, spartan runs, half marathons. I still play Bball and coach. Anyway, I tore my Achilles had pain for a day, then it was sore. I had the surgery, no narcotics went with the epidural and took Tylenol for the next 2 days and was fine. I was put in a cast for a week and then the boot. I wanted to add, once I was in the boot I was able to be active in my daily life, this talk of being in bed for weeks is not only terrible for the muscles but also terrible for atrophy else where.

On week 3, I am able to do flexing and some light stretching. Also was able to wrap incesion and go into the pool for a good work out. The water felt great. I was told, just like in life, u get out of it rehab what I put into it. My doctor specialized in sports medicine and is the doctor for the several pro sports teams.

For those who are active and healthy, eating right becomes even more necessary to maintain weight so ur not adding anything more. Anyway bottom line, u can be the statistic like most or you can be the statistic that can move the line of average up because your determined to get back out there.

On week 3, like I said above, I was in the pool doing work outs but able to take the boot off and walk gingerly in normal shoes. But what made me the happiest was being able to drive tore righy achilles - obviously not driving with boot. I really hope this helps because I was very bummed by the talk of surgery and the time I would be away from being active and competitive.

I did mine playing netball and heard to extremely loud pops! It was like someone smashed the back of my leg with a bat…I went straight to ED and with one look they could see where the Achilles had detached.

I decided to have the surgery as the recovery time was going to be the same and the chance of it happening again much less. So the next day they operated with just a Nerve block down my leg and unfortunately I could feel when they cut into me. As soon as I made a groaning noise which I mustered up they knocked me out.

After I got clearance from the physical therapist to leave hospital I went home with a slab only with the angle of my foot pointed, which was out on in ED. Two weeks later same thing raised angle with another cast.

But way better than being stuck in the cast and using crutches which actually gave me Achilles tendinitis in my other leg.. So I got a knee scooter to help me be mobile especially around Xmas. I know id be devastated if I did this again… Thank god for mums hey lol goodluck to anyone going thru it… I feel ur pain!! But follw ur instructions: Hello all, Tore my left Achilles on January 18, playing a friendly if there is ever such a thing tennis game.

Surgery was on January Tomorrow is my first post surgery visit with my doctor. I hope to be able to walk gently with out a boot in two weeks. Hi Aran, You asked if you will be able to walk gently without a boot in 2 weeks after surgery. Rushing the healing process may lead to unwanted complications down the track eg. Patience is a virtue under this circumstance. Got my foot at the neutral position. Just walked my first very slow mile in joggers.

Doing swimming pool heel raises in chest deep water. Thompson test gives very positive results. Was in a hard splint 10 days, then a cast for 3 weeks. Moved me to a boot at 90 and told me to go pwb to fwb as tolerated with help of crutches if needed. By my 3rd day I was fwb no crutches. After a week of the boot I took it off and started walking in 2 shoes.

Really no pain to mention. Im slightly worried about lengthening the tendon or a re-rupture. My nxt appointment is on the 20th. Mason - I was moved to 2 shoes at 5. Initially in a soft splint for 2 weeks, then a boot for 3.

Two protocols often cited on this blog UWO and Exeter have people moving to two shoes around 6 weeks, is that right Norm? I can tell you that it was pretty easy to overdo it in that weeks period, and it was never apparent at the time - usually showed up the next day.

Wishing you a continued smooth recovery! Masons - I think you are pretty much on track time wise. The important thing is to be careful. Watch your step so to speak. You have to be very aware of every step you take up to around week Make sure you wear good motion control shoes.

Sorry to those Nike fans. I also had a couple of small wedges in my shoe to relieve the pressure a bit more and made a conscious effort to walk without a limp.

Shorter strides and keep it slow, gradually increasing both length and speed as you are able then taking a wedge out as you improve. If I walk really slow with small strides I can darn near pull off a walk without any limp. The leg and calf are def coming along. My nxt appointment is nxt week. Thanks for the feedback, and I look forward to hearing from others near my recovery.

I did this on February 5 and had surgery February No idea yet if I will be weight bearing or not. I am extremely athletic and was doing CrossFit. Today I just got out of a cast and into a walking boot. I ruptured my achillies similarly to a lot of you while playing basketball. Cept I think I might be a tad younger to the normal age of ruptured achillies. Which is super lame but what can you do. I can move my foot up and down. I can push off the leg and I can support my weight pounds.

Next week I have another doctors apointment to see how I am. And then I start PT. Gianni, if you can stand on your repaired leg with your full weight then you should be able to walk normally in the boot.

Do NOT get used to walking with your toes pointed out to the side! If your boot is well sized and adjusted, you should just be able to land on your heel and roll forward to your toe. You push your knee forward, and the boot transfers your weight to the front of your shin — doing the job your AT did until your ATR. Once you get used to it, you should be able to walk as fast as usual. Exactly what kobe bryant but not nearly as graceful. He performed the Thompson calf squeeze and to his surprise, my foot was giving him no response.

He then told me that it could be due to my calf being atrophied. Has this happened to others during the healing process?? My dr recasted my foot and and upped my remaining time in a cast from 4 to 5 weeks. I wish everyone that is going though this injury a speedy recovery! This is definitely a learning experience for me in more ways than one and I have a new appreciation for a body part that I had never even thought of before January 7th.

Good luck to all and God bless! Whether slowing down an ATR rehab helps or hurts in that situation is also a good question! The old logic was that slowing down ALWAYS helped, but now the evidence is clear that it usually hurts though more so for the non-op than the post-op.

The good news is that post-op ATRs seem relatively resistant to sub-optimal rehab schedules. Our bodies are such an amazingly complex combination of parts working together, it sometimes seems amazing that we survive, much less run and jump and all.

Day 2 after surgery and I can feel the swelling beginning. Def in more pain than right after op and yesterday. TVS…yes absolutely, on January 7th I heard the pop and felt the jolt. I layer down and put ice on my calf for 30 min. At the time I thought I had pulled my calf…. Day 3 after surgery. Pain is not too bad when foot is elevated however when foot is lowered I can feel the pain.

TVS…My Dr used stitches that were under the skin, there was nothing to remove except lots of small strips of tape on the outside of my skin. I briefly looked at my scar and it was nearly as bad as some of the pictures you can find on the internet. Then the hardest part is just adjusting your lifestyle around the cast and crutches.

Day 4 Pain has not been an issue while leg is rested but can still feel a little discomfort when up and about around the house on the walker. I have placed a seat in the tub and hang my leg outside the tub. It is a long process!! I am in great shape and it still takes a toll on me! I feel sorry for people who are really out of shape with this injury!!! What should I expect at my post surgery appt on Friday when they take my stitches out and put me in a boot?

Can I get my wound wet or not? Just got my stitches out yesterday, the doctors said the incision looked great. I was put into the boot and told to continue to use crutches, but I was allowed to let my leg rest on the ground.

I start physical therapy on Monday. Not allowed to submerge the wound in water, but am allowed to shower with it and get it wet.

I am getting use to the daily activities and able to do them faster but they still exhaust me!!!! Slept for like 6 consecutive hours out of the boot last night,was awesome. Foot feels pretty stiff, hopefully ROM and keeping it loose in and out of the boot will help. Good luck on the workout! You can do pushups on your knees instead of toes, with toes held off the ground.

Sleeping without the boot was heavenly. Hey guys, especially TVS, be careful getting it wet. I can go on and on about my story but really just wanna give you some quick pointers. I had to have 3 surgeries due to Ortho Dr saying it was ok to get it wet. And I was a prime candidate for a quick recovery as well. Dont smoke, barely drink, and use to run all the time. I have mesh in my leg and am still fighting the occasional infection.

So just be careful… All I could think about was getting back to working out and when would I be able to run again. Do NOT do anything that could possilby cause infection. What was your experience Shawn? Brian, About a month or so after my first surgery, my Ortho Dr said it was okay to get it wet. I had an area the size of a fifty cent piece that was questionable.

He had said that the tissue would fill itself it and that it was fine. Which led me to another surgery. And eventually a 3rd. But in the mean time, I tell everybody to be careful getting it wet. I have an Infectious Disease Dr I see who was able to get me healed up still more to that too. I had to put some extra padding on it but is so nice. Woke up with sharp pain in the curve of my heel of all places!

Would come and go. If the pain is near the back top of the heel where the AT attaches to it , then it may be AT-related. One theory is that we get referred pains from the AT there. Maybe you had a calf spasm in your sleep or otherwise stressed it? Let it knit now…. TVS, I was wanting to take a shower…one can only sit in the tub backwards with their leg hanging out for so long. But I had full trust in my Ortho Dr at that time.

He said it would be fine so I believed him. I was probably weeks post op at the time. It has not been constant throughout the day and not as painful as this morning.

Off and on moderate today!! The I walk free has been nice to use to get ready. Shave brush teeth etc. I love the ability to stand and use both hands. I am really able to move my toes up down and crunch them with no pain at all. I can feel my foot getting stronger day by day. I will be put in a boot Friday NWB but will be so nice to get out of the splint. It is driving me nuts being in this one just for a week!

I also had a wheeled office chair in the kitchen, so my breakfast food and coffee could make the trip from the counter to the table while I was on crutches. I actually shopped for a kneeling scooter-walker and almost bought one, but with bit.

Are any of you putting weight on your foot during recovery? Most studies that went slower did worse. Thanks a bunch for that thanks, RRR! Hi everyone, back after a few months. Those with recent ruptures - take heart. My journey gave me a new appreciation for people who deal with disabilities for life.

My stitches will also be removed then I go in a boot! Today with te help of the Iwalk I was able to go bowling with the kids. Everybody thinks I have a fake peg leg!

I got my stitches removed this am and the wound looks great! I could move my foot a bit but it was tight. They fit me in a boot but not the huge robo cop boot cause I wear a size 13 and with wedges inserted into the boot my toes were hanging out of the boot.

It works so well with my Iwalkfree. I am def not walking on it for a while but did any of you take the boot off and do exercises while sitting still during this NWB time with the boot? It seriously increases rerupture risk for non-op patients. I read the data can you give me a link to the exact rehab protocol they used in the study or what exactly you did?

And I followed it, except for the 2 exceptions in the footnotes - and the fact that I got 3cm of wedges instead of the prescribed 2cm as explained in my blog. I know you have done this many times on this blog but can you tell me what all goals, and in what timeframe, you were able to achieve using this protocol. My 2d ATR was non-op, 8 years after my first was repaired surgically.

My first OS and rehab were both super conservative He mostly replaced hips and knees , and my second one was fancier, more sports oriented, and quicker UWO quick.

The whole thing is on my blog. I returned to competitive volleyball around 10 months post-op after ATR 1. I would have done about the same after 2, except I needed some open heart surgery first. After a day of pain adjusting tobthe boot, Im now walking slowly unaided.

Doc is aiming for weeks to get the boot off. It is amazing just in two days how much stronger my foot is becoming. The same day of my stitches were removed I could barely put the foot down while walking with the walker. I have been doing seated calf raises also. That being said,if I rerupture my AT, I am going to cry!!!! My calf at AT would be so atrophied and tight. Aggressive and modern is good, but uncharted, Not So Much. And I used to think it was also worse, though that may be wrong. I have 3 wedges in my boot and can walk unassisted.

Walking in the boot is so awkward and tough cause it makes my bad leg 5 inches taller than my good leg. Leg and tendon feel great today. Still doing ROM exercises twice a day. FWB walking around in the boot with no discomfort at all. My ROM has improved dramatically since my first post op appt. I started to incorporate elastic band exercises in my PT but still not doing much DF exercises.

The guidlines really caution on not doing DF past neutral until 6 weeks even in aggressive rehab. I have been doing seated calf raises no weight until today. I put 20 pound dumbbell on knee today and did the raises. Elected to go non-surgical route. Or you could stop worrying about either and just have fun! Injured jumping out of bed during nightmare. FWB but walked too far and had to call for ride home.

First shower without plastic cover. No pain except bone in front of leg where it hits boot. K, the front of your shin is where the boot transfers all your weight when you use the boot properly, so it should get a lot of pressure.

Like any sore spot, your shin may keep hurting some even after you perfect the boot. You may be tempted to change your stride in various unnatural ways to give your shin a break. Developed thrombosis clot in the calf. Had to go to ER. Discharged on Xarralto for six months. Removed all the wedges in the boot and foot feels great.

Walking barefoot around house but not pushing off with injured foot. Still not moving foot past neutral dorsiflexion. TVS - just saw your progress. I also have a calf DVT and that has honestly made me more conservative. The pain when I stand up and move is pretty intense.

Have you just pushed through the pain?

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