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Videos five and six involve British guys getting stripped by the female entertainment: Videos seven and eight involve more British busty strippers performing at home parties: Videos eleven and twelve involve guys stripped by strippers in Russian nightclubs: Videos thirteen and fourteen feature guys stripped and humiliated by two strippers on stages: Also to remind you all, like Mr.

T says, you should treat your Mother right!! Video seven takes place in a bar, whereas the action in video eight occurs at a public gay pride event of some sort around a TON of grabby women. Video ten features a guy dancing around in his underwear, who gets depantsed by his friend in full view of a group of laughing women.

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Videos thirteen and fourteen feature very pretty girls taking part in the depantsing fun. Then wrapping up the post are videos fifteen and sixteen, involving younger women taking part in the surprise exposure of a guy.

Video fifteen is a quick Vine clip of a girl depantsing a guy with no underwear at a concert. I hope you enjoy these amateur guys getting stripped CFNM clips. Or, perhaps posting some hardcore amateur couple CFNM situations. Which would YOU rather see first?? Let me know in the comments!! However, I know that male stripper CFNM is a huge favorite of not just mine, but many of you out there. So clip one below consists of male stripper Jeff getting jerked off by multiple women in the audience.

Clip three features Poison giving a private home party performance for a group of fun mature women. Clip four features a crowd favorite, Anaconda, who literally gets his enormous cock played with by about 15 different amateur women there at the show! Following these first four clips are six more clips from various male stripper events that were filmed by girls that were there for the CFNM entertainment. Clip eight is quite similar, whereas the stripper gets completely nude with the bachelorette, but does far more in the way of interacting with all the women there.

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Watch the trailer here to see what happens as he gets a boner. The ladies then explain they have to get rid of it before commencing the design. The three of them then take turns to swallow his penis until he cums everywhere for them! This scene makes me want to get a tattoo! I really like how these ladies just used the guy, stripping him naked for their pleasure.

Please fill me in if any of you know!! Videos thirteen and fourteen are webcam conversations two small penis owning guys have with girls willing to engage in a real way, not just to give a quick reaction. Apparently their newest security update causes problems with software that I use to do video processing. It took me a full week and four days to figure this out. But here we are! So I asked for input on what the next update should be in CFNM Village and was told that games and competitions involving clothed females and naked males should be first out.

First up are two clips from the premier site for stripping games, Lost Bets Games. Video one involves one guy with two girls playing strip word scramble, where video two involves one guy with two girls playing a game of strip magnitude — ultimately ending in both guys having an assortment of embarrassing things done to them by the girls.

These two videos feature a guy and a girl trying to cum first and with the most intensity — as their biometrics are taken as they get themselves off — fun stuff!

Have you missed me? I get that a lot of you have absolutely no clue as to what has been going on in my life over the last year. So go those places for details. The stuff you actually come here for. She asked what i was after as usual said i wanted a one hour massage.

I walked in to the room and to my surprise it wasnt bad at all. There was a shower and a bed, so already i thought i might get lucky. I took of all my clothers and went on the bed she gave me a nice stronge massage for 30 mins by that time me tool was wagging.

She tried to cover it with a towel but the towel didnt not want to stay on. So she said just leave the towel off yeah. Then she asked me what you want next. Ofcourse i nego the price to Rp, She took all her colthers off and started to kiss me like real GF experence.

Tongue and all was there. It was great she knew her stuff. She suck and licked all parts of my body allowing be to touch her and play with her any way i want. She was so hot in bed that i blew my load before entering which was disappointing. But she want me to enter so she got me hard again and we fucked like crazy till i blew again. Boys dont miss out on this joint.

It was good, the best i have had for a long time. Is there massage plus available for women by men? Will be in Bali for a few days next month I saw many ads in newspaper saying..

I'll check them later.. Well you just can't. Just make sure that you use good quality condom, and change it like very 5 minutes to avoid it torn.

From reading some articles, I believe condom is save enough for hiv. Bare blow job I'm not sure, some said it saves for the man but not for the girl especially when your cum inside her mouth. Well if there are any ladies looking for a nice massage in Bali, let me know Area around doesn't look nice in the night time, but as you all know Bali is relatively safe place.

Found salon without problems. Asked for 1h massage and selected girl from album. When I saw her in real life she look different but still quite ok. Room was not so bad. Ok, it was not a "real" room - it had four 2,m walls and floor, but ceiling from old supermarket was higher and didn't isolate room completelly.

It was little surprise to me that she didn't speek English. She was asking me if I speek Indonesian. Anyway we were able to communicate somehow and after min massage we continued with some extra services. At the end I negotiated the price to Rp, and walk back to Kuta beach. Quoted very high rates on internet for Grahadi - Rp plus Rp for room for 3 hrs - is thsi excessive? Would like 2 know if the rates i mentioned are normal for Grahadi - what about Kuta Timur rates?

Hi Birks, I believe it's a package price. You'll get some girls, a bottle of liquor, some softdrinks and waters. The price is normal. Last there is this girl name IVON. Please check my freelance article. I'm not sure if she's still exist. She can do this sandwich massage. I am leaving for Bali in 10 days. I'm not after a "fek" or to bring a girl back to the hotel. After something in walking distance to Hotel Kumala Pantai Jl. Werkudara, Legian Kaja, Kuta Hi, I have been angeles city in Philippines, and also bangkok in the past.

Is there any entertainment area similar to Angeles city Balibago in Bali? I will be there in January for 2 or 3 days and want to make most of it.

Also is it on offer through daytime? I've never been to Philippine sorry. Bangkok kind of place you can find in Legian Ground zero area where a lot of bar and disco along the street. It's just not to many girls around compare to bangkok..

I will be in Bali Next Week on a Holiday. Can You Guide Me More on these? Hi ,I will be Visiting Bali from Singapore. I've just shared my experience in Batam 10 years ago: Hope it helps http: Uncle, I'm from Bali and married. My age 33 and my wife How can uncle guide me to this. We never do swing before. I had 2 questions: Hotels in Bali is Guest friendly or not?

Should I charge more if I bring a girl to my room? Short Time or Full Night 2. Which area is better to stay? Hi bro, well not hotels are bitch friendly.

But if you bring the bitch with you, they do nothing. The problem is when you call the girl, some hotels dont allow them to get in the hotel by herself. Legian area would the best to stay.. Short time only and in call service. Can you help me? Hi uncle G I need some advice on finding good place for sex massage near hotel Four season in Jimbaranbay Uluwatu going to be there for 2 weeks next month give some tips for finding nice girl arround thanks bro.

Hi bro baboo n kursar, You both seem to like erotic massage. You guys should try freeze or body arum massage. But it's quite far from where u guy stay. I dunno any good massage parlors around there. Some places near by you can try: Use the search field above if you wanna see some articles and comment about those places.

Try your luck to get real girl, go to paddys, bounty, engine room disco. I dunno about call girl. Bro G I will visit Bali in February I will stay in Jl. Showroom girl on Danau Poso is too far I think. Call her from Newspaper info is too risk I must be sure before do it, I have bad experience. Asking to the male massasue is not efficient way.

Show me the way, please.. Hi Bro, I can only help you with this number: Should i be looking at clubs etc and waiting to be spotted im single male traveller or best to go to certain places??

You can't have sex with others even your girlfriend. So it's illegal, but illegal is what makes them fun, right? Its a rip to use them but i guess if it is the last port of call then give it go but all male hotel staff are more then willing to find you a girl for half price what is quoted on that website. I will be here for 3 days before returning to Singapore. Any Suggestions for erotic Massage in nearby area?

How far is Mawar saloon? I had aSparate Airconditioned cabin, with Attached Shower. Thank You , I will Visit again. I was thoroughly satisfied! I hope anyone who tries the SPA gets lucky. I sure didnt and i was so pissed of that i went across the road and got an awesome service for half the price.

I went in and didn't find such service though. Maybe it was a particular case you had, Hi Uncle Thanks for all the great advice!

I'm staying at 'The Bounty' hotel in Kuta in about 2 weeks. Do you know if the masseuse there will give happy ending? And also where are the closest massage shops to The Bounty where i can get a great service? You guys are awesome! I got questions to ask: How to experience 3some around kuta and legian. T, your place offer 21 Finger beer msg? Whete to get 21 finger msg? Just sometimes we didn't mention the thousands.. U can have it in pelangi before up heaven.. I posted the address and phone number.

Looking for 1, a happy ending massage with topless. I posted the following comment on the Rosalinda thread, but it seems that this is the most active and had the best chance of being seen!

The cheaper the better, as I would like to indulge daily: P Rosalinda seems like a steal at k with massage and BJ. Can you recommend any cheap place with BJ other than Rosalinda? Looks aren't terribly important, I just love getting head!

I do, however, have one question I am an absolute big tit fetishist. Where can I find the biggest set of boobs in Bali? Cheers for the great blog. I am interested in meeting females older than me for massage and friendship. I am free during the weekends and after 3: If you would like meet ….

They are on Jalan Mataram, No. This is off Jalan Legian street I believe. I have been to star bugar, kuta bugar and Body bugar. They are very expensive. I stay in Kuta in poppies 1. Are there places close where i can experience a sexual massage? No need for intercourse, but everything else would be nice. Have seen some of your other recommendations.

Where would I get a good map to track down? Uncle In Kuta from this weekend and looking for some action around Poppies Lane Also where can I get a map to follow some of the hot spots mentioned? Always get confused with directions in Kuta. Kuta probably the area you should stay.. Thankz for the info.. I think I might need a guide.. I'm so new about Bali.. Can you recommend 1? Might take some risk to do thing like that am I? Any great hotel in kuta u might recommend? I received you comments by email but can't see them here..

I have read you posts, so much info. Thanks Do all hotels allow guests or do some refuse entry to the local lady. How much should a night with the girl of your dreams cost. Can you reccomend a hotel that allows guests. Hey uncle, awesome work on the blog bro. I'm staying in legian and looking for some place I can go for an hour or two during the day while my girl is shopping. Can you help me out? Looking for erotic massage maybe more. Uncle G I am cuming to Bali on 7 th of July Give a try Freeze and Beer Massage..

I am looking for a massage with sex as extra. Im looking for real intimate sex, not just hj or bj's. I will be staying in Kuta so I'm wondering if there is any place close. Are there also places close to Kuta where you can go and browse at girls and pick one out?

Do the taxi drivers also know most of the places for these things? Have a Nice try. Uncle, me and my wife are moving to Bali. Is there any girl 2 girl massage in Bali? Hi Uncle G, awesome web site. I'm in Sanur and later Ubud, van anyone tell me any good places for massage plus services? Went to Adrian Spa - nice looking girls for happy ending - had a 4 hand massage What's not so nice is just a thin curtain between the next two guys - but they had also fun.

I am not particularly looking for sex services. I will be coming to Bali and will stay at Kuta popies lane. Is there any show room can be found in Kuta area? Thanks for helping me out man. Uncle G i have read ur full blog it seems u r the right person to get advice about bali. I suggest go to Paddys or Bounty..

I went to 35X at Jalan Sudamala around 7. Parked my motorcycle, was greeted by a nice fellow who told me to wait. After 10 minutes he came back with two girls, one of whom was rather pretty the other was not. After handing over k probably on the high side of what's typical we went into one of the reasonably clean rooms but no shower, only a sink and WC. The girl was nice to be with, even if she's totally used to guys banging her after 5 months in the business.

After all not a bad experience. Dear Uncle G I completely agree with what others says: I have a question for you: I am going to Bali with my wife this Dec and will be staying in Seminyak.

I am not familiar with Bali, so would really like to have your opinions! Staying on Bali to learn the lingo for 3 months maybe longer, Im young and looking for a faily clean asian girlfriend in the area to pass the time, what would you suggest? I live in Jakarta, but I fly to bali often.

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