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Authenticity Of Verified (REVIEW)

However being that Xmeets. What does it tell you when you are bombarded with email after email from hot girls that want to meet up for casual hook ups?

Reasons we believe is legitimate?

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They review reports of abuse and any flagged content, reported profiles, or postings and communications that violate the safety regulations. All in all, Fling is a legitimate and fun dating site to join and use. It offers free membership, it has genuine features and services, real site members and offers a 3-month hook-up guarantee on top of having a fraud detection and support teams. We say you check it out and explore the possibilities to see for yourself. As for us, we have already added Fling.

If you have any additional question, would like to share a personal experience you had on this site, or would like to give feedback on our Fling. We try to provide a personal and prompt answer to all legitimate inquiries. Get started with your profile on their Official Website. We understand that some people get into serious relationships and no longer wish to casually date. When that happens, they often want to delete or cancel their dating membership. The first thing you need to do is log into the Fling.

Find your profile photo and click on it. Company does not guarantee the authenticity of any member profile. You release the Company, its managers, officers, directors, employees and agents from all claims, liabilities and demands, of any kind or nature whatsoever, known or unknown, suspected or unsuspected, arising out of or related to Your use of the Service or Your interactions with any person or profile through, at or in connection with the Site, including but not limited to interactions with Fantasy Cuties.

The Service cannot be used by businesses or organizations. In no event can You use the Service to send spam to members, or to send marketing materials, or use the Service to sell products or services. You comprehend, acknowledge, and accept that our Service, presented in the style of an online dating service, is an entertainment service. All content is provided for the entertainment and amusement of You. Our Site does not guarantee that You will find a date, partner, or participant, or that you will meet any member, user or profile in person.

You comprehend, acknowledge, and accept that some of the profiles listed on the Site may be operated by our Site or third party contractors and are fictitious. The first thing we noticed was directly on the homepage of XMeets. We took a screenshot as evidence that you can see circled in red see evidence below talk about something called "Fantasy Cuties". These member profiles are operated by independent contractors which have been hired by the site. Remember, this is on the homepage website.

Contractors are people who are paid to perform a duty. So why are they hiring people to operate "Fantasy Cutie" profiles? It's because these profiles are totally fake and run by the dating site. What you're looking at is an admission of guilt by the administrators of this website. Why would they pay someone to operate a female profile on their website? We will get into this further along in this investigation. Understand that you are on a dating site that is completely rigged against you.

It's a fraud designed to steal money out of your wallet. Screen shot of the "Fantasy Cutie" profiles confession. After we figured out what this website was up to with their "Fantasy Cutie" profiles and hiring contractors to operate those profiles we started digging further. If you take a look at the evidence below we have provided a few examples showing you how to spot a fictitious profile that's been created by the site.

Circled in red you will see yellow star with the letters FC in the middle of it. This is how you identify fake profiles on XMeets. To our astonishment all the profiles of females we reviewed on this website had the "Fantasy Cutie" FC logo on it, fake!

There's a couple reasons why they create these profiles. The main reason is that there aren't many real women registering on this hookup site. This is a massive problem for a dating service that's trying to target men to join their site. There's no way that a man is going to join a dating site that doesn't have any females on it. Their solution was to create fake profiles that they are responsible for operating via other third-party contractors.

This is all about money. Another reason they create these profiles is if you try to communicate to anyone this site you need to pay a membership fee. So you as a male join the site looking to hook up and have casual sex with a girl located in your city.

You find an attractive-looking profile but you can't communicate unless you upgrade. And that's how they get you. If the male members who joined the site don't realize that all the profiles are fake the site can make that much more money. By tricking people into upgrading the amount of money they can make is astronomical. Screen shot of a fake "Fantasy Cutie" profile made by the site.

Screen shot of amateur porn star stolen from adult video site. Another thing that this website uses besides creating bogus female profiles is computer software systems. Unlike a regular software system this website uses computer robots automatically generating instant messages and sending those messages to members registering on the site. We saw firsthand how it all work. We registered on the site and within a few minutes we started receiving computer-generated messages from different women.

Take into account that our profile for this investigation is blank no photos no information there would be absolutely no reason that anyone would want to contact us. When we tried to reply back to the instant message that we received a message popped up on our computer screen stating that "to communicate with other members we would have to upgrade our membership"p and we would have to buy a monthly membership.

If you are receiving any chat messages on the site be warned that it's all fake using computer programming. You're not receiving legitimate messages from real people on the site, it's all a con job.

The computer-generated messages already have precomposed messages built into them. The computer software has many different messages that are then spit out in instant messages and emails that are used to trick you. This is one of the main reasons that it's really hard to identify when you're interacting with a computer program or a real person.

It's because the messages have been written by a real person and then input it into the computer bot. You can take a look at the evidence below showing how real the instant messages are even though it's all computer-generated from a bot. Screen shot of a fake computer generated instant message sent to us.

How do you use Fling?

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