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After two or three weeks you will get responses by most members and now the game begins. I have used it for two weeks, haven't met anyone in person yet but I exchanged phone numbers with a hot girl and we had a nice phone conversation.

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If you look at the evidence below these are all fake notifications used to push people into upgrading. When you check the notifications you will notice that attractive looking women have viewed your profile. It's just another scam. Using the same software programs as discussed above they are able to make it appear like countless women are viewing at your profile. The trick is once you try to communicate back to these phony women you need to upgrade to a paid monthly membership once again!

All of the cons and deceptions we have discussed fall under the umbrella of the "Love Stars" program. The "Love Stars" program is the terminology that this website gives to the multitude of scams that they pull on their members. Everything from the fake emails, fake chat messages, fake video chat messages as well as the fake female dating profiles that litter the site at every single turn.

They are all part of the "Love Stars" scam. The "Love Stars" program is described in detail directly on the website if you can believe it. If you look on the terms and conditions page of the site you can find all the incriminating evidence you need.

If you're looking for real women you will not find them here. This site is one of the biggest dating scams online, as well as any other sites from Nautell Capital Limited. Please help me out with this here i leave my personal contact number is. Nautell was recently accused and sued for […]. Concider about this suggetion becouse i dont have credit card what can i do now, and i want to chat with her. I saw the giveaway phrase "my husband is away on business" too many times, and decided it was all part of a scam.

Isn't it amazing that so many of these women's husbands are away from home at the same time!? Presumably these are automated messages. Your email address will not be published.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. D- Attractiveness of Women: D- Activity of Women on Site: F Ability to Meet Attractive Women: F Overall Site Rating: We had no success on this site, and only CasualSexSites. There is very little chance you will get laid on CasualDates. On August 3, Do Not Join Casual Dates! Have an enjoyable time hooking up and having fun. Remember, this site is to hookup with others so don't be too personal with anybody.

Here is what to do to get laid using this site and it really ain't that hard: First create a NICE profile! Nice does not mean to upload selfies with a naked body, LOL!

Nice means pictures that show who you are! You may want to hide your face if you are in a relationship. You may have problems to explain why your face is on that site. LOL After you created a nice profile with some interesting about me stuff upgrade your account. It is well worth it! Most guys don't do it and they have absolutely no idea that this may be the key to get laid.

Because after you upgraded your profie you can use the whole functionality of the site and this differs you from most other guys. Now you are good to go! Browse the member base. CasualDating69 is a small website so possible there are not many women in your area.

I am from a large city and I have a lot of members from my city or surrounding area. But possible you don't have many members in your area. But at least those few members are real and they want to get laid! All of them, also those who don't meet your demands.

You can still sort them out later. After two or three weeks you will get responses by most members and now the game begins. Be chraming and be seductive. Don't ever be rude, don't be aggressive and you will be rewarded soon. One of the better examples of how casual dating should work and this is a casual dating at its best. I've been a member for three weeks and already met someone who was looking for a lil no strings action. I have been using it for two months in a row now.

Met three women, had sex with two of them. So it works but it is a very slow process and you need to stay active to have good chances. With patience and creativity you will get rewarded. I have been a CasualDating69 member since and hooked up with several women. Of course it is not easy but sure works. May use it again if I am in the mood to pick up easy girls but most likely I won't be a long term user. I've had a few good nights because of this site: I've been a gold member for 2months and aleady met three women.

One of them was up for some casual fun there was no chemistry between me and the other womne and we met three or four times for some xxx action.

Let me keep it short and simple: Cd69 is an active casual dating community. Follow some simple rules No idea how Cd69 works in other countries I am from Copenhagen, Denmark but it worked for me.


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