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I have never had a problem before with any other car hire company regarding car insurance in Spain , and as for it being a scam, I was told this by the insurance company I had originally insured the vehicle with.

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I said the truth. These guys that I had been coming across sounded very desperate and needy. How does one fall in love with someone they had never met? I handed over suggestions of meeting others through conventional methods. You don't know what you will end up getting on a website. The website is a costume party full of desperate people looking for mates. One doesn't know if they're for real or not.

There are too many people who got themselves tangled up in these situations. By the way I. Not such a great loss. Most if not all of the users are fro. Ghana and are asking for money. There is no one from the states on there. I hate that website is a fake scam it will ask where you leave so I had different women number on that website right they where all scammer trying to get money out of me. And the othere thing is there are three popular women pictures who constantly pop up with different names and wen you confront them about it they all try to convince you thats really them and they got the same sorry excuse that there phone is faulty that it got wet but it can only text they cant talk on it or take pictures but it texts.

Then if you try to call it its always some goggles service msg. Yes this is so true what Timothy said the majority of these women are from Ghana and after a couple of days they are trying to put there hands in your pocket and no woman on this site is from the US some of them are men using pictures off the Internet and creating a fake profile there are also certain pictures of woman that are used on 15 different profile this site is definitely a fraud.

I realized site was fraudulent when I found the same women from different towns, and many women from my small town where I know of all the women who live here. Thnaks for your input Don. We have foudn the exact same thing as you have when on Flirchi. I have had my experience with this " so called dating site" and let me tell you, this is a huge scam.

Every single one of them don't live here in the United States and every single one of them want you to send them money and if you look at the pics real good, they use the same pic for different names and women. Sorry my english are not the best. Anyway how can I cancel my account in flirchi? We are representing the Flirchi Support Team! We will answer within 3 hours tops. We have no bots on our project! We implemented the beautiful system of mass activity, whenever a user has an insufficient incoming activity and vice versa, you get users who are matching your criteria while making the process of registration.

We will appreciate any feedback for our project, as we care about our clients and will make every effort to become better. Thank you for your consideration and attention. This makes it hard to believe it was indeed a real person behind it. The scam buster is when u do pose a question to these 'bots ladies', they either do not reply or they reply with only emoji's. No matter what flirchi says it's a scammers paradise! I've met at least a hundred women on there,all in Ghana! They say born and raised in USA but moved there cuz bf cheated with best friend or parents inheritance, then in a matter of minutes their asking for money,phone,web can,calling cards,computer.

Its a fucking joke. I also was on this site and because there are alot of woman from Ghana. Some of the people on this site are real but its a very little amount. You have to look real hard to find a real one. Otherwise they are all site operated bots that will tell you to come message them on Facebook and will give you the exact same responses to questions as each other.

Later on he faked her kidnapping told me he was going to shoot her in the back of the head. I called the police womenan was found safely in orlando florida but police knew they were protecting him she was scared of him what he was going to do.

The guy dressed in all black was a black male wearing gangster colors the girl wore her hair back like black girls do meaning she only dated black men probably. It appears this girl was controlled by him was a victim of mental and physical abuse trying to get out does not know how to get out.

This ordeal dragged on for almost 9 months. Finally a member of her family contacted me and thanked me for trying to help her. She is in trouble this guy stalks her beats her and uses mental deception to control her. I am very proud what I did to help her. I called police put a missing report in for Stacy Walters and they put it in the system if she goes missing to know who to contact.

Apparently She reached out for help when she could but was only allowed to talk to me a little bit. It was confirmed she knew me by her family member and was hoping someone would help her but did not tell her own family. Our users are young, active people, who like to be in trend, with bright ideas and open for everything new.

With new free application Flirchi for iPhone you will open new dating and communication opportunities. In our application, you can make a subscription to Premium account, with the following settings available to you: You can choose the most convenient period of subscription: Subscription price - 11,99 USD - 3 months. Subscription price - 23,99 USD - 1 year.

Subscription price - 64,99 USD. All of these methods can be renewed automatically. Payment will be charged to your iTunes Account at the confirmation of your subscription. If a user wishes to unsubscribe, he or she must do so no later than 24 hours before, the expiration of the subscription. The payment for the renewal of the subscription will be charged within 24 hours of the end of the period.

Cancellation of the current subscription is not possible during the active subscription period. Products Intelligence Connect Free vs. Welcome to App Annie! Gave us the keys of the vehicle, told us where to go, no one came to check car was not marked at all, but on returning the vehicle looked over the car practically with a magnifying glass, then just told us "you can go now", how nice! This is the Iceland forum, try posting on the Malaga forum. First I would like to explain that Flizzr is a new Company, it is in fact related to Sixt and has just started in some places like Malaga and Iceland.

This is why the Information on the Website is not too much. As we are so young, we are working hard to improve many things as the signposting, the Information displayed on the wholesaler vouchers, etc but No scam for sure!! Regarding LEG23 comments we always try to explain everything in Detail and we do recommend to have insurance directly with us because this is the only way to have real peace of mind.

Nevertheless the customer has always the last word!! We always check the car very carefully for damages at return so we make sure all small scratches are on our records for the next customer,If needed, our staff is always available to have a second look with you if you request it. In reply to Rocio N, if you recommend purchasing car insurance at the desk upon collection of the vehicle, then when you hire a car online the recommendation to buy car insurance at the same time should be removed, and you should tell customers to buy the car insurance upon collection of the vehicle.

I have never had a problem before with any other car hire company regarding car insurance in Spain , and as for it being a scam, I was told this by the insurance company I had originally insured the vehicle with. Thanks for your reply, but as for trust, we will use the car hire company we usually use in future and not Flizzr. All of your saved places can be found here in My Trips. Log in to get trip updates and message other travelers. Flizzr car rental - Any experience? Browse forums All Browse by destination.

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