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New gTLDs are being delegated regularly, but are there more to come? When is an image free of the constraints of copyright? How to look good in uniform. Congress is considering a bill that could provide a greater degree of uniformity to trade secret enforcement law in the US.

But how will it affect intellectual property? Harvest success in a field of chaos: Weighed and measured, but will it be found wanting? Not on the list? Kilian Lorenz of Meissner Bolte provides an extensive overview of how IP and anti-association laws can protect against ambush marketing.

Ambush marketing on and off the pitch. More trademarks in store for Apple. Down the rabbit hole. No more Aereo anymore. Spain has been famously dumped out the World Cup, the England team continue to disappoint fans, Belgium is emerging as a potential winner, and plenty more besides. Oh, and a trademark conference took place in Alicante recently.

CJEU introduces new rules in fight against fakes. Do we have to? With Alibaba Group planning to globalise its e-commerce platforms, should rights owners be worried? The flip side of the bitcoin. To address the threats posed by crypto-currencies, brands will need to once again invest resources in monitoring the abuse of their names and reputations online, say Bharat Dube and Genevieve Lakey of Strategic IP Information. Pieces of the cake. Whichever strategy and process a brand ends up employing, it is extremely important that they understand the basic fundamentals of the new gTLD programme, says Anthony Beltran of domain, Inc.

What function does patent licensing serve other than generating revenue? Jerome Becaas of Questel takes a look. Fuel for the fire. The US patent system is facing tough times. With emotions running high, it may be time to step back and take stock, as experts demonstrate. The EU and China are entering next phase of their intellectual property cooperation. Guardians of intellectual property. The corporation is in charge of the domain name system, but who is in charge of it?

Is trademark infringement becoming a business strategy? Plans A, B, C and beyond. Changes from the top. The UK Intellectual Property Office discusses reforms and implementations that it went through in to tackle issues such as online piracy. They may not come into direct contact with goods, but they are regularly found liable for trademark infringement in Serbia if the goods turn out to be counterfeit. A business modelled on patents.

Push pause, because Candy Crush Saga is living up to its name. Anti-patent litigation abuse legislation is flying through US Congress. You take it you bought it. A rep to protect. Domain names versus trademarks. Domain names are creating new challenges for Turkish trademark law, says Ersin Dereligil of Destek Patent. Lucy Rana of S.

Left, right or straight ahead? Here come the sunrise. There is no more time to prepare. New gTLDs are here. IPPro takes a look at the tools that trademark owners must use to protect their brands.

Call them what you like, but they do make for good reading. IPPro investigates the accusations and initiatives being levelled at non-practicing entities. IPPro considers their co-branding deal and the possible implications for their respective brands. Can new gTLDs be trademarks too? Thanks to one intellectual property paradox, massive popularity can actually damage a brand. IPPro takes a look at trademark genericide.

A dispute without a resolution. The case of one man enforcing his trademark has caused uproar online. IPPro finds out what happened. As two very different ways of recording technological progress, IP and standards have an interesting relationship. Mobile payments technology is mobilising investors from a range of industries. IPPro asks what this means for traditional financial service providers. New gTLDs are rapidly approaching. A panel of experts provided information and insight for brand owners during a recent webinar dedicated to the topic.

A case of indecision, or is software patentability really that complicated? IPPro takes a look at what the judges had to say. IPPro visits an ongoing debate. Hopelessly devoted to UDRP.

Parties in domain name disputes can take their cases to one of several ICANN-accredited bodies, giving rise to questions of consistency and forum shopping. South African law protects copyright owners from online infringement to a certain extent, but does it go as far as it should? IPPro takes a look. World IP Day Friday 26 April was about celebrating intellectual property, but what were its biggest moments in the last 12 months? IPPro looks at IP progress.

A time to reform. IPPro finds out more. Consumer liability in the counterfeits industry is a complicated issue. No one method has come out ahead in this new arena of needing consumer surveys to moderate the entire market value rule, say Gabriel Gelb and Betsy Gelb. The internet versus IP. Standing out in a cloud. The open source model is bringing cloud computing on leaps and bounds, but it does attract some unwanted attention.

The depths of the markets where fakers dwell. Brands must beware of the dark places where fakes are rife, says Ken Gamble of Internet Fraud Watchdog. Round one to Donuts. Delegation day is looming for the first new gTLD. Sweet dreams or so it seems. With new domain name endings planned to go live before the end of the year, ICANN is working to ensure that the rights of brands are protected.

IPPro takes a look at the Trademark Clearinghouse to find out more. Different avenues are open to brand owners wanting to reduce the amount of fakes that are available online, but one sticks out.

Surveys and witnesses to show confusion: Live and let pry. ICANN made it clear that trademark holders will be protected when more than gTLDs go live, but it still has work to do before this promise becomes reality, as Petter Rindforth of Fenix Legal reports. A liability in defence. A contentious piece of US legislation has been both a boon and a bane since its inception. Obtaining patent protection for business method and software inventions is tricky in familiar haunts such as the US and the EU, but what about Asia?

Vikrant Rana of S. Storing files online makes them easily accessible, and it appears to be the way forward for individuals and businesses. But does the service come at a price? The Russian internet comes of age. Real business in a virtual world. As the web becomes increasingly social, traditional IP communication and protection strategies risk becoming outmoded or ineffective. Tom Farrand of Novagraaf UK offers best-practice approaches in brand protection on social networks.

Share and share dislike. As counterfeiters shift their activities online, it is inevitable that these infringers will turn to the dark web to peddle fake goods. Justin Pierce of Venable explains. Laura Urquizu Red Points. Laura Urquizu, CEO of Red Points, gives her perspective on the counterfeit landscape and how the rise of the internet has been damaging to anti-counterfeiting efforts.

Daniel Greenberg, director of Lexsynergy provides an insight into the misleading world of homographic domain name spoofing, and discusses how brands can protect themselves from this growing issue. Julia Reda European Parliament.

A recent report from Nominet revealed that the number of. UK domain names suspended for criminal activity doubled in Nick Wenban-Smith, general counsel at Nominet, explains. Alan Behr Phillips Nizer. With emerging technologies, such as VR, breaking into the mainstream, already antique laws must rise to the occasion. Alan Behr of Phillips Nizer explains more. Many lawyers want to work pro bono in order to make a difference. But in IP, it can be a challenge. Mark Dugdale speaks to Brian Beckham, head of its internet dispute resolution section, to find out about the latest guidelines.

Mozilla sits on the fence between tech provider and advocacy group, a position that has only served to reinforce strong internal opinions about the Digital Single Market initiative. Decades of bad behaviour have taken their toll on intellectual property, but the Center for IP Understanding, led by Bruce Berman, is attempting to change that.

Detective Chief Inspector Peter Ratcliffe, who leads the unit, explains. President Bob Barchiesi explains. Dreyfus recently held a seminar on trademarks and domain names in Iran as international brands look toward the country for opportunities. Nathalie Dreyfus reveals what was discussed, and how brands can benefit.

The CBBC and the owner of WeChat have signed a memorandum of understanding to do more in the fight against infringement. Theresa Swinehart, senior advisor to the president on global strategy at the corporation, explains how this changing of the guard will affect the DNS.

Bart Mortelmans of bNamed. Hady Khawand Saba IP. Accidental infringement is rife in software, but can turn it into an opportunity that pays, according to Joseph Noonan, president and CEO of V.

Bob Barchiesi of the International AntiCounterfeiting Coalition provides an update on the fight against counterfeiting, and previews the Spring Conference in Florida. Gary Fisher and Steve Machin of Accent Media discuss the inception of Domains Watch, the new anti-cybersquatting service from the registry behind.

Dominic Young Copyright Hub. Dominic Young of the Copyright Hub checks in to provide an update on how the licensing project is going. Charlie Abrahams of online brand protection specialist MarkMonitor explains how trademark owners can fight back against infringement. Tobias Cohen Jehoram of De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek explains why arbitration has proven to be an effective means of recovering domains in Europe. John Stanton Communications Alliance.

Christian Mammen Hogan Lovells. Perhaps not, according to Christian Mammen of Hogan Lovells. Each jurisdiction has its own enforcement methods and practices, and Russia is a testament to that. Elisa Cooper of MarkMonitor has been tracking the rise of the dark net, where conventional anti-counterfeiting strategies may not be the best bet.

Snap and share your photographs with abandon because infringing image rights might just be a thing of the past, if a new licensing app is anything to go by. Dominic Young of new licensing venture the Copyright Hub explains. AIPPI president Felipe Claro discusses issues the association has faced in the last 12 months, and what it plans to do during its annual congress.

The duties and responsibilities of intermediary service providers are coming under review in the EU, as Neil Parkes of Foot Anstey explains. Shirley Kwok Ribeiro Hui. Trademark hijackers are still a problem in China, and brands have to work hard to get their rights back, says Shirley Kwok of Ribeiro Hui BSA The Software Alliance general counsel Jodie Kelley explains why protecting software is more about effective licensing than anything else. Steve Baik Sidley Austin.

An appeal launched against an International Trade Commision decision resulted in failure for the complainant. Where did LSI Corporation go wrong? Brands are finally moving forward with their new gTLD applications, says Ben Crawford, whose registry services business CentralNic is helping them along.

Emmanuel Harrar Harbour Technologies. IPzen is a state-of-the-art tool for the management and protection of trademarks and domain names, according to its designer, Emmanuel Harrar. Iceland is the latest country to issue injunctions against ISPs to force them to block access to copyright infringing websites. The Covered Business Method Patents review programme is well into its second year. Zarif Imam Iceberg Capital Partners.

Zarif Imam of Iceberg Capital Partners looks at where the smartphone market might go next, following a period of intense litigation Following the World Cup , FIFA reveals that it was a job well done as far as its sponsors are concerned, and why fake tickets continue to plague events.

Registries are considering introducing their own services to complement the TMCH. Matthieu Aubert of Mailclub examines the possible consequences. The TMCH has achieved major milestones since its inception. Jan Corstens and Jonathan Robinson reveal more. Alex Genadinik, founder of entrepreneur app developer Problemio, reveals how independent developers go about their IP business. Prathiba Singh Senior advocate.

Donuts is using private auctions to resolve gTLD application contentions. Kay Rupprecht Meissner Bolte. Marshall Phelps Article One Partners. Crowdsourced patent research is a novel idea. Jas Purewal Osborne Clarke. What is happening with the Madrid system for international trademark registrations? Do you really need IP to manage an online brand? Who should answer for online breaches of copyright?

Christopher Riley Bingham McCutchen. Christopher Riley recently joined Bingham McCutchen as a partner. IPPro finds out why internet companies are susceptible to mergers and acquisitions, and what they need to bear in mind during negotiations. Ken Hansen and Jeff Neuman Neustar. Stephen McCue Keystone Law. Dean Pelletier Ocean Tomo. Dean Pelletier, who recently joined Ocean Tomo as head of its new trade secret management and monetisation practice, shares his insights on trade secrets with IPPro.

IPPro hears what he has to say. IPPro talks to Shaun Sherlock of international IP consultancy Novagraaf about his move to the firm, and how retailers are shedding their physical domains for something more digital. John Kern Oblon, Spivak. IPPro talks to John Kern, who recently brought his patent prosecution group to Oblon Spivak, about drafting, boutiques, technology making his job harder and the America Invents Act. Keith Roberson 3D Printing. IPPro talks to Keith Roberson of 3D Printing about a new generation of printing and an online platform that will allow brands and content creators to embrace it.

Articles 11 and 13 will be difficult to enforce warns panellist 21 September Paris Reporter: Only a small number of copyright infringing websites are located on servers within the EU, according to an EU Intellectual Property Office report.

French senator raises concerns over plain packaging 19 September Paris Reporter: Consumers choose copycat products on thematics 19 September Paris Reporter: Consumers are more likely to choose a copycat product based on its thematics, rather than its features or type, according to Femke Van Horen, associate professor at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. Monster Energy has lost a trademark registration opposition against the National Basketball Association at the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore.

Europol has arrested four individuals suspected of supplying pirate TV streaming services. Maximum prison terms for counterfeit drug sellers ranges dramatically across Europe 12 September Brussels Reporter: A European Commission report into counterfeit medicines has found that the maximum prison sentence for the criminal involvement in the falsification of medicines ranges considerably across the EU.

EU parliament votes to adopt controversial copyright directive 12 September Brussels Reporter: Ben Wodecki and Barney Dixon. Two individuals in the UK have been arrested on suspicion of supplying pirate TV streaming services. One of the biggest pirate apps for Android, Terrarium TV, has announced that it will be closing down. World Suicide Awareness Day: Family who ran counterfeit drug business jailed 10 September London Reporter: Three members of a family in the UK have pleaded guilty to producing counterfeit drugs for sale online.

A trademark appeal by a German souvenir association over the name of a castle in Germany has been dismissed by the Court of Justice of the European Union. Denmark opts for a weak squad as image right dispute continues 06 September Copenhagen Reporter: Burberry ends its product destruction policy 06 September London Reporter: Anti-counterfeiting pharma packaging market to grow by 12 percent by 05 September New York Reporter: The global anti-counterfeiting pharmaceutical packaging market will grow by Oracle has secured a permanent injunction against Rimini Street, banning it from support practices that are violation of copyright laws.

Ecommerce platforms will be responsible for counterfeits in new Chinese legislation 04 September Beijing Reporter: The government of China has introduced legislation that will hold ecommerce platforms responsible for third parties selling counterfeit goods on their sites.

Filmmakers announce support copyright directive at Venice film festival 03 September Venice Reporter: South Africa customs officials shut down fake food shops 31 August Johannesburg Reporter: Monsta wins in Monster trademark dispute 31 August London Reporter: Dutch beer giant Heineken has hit back at claims that counterfeit versions of its products are being sold in South Africa. The University of Detroit Mercy School of Law has created a new online non-JD certificate program to encourage individuals and organisations to safeguard their IP assets.

Link tax wording must be maintained, say European publishers 28 August Brussels Reporter: A company that focuses on the social and emotional development of children has filed an appeal in a copyright infringement dispute with Disney over its film Inside Out. Instagram filters and retrieves infringing domain 24 August Geneva Reporter: Instagram has recovered an infringing domain following a dispute at the World Intellectual Property Organization Arbitration and Mediation Center.

Consumers in the English city of Peterborough are being urged to stay vigilant by local authorities after counterfeit goods were discovered at a car boot sale. Dentons has appointed Bety Javidzad as partner in its litigation and dispute resolution practice. AWA has announced the appointment of six new intellectual property professionals to its host of Scandinavian offices. Withers and Rogers has announced the promotion of six senior associates and four associates.

Michael Best has acquired Modus Law as part of its expansion into Colorado. The US Patent and Trademark Office has invited citizens to submit a 30 to second video to educate consumers on the harmful effects of counterfeits products. Tianhai obtains judgement in lace dispute 20 August Tianjin Reporter: International lace manufacturer Tianhai has obtained a judgement in a copyright infringement lawsuit against street clothing retailer Reiss.

Wubba Lubba Dub Snub: A Rick and Morty themed pop-up bar has been forced to shut down one day after opening following a copyright dispute with Cartoon Network and Turner Broadcasting. Retro video game emulator website, the Iso Zone, has shut down as a result of growing pressure from rightsholders.

UMG Recordings has claimed that Grande Communications is ineligible for safe harbour protections in a dispute between the two. Domain name registration boom continues, according to Verisign report 17 August Virginia Reporter: Almost million domain names were registered across all top-level domains in Q2 , according to a Verisign report.

Hasbro and DC Comics have settled a trademark dispute over the term Bumblebee. Shutts and Bowen has added Woodrow Pollack as partner in its intellectual property practice group. DISH Network secures dishnet. DISH Network has secured a victory in a trademark infringement dispute over dishnet. Yamaha retrieves infringing domain following dispute 16 August Geneva Reporter: Disney has received a mixed ruling in its lawsuit against Characters For Hire, with its trademark infringement claims dismissed.

The US, UK and Germany have been identified as the most prolific live streaming piracy hotspots based on average monthly unique visits, according to a new report from Irdeto. Dickinson Wright hires experienced tech attorney 15 August Austin Reporter: Australian online consumer survey shows increase in lawful streaming 14 August Canberra Reporter: Social media giant Facebook has added IPTV streaming boxes to its prohibited content list as part of its commerce policy. Nutramax Laboratories has targeted counterfeiters selling hazardous version of its pet supplements on Amazon.

Bayer has reclaimed bayercosmetics. Man sentenced to eight months for karaoke piracy 10 August Manchester Reporter: A man has been sentenced to eight months suspended after pleading guilty to copyright offences at Manchester Crown Court. Montgomery McCracken has hired Alfred Zaher and Shawn Li as partners in its newly formed intellectual property department.

The CJEU has ruled that a website needs permission from the copyright owner of an image before it can use the image, even if the image is available elsewhere.

Web video sites rising in popularity, says Irdeto 09 August Netherlands Reporter: Latham and Watkins has hired Rachel Weiner Cohen as counsel in its litigation and trial department. Energy drink maker Monster has claimed ownership of a domain that it claimed infringes its trademarked name in its entirety. Full costs means paying the full costs and no less, according to Oracle in a response to a writ of certiorari from Rimini Street.

Aloha Poke causes trademark outrage 07 August Chicago Reporter: Music piracy down among Brits 06 August London Reporter: Illegal music downloading among British people has dropped by 18 percent compared to five years ago, according to a YouGov report.

Marks and Clerk promote practitioner to partner 02 August London Reporter: Marks and Clerk has promoted Gina Lodge to partner in its London office. UK spirit trademarks soar due to artisan products 01 August London Reporter: The number of trademarks registered for spirits and liqueurs in the UK has risen by 41 percent according to law firm RPC.

Prospective trademark owners can file a notice of opposition based on a mark 31 July Luxembourg Reporter: Prospective trademark owners can file a notice of opposition based on a mark, according to a landmark ruling from the Court of Justice of the European Union. Research conducted by American software company Code42 has found that nearly three-quarters of CEOs have taken intellectual property from a former employer.

A small clothing brand from Australia has successfully halted Nike from infringing a trademark used in an advertising campaign. International law firm DWF has opened a new intellectual property department in its Paris office with the appointment of litigation partner Simon Christiaen. Rimon Law has hired Patrick Kuehl as partner in its litigation and intellectual property teams. Ikea recovers domain from kitchen fitter 27 July Geneva Reporter: Swedish furniture giant Ikea has claimed ownership of an infringing domain from an alleged Ikea kitchen installer.

Minecraft game publisher Mojang AB, and its owner Microsoft, has argued ownership of a domain that allegedly sold counterfeit Minecraft merchandise. Embedding preview images is not copyright infringement, says German court 26 July Berlin Reporter: Intellectual property litigation in the US is driven by patent infringement, with over 5, cases taking place annually, according to a Willis Towers Watson report.

Chinese customs have seized over seven million suspected counterfeit items in the first half of according to official data. The term Cocky is no longer embroiled in a trademark dispute between the author of a romantic novel series and an ex-patent lawyer turned Sci-Fi writer. The UK Intellectual Property Office has issued new guidance to warn consumers of fake car parts due to a marked increase highlighted by the UK Government.

KitKat trademark battles takes a break after latest ruling 25 July Luxembourg Reporter: Questel acquires big data firm Expernova 25 July Paris Reporter: Intellectual property service providers Questel has acquired scientific big data firm Expernova. Law firm Foley and Lardner, along with The Esports Observer, has found that intellectual property is the second biggest concern for industry participants. American Family recover domains from company critic 24 July Geneva Reporter: Insurance company American Family has claimed ownership of seven domains which were registered to criticise the company.

A copyright dispute between a potter, a flatulent unicorn and Elon Musk has been settled. Marlboro regains infringing domain from brand fan 23 July Geneva Reporter: American cigarette manufacturers Marlboro has won the rights to a domain that infringes its trademarked name from a Chinese individual. German discount supermarket Lidl has recovered two homographic domains that were used to offer fraudulent raffles for in-store vouchers.

Clothing brand Burberry has admitted it destroying its unsold products to protect its intellectual property. The UK government has given further reassurances to business that EU intellectual property rights will continue to be protected in the UK post-Brexit, and in a further development, at no-cost.

Several UK pubs have been fined for illegally showing Sky Sports in their premises. A man who was illegally streaming English Premier League football has been jailed for five years and three months.

Pet insurance company Pet Plan has claimed ownership of healthypetsplans. Lego has recovered three domains that were specifically targeting its 60th anniversary. YouTube releases new copyright match tool 16 July California Reporter: YouTube has released a new copyright match tool that finds re-uploaded content on other channels. International computer maker Dell has emerged victorious in a UDRP dispute over four infringing domains.

Mutual recognition of professional qualifications will be sought post-Brexit 12 July London Reporter: Europol seizes tonnes of counterfeit pesticides 12 July The Hague Reporter: Europol, along with the support of the European Anti-Fraud Office has seized tonnes of counterfeit pesticides, the largest ever pesticides seizure carried out by Europol.

Virgin Galactic again targeted by domain infringers 11 July Geneva Reporter: Kilpatrick Townsend adds new partner 11 July California Reporter: Telecommunications company Orange has signed a memorandum of understanding with Europol to prevent cybercrime. China has broken into the top 20 most innovative economies with Switzerland retaining its number one spot in the Global Innovation Index GII. Free trade zones and corrupt economies drive counterfeit exports 10 July Alicante Reporter: High levels of corruption and poor intellectual property protection are just some of the factors that influence the degree of exports of fake goods from an economy, according to a report from the EU Intellectual Property Office.

Rosenbaum IP has hired Jason Schmitz as shareholder and chair of its intellectual property transactions and global brand management practice groups.

A Boston based public TV and radio station has filed counterclaims in a trademark lawsuit against the former host of a public TV woodworking show it produces.

A YouTube guitar teacher was on the receiving end of a copyright infringement claim for a track that he owned. Pirate Bay blocking order sent back to lower court 06 July Amsterdam Reporter: A group of intellectual property attorneys has formed a new law firm, Peroff Saunders. Online infringement levels have gone down by seven percent for 16 to year-olds according to a report from the UK Intellectual Property Office. EU copyright reform has been sent back to the drawing board in a vote.

Global investment firm Gordon Brothers has purchased the clothing brand Bench and all its related intellectual property assets. Celebrity vegan chef Chloe Coscarelli has filed another lawsuit against her former business partners over alleged trademark and copyright infringement.

Snap recover porn exchange domain name 02 July Geneva Reporter: Snap Inc has claimed ownership of snapfuck. Facebook-owned virtual reality company Oculus has had its financial penalties halved in its copyright dispute with ZeniMax Media. Swedish intellectual property firm AWA has acquired domain name company Dotkeeper. Novagraaf adds experienced trademark attorney 27 June London Reporter: Novagraaf has hired Philip Harris as managing director of trademarks in its London, Manchester and Norwich offices.

Chinese customs has seized large amounts of counterfeit World Cup sportswear products in Ningbo. Advertising sector unite to quash counterfeit ads 26 June Brussels Reporter: Companies from the advertising sector have signed a memorandum of understanding on online advertising and intellectual property rights IPR.

Cameron Intellectual Property has relocated its headquarters to Glasgow city centre. Snap snaps infringing domains 26 June Geneva Reporter: European publishers applaud parliament over copyright reforms 25 June Brussels Reporter: Game developer Bethesda has filed a lawsuit against Warner Bros and Behaviour Interactive regarding the Westworld mobile game.

EU copyright reform passes first stage 22 June Brussels Reporter: Drinker Biddle and Reath has hired David Higer as partner to its intellectual property group in its Chicago office. Hollywood juggernauts face motion-capture lawsuit 21 June California Reporter: FIFA has announced it will take action against an alleged illegal broadcaster showing World Cup games. Chinese customs officials have seized 4, counterfeit World Cup items.

Intellectual property brands need to start moving away from making IT tools for the sake of making them, according to Sara Amini, senior project officer at the World Intellectual Property Organization. ChIPs, an American non-profit organisation, has launched the Rachel Krevans Scholarship for female law students interested in a career in intellectual property.

Friday the 13th game in copyright hot water 12 June Kentucky Reporter: The studio behind Friday the 13th: The Game has cancelled all future downloadable content as the result of a copyright lawsuit. Dr Martens has secured rmartensromania. Amazon, eBay, and Fruugo are being misused by counterfeit sellers, exposing consumers to substandard and suspected recalled electrical goods according to an investigation by Electrical Safety First.

Whirlpool sues Pricebreak over refrigerator filter infringement 06 June Texas Reporter: Whirlpool has sued Pricebreak for selling counterfeit water filters for refrigerators. Faze Apparel has filed a lawsuit against esports team FaZe Clan over alleged trademark infringement. Cocky author faces trademark dispute 04 June New York Reporter: Michael Best adds experienced attorneys 04 June Denver Reporter: Coordinated approach to dark web crime is needed, says Europol 31 May Alicante Reporter: European Law enforcement agencies met at Europol headquarters to discuss a coordinated approach to tackle crime on the dark web.

The US will implement investment restrictions and enhanced export controls for Chinese persons related to the acquisition of industrially significant technology. The US FCC has written to eBay and Amazon, asking the two ecommerce companies to halt the sale of illegal set-top boxes from their platforms.

Venable adds experienced attorney as partner 31 May Los Angeles Reporter: Venable has hired Sarah Brooks as partner in its intellectual property litigation practice in Los Angeles. SnapDragon launches automated brand monitoring platform 30 May London Reporter: Legal tech company SnapDragon has launched automated brand monitoring platform Swoop to combat counterfeiters.

The Intellectual Property Office has named Tim Suter as the new chair of its steering board, with immediate effect. Free trade zones suffer from regulatory oversight and a lack of clear government regulations, according to INTA panellists. Hogan Lovells has hired Burkhart Goebel as the new head of its intellectual property practice, effective 1 July. A seller of illegal TV devices has been sentenced to 10 months imprisonment for re-offending after being prosecuted and sentenced for the same crime in Brand professionals must change perceptions 21 May Seattle Reporter: Warburg Pincus has sold intellectual property management service ipan to Castik Capital.

Rimon has hired Maxim Waldbaum as partner in its New York office. Premier League tackles illegal stream suppliers 16 May London Reporter: Australia commits to safe harbour expansion 14 May Canberra Reporter: Two Danish telecommunication Internet Service Providers ISP has won the right to refuse the disclosure of information of suspected pirating customers.

Bayer wins domain dispute 10 May Geneva Reporter: Lemony Snicket author wins domain dispute 10 May Geneva Reporter: Cocky book author hit with trademark cancellation 09 May Virginia Reporter: Counterfeit integrated circuit seller arrested 08 May Los Angeles Reporter: The owner of a US electronic components distributor has been arrested for allegedly selling counterfeit integrated circuits, some of which could have been used in military applications.

Under Armour has filed a lawsuit against Armore Fitness over alleged trademark infringement. Alibaba alliance triples in size with renewed brand confidence 08 May Hangzhou Reporter: Europol has seized over 20, counterfeit packages containing watches, phones and medicine as part of the largest European law enforcement ever. Nicki Minaj sued over t-shirt design 04 May California Reporter: American rapper Nicki Minaj has been sued for copyright infringement over a t-shirt design. Online world makes enforcement harder 03 May London Reporter: Counterfeit automotive parts are becoming more available and harder to enforce in the online world, according to a speaker at the MarkMonitor Spring Symposium in London.

Online pirates need to change tactics 03 May London Reporter: Online pirates showing live football will need to change their tactics in the face of increased enforcement efforts, according to panellists at the MarkMonitor Spring Symposium in London. Brands should think outside the box 02 May London Reporter: Brands should think outside of the box to combat counterfeiters, according to a panellist at the MarkMonitor Spring Symposium in London. Proactive enforcement is key 02 May London Reporter: There will always be those who want to infringe brands, making proactive enforcement key, according to a speaker at the MarkMonitor Spring Symposium in London.

Reddit defeats opponent in domain dispute 01 May Geneva Reporter: Australian trademark applications grow by 7 percent 01 May Canberra Reporter: Red Bull locked in trademark dispute 01 May Columbia Reporter: Energy drink giant Red Bull has filed a trademark infringement lawsuit against a wholesale company over the alleged importation of grey market goods. Megalinks sub-Reddit shut down 01 May California Reporter: A sub-Reddit dedicated to sharing links, many of which lead to copyright infringing content, has shut down after a warning from Reddit administrators.

Haseltine Lake has promoted three intellectual property attorneys. The Canadian Government has announced a new intellectual property strategy, including the creation of legislation for the governance of patent and trademark agents. The IACC has signed a memorandum of understanding with Amazon in an effort to strengthen collaboration and anti-counterfeiting efforts. Zara stuck in the dryer over sock infringement 26 April Sandton Reporter: A South African fashion brand has accused Zara of copying a pattern and reproducing it on a pair of socks.

ResearchGate signs agreement with academic publishers 25 April Berlin Reporter: ResearchGate has signed a cooperation agreement with several academic publishing groups to fight against copyright infringement. Virgin claims Galactic domain 25 April Geneva Reporter: Papa Johns takes slice out of typosquatter 25 April Geneva Reporter: Disney Sabbac use 'unauthorized' says card game maker 24 April California Reporter: The Chartered Institute of Trademark Attorneys has released a new guide on contentious trademark registry proceedings.

Monkey selfie case ends 24 April San Francisco Reporter: Counterfeit clothing market trader found guilty 23 April Skegness Reporter: In private or in public? The moderation team of Sexting Free ensures respect for people and the authenticity of our members, we recommend not to provide personal information and use exclusively Sexting Free to communicate with other users. Welcome The only website to share ephemeral sexy photos and videos in the world.

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