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Phone Number 416-538-5457

The organization is working toward a biological cure for diabetes.

Pete Barbeck and 7th Son

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I have the number blocked but I can still go an see the messages and calls. I don't know this man but he's disgusting. In , there were Even more shocking, there may be as many as 8. With so many individuals being affected by diabetes in the United States, it is imperative that everything possible is done to maintain and improve their quality of life. Since living with diabetes involves managing a wide array of treatments, symptoms, and complications, it can be incredibly taxing trying to manage everything at once.

Diabetes Advocates go above and beyond to improve the quality of life of individuals living with diabetes. Not only does this involve coordinating care on an individual level, but also speaking with policy-makers, researchers, and non-profit organizations to ensure that people with diabetes are treated fairly in all aspects of life.

Many people with diabetes eventually suffer from additional complications, such as limitations in mobility due to nerve damage or problems with circulation. Additionally, the number of people with diabetes in the United States is rising.

By working with researchers and spreading information about the best ways to manage this condition, both newly diagnosed individuals and those that have been living with diabetes for many years can continue to enjoy the highest quality of life possible.

The job of a Diabetes Advocate is becoming even more important as the number of people being diagnosed continues to increase. In less than 40 years, the number of people diagnosed with diabetes worldwide jumped from million to million as a result of many different factors.

Here are the Diabetes Advocates we have selected to be recognized for their passion and dedication to their cause.

Unfortunately, children and youths die of undiagnosed Type 1 diabetes. BILT wants to stop that. Beta-o2 is developing the first artificial pancreas to allow people with Type 1 diabetes to eat without worrying so much about their insulin levels. The artificial pancreas creates a safe place for insulin-producing beta cells to produce insulin when it is needed. Sugar Medical was started in by Carolyn, which is a a Type 1 diabetic. Carolyn was inspired to launch Sugar Medical after a close diabetic family relative suffered through a pancreas transplant.

After witnessing the pain, she wanted to do something to help others take better control of their glucose numbers. She decided to create a functional, yet stylish line of bags for people to carry their diabetes supplies in.

Her goal was to encourage people with diabetes to test their blood sugars more often and carry their supplies with them daily.

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