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This Review Explains How Uses Fake Profiles To Scam People

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Along the same lines is the "browsed you" con. This section of the site shows who has browsed your profile. Once again using automated software programs they can make it appear as if you are very popular and countless women are browsing your dating profile. This is all a trick to get you to upgrade to communicate back to the fictitious women. We personally received 22 fake winks and fake profiles views see evidence below. You have almost a zero chance of meeting real women.

You can always create a free account on the site and see if your results are different that ours but it is unlikely. Thank you for this review but if now i would like to erase my sexintouch account, how can a proceed. But, they continue to pump out new dating scams on a regular basis. It costs them nothing to […]. I great you first and i do have somthing to ask…. Is it suspicious after 2 days I received messages do its sounds like fake, so before paying I whant to know if Im gone loose time and money, because the succes is so fast, so for sure I whant to go in for discover all this girls but if its a robot isn't cool!!

The new thing theyve developed is a verification, and validation system in order to protect the girls you want to hook up with. It works like this: To verify your I'D you need to follow a link to an affiliates website and create an account there.

They tell you that it'll cost nothing because you're already a paying member on sexintoutch. But they need the verification from the affiliate in order to determine your identity. They'll tell that it looks like you're going to pay, but if you hit the green button "verify only" after filling in your card details you will not be billed.

There is no green button. When you tell them that they say: You will be charged. But when I wrote a very angry mail,in capital letters, pointing out some suspicious details they agreed on cancelling all of them and give me refund. Even the "girls that you want hook up with are involved in mailing directions for verification.

So, I went on for about one day trying to get a verification but my card issuer were obviously smarter than me because I got rejected all the time.

That's when i got mad so they backed down and gave me the verification. But then I needed to validate the verification through the same procedure as for the verification.

So I went into another carousel of links and new memberships. That went on for another day. At last i got so tired of it all that I told my date that I'll give up. It was by then that I realised there was something fishy about it all.

Traffic is awesome, I feel people are more generous with there tipping. Payments are on time but not being able to direct deposit without paying a huge fee is an inconvenience. Support has been good. I had a problem with my first private not showing up token wise.

I emailed support they gave me the token credit for the private with no hassles, and in a timely manner. Due to the token issue I have give the software only 3 stars. I love all the different apps they have, but what i don't like is that once u started one, u can't modify it, just stop it and start it again.

The site overall is pretty cool, in terms of the members being awesome and having frequent visitors. Being a bbw though, it isn't the best site for me unless you are a sex crazed bondage freak! It's kind of overrated in some ways.. Chaturbate is my home and I love it there! There's an amazing sense of community and everything is so lovely The traffic there is fantastic. I can easily get hundred people in my room just talking clothed! And over a thousand if I'm actually performing, haha Support is great, they got back to me right away about an issue I had.

However you need to email Shirley rather than contact support who will just give you a ticket and you'll have to wait in line. I haven't gotten a payment yet from them but the payout date is coming up soon so I should! If it does not, there honestly does not seem much hope for cancelling this scam other than getting a new card. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. How To Delete Your Iwantu. Touch your Apple ID which is located at the top of your screen.

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